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I am losing my mind: Learning helpful mindsets and challenging the way you think about your chronic pain

by Ella Wallmo

People suffering from any kind of chronic pain know what hell feels like. But people around them mostly have no idea. Navigating invisible chronic pain with or without an illness in a world that only knows short term flues and broken legs is unbelievably tough.

As a result many sufferers turn against themselves since no one around them seems to understand. Blaming yourself, feeling useless, feeling like a burden, feeling frustrated and angry always having to justify your pain to others, panicking when you think about the future etc. are common and understandable reactions. While understandable it is a dangerous road to go down as it eventually ends in psychological despair.

Therefore no matter where you are on your pain journey, if you are almost giving up or still fighting, hopeful or hopeless YOU consciously have to choose to go down a different road.

Ella learned this the hard way. At rock bottom, after more than six years of fighting against excruciating pain and invisible illness she felt like giving up. Deep down she knew that was not what she wanted for herself and so suddenly after all these years she understood what self love was. And more importantly how it was the only way to survive this impossible situation.

In order to stay psychologically healthy trough the unfair struggle of dealing with chronic pain you have to cultivate the habit of standing up and showing up for yourself. In other words, love yourself. Don´t make life even harder on you than it already is with people not believing you, dealing with pain that drives you insane, loss of physical ability and difficulty sleeping.


This is not an ordinary self love book. This is self love for you who suffer from any kind of invisible chronic pain. It contains methods from psychologists all over the world, including cognitive behavioural therapy. Ella uses her knowledge from her bachelor in psychology together with her own experiences from living with chronic pain and illness to guide us to a healthier mind.

This book challenges your thoughts and gives you a new perspectives on

– your own self worth when you can´t contribute like you used to
– feeling bad about cancelling plans
dealing with how unfair the world is
– loosing all hope about a better future
– becoming angry because no one believes you
doctors that seem to be unable to help you
and a lot more

Self love for you means standing up for your pain and not feeling bad about it. Let´s learn to do that together!

Painfree hugs,

Social Anxiety: Strategies To Overcome Social Anxiety, Shyness, Panic Attacks and Building Confidence (Social Anxiety Solution, Self-Confidence, Stress, Panic)

by Catherine Black

A Concise Guide To Overcome Social Anxiety, Shyness And Panic Attacks, And To Establish Your Self-Confidence

As we all know, a person’s character can be manifested either positively or negatively. Negative manifestations are further subdivided in accordance with their influence on the person themselves and/or their surroundings. Numerous people manifest themselves negatively in a way that harms people around them rather than themselves such as aggression, bullying, unfriendliness, arrogance, remorselessness and indifference. Numerous others do manifest themselves negatively but in a way that impact quite negatively upon them almost exclusively, sometimes with the surrounding people conquering the situation! This happens more commonly in the cases of the involved person manifesting social anxiety, social shyness, lack or absence of confidence, panic attacks, exaggerated hesitation, overt speech floundering and diffident exaggerated silence.

If we compare these two negative manifestations of oneself, we can realise that the former case comprises an emission of negative vibes to befall the surroundings, whereas in the latter case, these negative vibes are absorbed into the involved person who is manifesting the unfavourable attitude, examples of which have been mentioned above.

The fiercer and more frequent these negative traits are manifested and expressed, the more would the involved individual retract to their own world of isolation and introversion, and the less capable would they be of assimilating and interacting with the surrounding media with their human inclusions. Furthermore, the personal goals and plans that person aims for would consistently increase in remoteness from them. Depression and acute mental instabilities are some of the predicted outcomes of the person who struggles which such traits if they do not manage appropriately early enough.

Luckily, these outcomes can be avoided as the causative traits can be fixed. It is believed that every single problem has got its own solution – and solutions do indeed exist for such problems. This book is to consider negative manifestations of the personality that incur negativity and retraction on the person themselves (that is, the second variant considered above).

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn

  • General Understanding Of Social Anxiety
  • How To Manage Social Anxiety
  • Forms Of Social Anxiety
  • How To Overcome Shyness
  • What The Difference Between A Self-Confident and a Confidence-Lacking Person Is
  • The Definition Of Panic Attacks
  • What In A Panic Attack Happens

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Tags: Social Anxiety, Shyness, Panic Attacks, Confidence, Stress

Intermittent Fasting For Women: Lose Weight Fast With The Weekend Detox Diet

by Naomi Stevens

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  • Need to lose 20 pounds FAST???
  • I did!  Because my doctor told me I had to either lose the weight or I would get diabetes! 
  • I was pre-diabetic and needed to lower my A1C. I found out the fastest way to lose weight was by fasting. I needed an easy diet that I could stick with long enough to lose the weight. I created The Weekend Detox Diet based on Intermittent Fasting!
  • I lost 20 pounds in 6 weeks!  Get this, I lost a total of 34 pounds in 3 months!
  • My A1C number is back in the normal range, no more pre-diabetic and I fit into my old clothes.
  • This plan worked for me!  Give it a try!       Naomi Stevens

Finding the right diet can be hard. How many times have you been bombarded by expensive diet plans that claim to do everything for you except lose the desired weight? The truth is most of us can’t afford these plans and seldom stick with them for very long. Each body is different and losing weight is more difficult than it should be. With Intermittent Fasting: Lose Weight Fast With The Weekend Detox Diet, Naomi Stevens presents an affordable and achievable way for you to lose those extra pounds and keep them off.
It is clinically proven that losing weight properly not only makes you feel better but reduces the amount of strain on your organs. Losing as little as 20 pounds will make a noticeable difference in how you feel and act. The Weekend Detox Diet is a simple system using intermittent fasting on the weekends. Spend Monday thru Friday enjoying sensible, low calorie meals with a little exercise sprinkled in and begin your 2 day fast that weekend. You will notice immediate results.
The Weekend Detox Diet doesn’t mean you can’t eat over the weekend. It provides a guideline for a liquid diet for two days. Think soups, juices, water, and protein shakes. Filled with important facts and tips, this book is sure to give you a new outlook on life and better frame of mind to lose the weight you’ve been thinking about.

This is a simple diet plan. Fasting for a few hours on the weekends and stick to the Weekend Detox Diet’s easy weekday regime and the weight drops off fast. This natural weight loss diet is the way our ancestors kept thin and now everyone is talking about the weight loss benefits of intermittent fasting. The Weekend Detox Diet plan offers delicious soups that keep you feeling great and never hungry. Just living life and losing the weight. The Weekend Detox Diet created by Naomi Stevens.

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