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Backpacking Reference: Top 50 Things You Should Know For Your Perfect Backpacking Trip

by Carol Hodge

Backpacking Reference: Top 50 Things You Should Know For Your Perfect Backpacking Trip

Backpacking is fun and exciting, although many people can feel daunted about what to prepare. When so much about your trip is unknown or unfamiliar, how can you adequately prepare for any eventuality?

This book takes you through vital supplies you will need and what to avoid, including:

  • Paperwork
  • Medical supplies
  • Protecting your possessions from theft
  • Clothing

Just as important as what to take, is knowing what NOT to take. This book also tells you what to leave behind, so that you can travel as lightly as possible.


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Secrets of Power training the legendary Bruce Lee

by Sergey Matyushkov

“Study your experience, remember what is useful, discard useless and try to find your own way …” Bruce Lee

Who are typical dilettantes and whom to imitate?

You can find information about achievements and methods of those who are genetically gifted by nature mostly in all the books.

Let’s honestly admit, genetically gifted skills among the large army of those who want to become strong and independent are rarely met. The vast majority of people who decided to begin systematic training cannot say that they have outstanding natural skills. Therefore, the chance that you will be a rare exception from the rule is very low.

So, what training methodology should a common dilettante select, if he has skills which can’t be named as outstanding, who does not take steroids and other harmful pharmacology?

Let’s be objective. A beginner with ordinary physical capabilities will have to go through a lot of anguish and frustration to grasp one key truth: he needs a reasonable and thoughtful approach to the creation of his own (individual) program, and not to exhaust himself with “star” systems.

I will repeat once again, it is stupid and pointless to choose traditional methods of strength training, which work only with genetically gifted people.

How To Make Your RIDING Look Amazing In 5 Days: Sports

by Hemal Gandhi

Whenever this word comes in front of us automatically our mind start to visualize something. In the present time, rarely we can see horses in the city area.

In ancient times, Horse riding was playing the leading role in transportation. People were moving from one city to other city by horse.

Even they were taking so much care of their horses. Horses were just like the family member.

Have you ever read the story book? In so many story books, you may find that kings were using horses. In war times also the soldiers and armies were using them.

Some horses were favorite of kings. In the middle of the war, horses saved kings lives. In So many battles, horses changed the whole situation of the battles.

In movies of ancient times, you can see the whole battlefield is surrounded by the soldiers riding on them. Horses mostly used because of their speed, loyalty towards the rider, smartness.

The Seasons of a Man: Bengt Lindvall tells the story of his life, his family and some of his friends

by Bengt Lindvall

Bengt Lindvall talks about growing up fatherless, sailing around the world as a young man, getting an education, moving to Canada and his many world-wide adventures of a long life.

RVING: All you need to know before buying an RV

by Carlos Mendoza


This book is the outcome of years of Full-time Rv living. Buying an RV Ñ?Ñ? not аn еаÑ?Ñ? dесÑ?Ñ?Ñ?оn tо make. Purchasing аn RV is a Long-term, Adventurous Investment thаt Ñ?Ñ?n’t right fоr еvеrÑ?оnе. There are so many Technical Details that you never learn unless you are an RV owner. But what if you are a new RV owner and want to learn these details? I have compiled my RVing experience to give you a Guide that will help you decide which RV to buy and how to set it up. Before you make a commitment to the RV life and invest in buying an RV, you need to be armed with information. As an Entrepreneur, saving cost is very important because capital is the engine of business. So it is very vital you get the necessary information first that will save you tons of money and time in the long run.

This Buyers Guide is Brimming with Technical Details to Guide You.

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All the World’s Birds 2019: Interactive Checklist SRI LANKA: DUCKS, GEESE AND SWANS to WAGTAILS, PIPITS (All the World’s Birds 2019: Interactive Checklists)

by Charles R Stubbs

A key challenge facing birders when visiting an unfamiliar part of the world is working out which species they have a chance of connecting with during their visit. Regional field guides, of course, are indispensable, but they have a number of shortcomings:
– they are published and updated infrequently, meaning they cannot provide the latest information about species, regional distribution etc
– they are generally inclusive, meaning they describe every bird species that has been recorded in the region, leaving the reader to sift through the vagrants, casuals and irruptive species that visiting birders are a lot less likely to encounter

To save birdwatchers the trouble of trawling through online information to supplement the details in their regional field guides, the Interactive Checklist series of Companion Guides provides a set of checklists of regularly occurring species for local areas. The first two titles in this series are:

