Free horror Kindle books for 23 Sep 18

Darker Side Endings 3 (Horror Short Stories)

by Kelvin Kettle

Return one last time to the dark side with 4 brand new horror stories. These are the stories featured in Darker Side Endings 3.
(The final book of the horror trilogy series)

EVIL RISING: A haunted Halloween prop called ‘The Creepy Doll’ terrorizes victims during the Halloween season.
IT CAME FROM WITHIN: Devon loves to eat sushi. But after experiencing a horrific sickness, he will begin to think twice about where he goes out to eat.
INSIDE THE WALL: A woman is terrified of the annoying scratching inside her bedroom wall.
CALLING JUPITER: A young girl is visited each nigh by a mysterious being in the woods with an icy whisper.

False Gods: From the World of the Federal Witch Series (Arcane Corps Book 1)

by T S Paul

Demonic forces are at work in the world.

During the last Demon War, thousands of innocent people were killed and entire countries destroyed. This time it’s going to be different. In a world filled with paranormal creatures, only the Human Mages of Arcane are on the job. Their goal is saving humans. Because if they don’t do it, no one else will.

A Demon Prince has been raised by dark Witches on the island of Sicily. Italian armed forces are trapped and helpless against the ever-increasing Horde. If the Demons get loose, they will ravage their way across the unsuspecting world, just like last time.

One team, four humans, are the world’s last, best hope.

Fight or die. There are NOT any other options.

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