Free historical fiction Kindle books for 23 Sep 18

Pacific Viking: An Epic Historical Fiction

by Barnaby Allen

History is the tragedy of challenging omnipotence. A few remarkable people are destined to glide, to dip, but then soar again into the sphere of worldly memory. Some become gods. Others however, achieve a kind of greatness but lack the celebrity; history has looked the other way. Their deeds pass, forgotten in a generation; the name slips. It is good to tell of such and to picture one who imagined and risked all; who freed himself to overcome omnipotence, and paid the price with ignominy.

This book shares the story of a man, Charles Savage, whom the world has forgotten, but who commands our attention and recognition two hundred years on. His theater was Sweden, Australia and the South Pacific Islands.

This is the writer’s first book, a historical epic.

A Light In The Attic: A Texas Love Story

by TB Riggs

Young writer Abigail Gifford was born and raised in an English orphanage with no family to call her own and no idea where she really came from. Her past is shrouded in mystery, and that’s just a reality she’s come to accept.

Then she receives a letter from a woman named Miss Hannah, a true Texas hillbilly living in the remote town of Big Bendâ?¦who claims to be her long-lost aunt.

With invitation in hand, Abigail sets off across the pond and arrives in the heart of 1890s America, discovering a world far different from anything she’s ever known. To start, Miss Hannah is no longer even at her houseâ??just days before Abigail’s arrival, she disappeared off to Mexico, leaving her propertyâ??and Abigailâ??in the care of her housekeeper Maggie and two very sweet old ladies from South Carolina: Miss Charlotte, a true Southern belle, and Lily May, the former slave who accompanies her.

Every night, Lily May burns a light in the attic window, and though it brings Abigail comfort, she can’t help but wonder what it all means. When Clinton Ward, a handsome and famous novelist with a belief in the supernaturalâ??and who just happens to resemble a long-dead stranger from Miss Charlotte’s tragic pastâ??arrives in town from Austin, Abigail knows she’s found a partner to help her discover the truth.

Is it divine intervention that brought them together, and if so, for what? Happiness, or the chance to uncover what really happened all those years ago?

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