This eBook – All the World’s Birds 2019: Interactive Checklist SRI LANKA
All the World’s Birds 2019: Interactive Checklist SOUTH-WEST INDIA

Other eBooks cover all the recognized species in the IOC bird list, divided into 12 parts. The first two available books in the All the World’s Birds PART-BY-PART series are:

PART ONE: Ostriches to Anhingas, Darters 912 species
PART TWO: New World Vultures to Auks 841 species

A third series of Companion Guides looks at WORLD REGIONs, giving more detailed information about the regular occurrence of species in each region. A fourth â??Focus on’ series of Companion Guides looks in detail at geographical regions of the world, examining which birds are regularly present in various parts of each region. The first two titles cover Indian Subcontinent.

To see all currently available Companion Guide titles, search for ATWB in Amazon Books.

Throughout the series of Companion Guides, of which this current guide forms a part, the English names and scientific names of birds are derived from The IOC World Bird List, an open access resource maintained by the International Ornithological Congress (IOC). At the time of publication of this guide the IOC bird list is hosted on a dedicated World Bird Names website, which provides access to the list in various different formats.

The IOC bird list is updated semiannually. The version of the IOC bird list that is used in the current version of this guide is Version 8.2, published July 2018.

Gill, F & D Donsker (Eds). 2018. IOC World Bird List (v 8.2). doi : 10.14344/IOC.ML.8.2.

This Interactive Checklist eBook has a number of important features, including:
– A listing of all the bird species that are regularly present in SRI LANKA
– An indication of where within the Indian Subcontinent region each bird family and species can be found in its native state
– Spotlighted species that have a restricted range within Indian Subcontinent, or a restricted worldwide range

The key feature of all eBooks in the Companion Guide series is the way you can quickly and simply access relevant, up to date online information about every featured bird species. If your reading device is connected to the internet, a single click will take you to a search results page for a species, from where you can continue to search for additional information to whatever level of detail you desire.

Within this Companion Guide you will find the following sections:
CHECKLIST – a list of all birds that are recognized as species in the IOC bird list and which are regularly present either in Sri Lanka or off Sri Lanka coasts
TAXONOMIC LIST – taxonomic details of these birds, showing each species’ order, family, genus and scientific name
SPOTLIGHTED BIRDS – country, local and regional endemics, plus selected specialty birds that have a restricted range within Indian Subcontinent
QUICK REFERENCE – follow the links to find birds based on their common English names

Happy armchair birding!


by Mariana Correa

125 CONSEJOS GENIALES PARA TU MEJOR CARRERA te ayudará definitivamente a alcanzar tu desempeño óptimo.
El secreto está en los detalles, y este libro te dirá cómo volverte un corredor más saludable, rápido y en forma.

Con consejos geniales, desde:
-Correr más rápido
-Incrementar la resistencia
-Cronograma de entrenamiento
-Seguridad vial
-Fitness mental
-La mejor comida para ti
-Hidratarse correctamente
-Entrenamiento inteligente
-Recuperación suave
-Y mucho más�
Cada aspecto de tu vida tiene el potencial de afectar tu desempeño físico y mental, y es por ello que este libro trata todo desde el dormir, la nutrición, la hidratación, recuperación, entrenamiento y mucho más.
Usa estos consejos de principio a fin para sentirte confidente y orgulloso con tu carrera.
Este libro es el regalo perfecto para entusiastas de las carreras, incluyéndote a ti mismo.

Share Your Best Thoughts: Book Eleven For Documenting Your Personally Unique Thoughts On A Daily Basis (Share Your Best With Olakunle Solomon 11)

by Olakunle Solomon Fatoye

Providing Help Support and Assistance by Publishing, Training and Marketing of Products, Services and Information for Individuals, Groups, Companies.

IT Planning for the Melbourne Cup

by Martin Harris

Big sporting events like the Melbourne Cup generate huge volumes of bets putting enormous pressure on bookmakers IT systems. This book is a guide for IT professionals, working for bookmakers, describing what they can do to improve and protect their IT infrastructure and prevent failures on Melbourne Cup Day. The book goes through every stage from initial planning to post-event analysis, reviewing the customer journey and different customer channels. This book is easy to follow and will hopefully provide ideas your IT department could employ, to help manage the huge volume of bets coming your way.

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