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Travelling: The Essential Guide for Travelling

by John Smith

What is the value of travelling? Most people who have travelled will probably recognize that travelling, besides physically taking us to new places around the world, also makes us look differently at the world. And the many different cul-tures it contains. That travelling provides us with valuable experiences and opens our mind to all that is out there.

At momondo, we have a vision of a world where our differences are a source of inspiration and development, not intolerance and prejudice. However, despite technology having connected us all across the world, narrow-mindedness is still a facet of everyday life. According to this report, 48 percent of the 7,200 respondents surveyed believe that there is more prejudice and narrow-mindedness today than five years ago. Only 16 percent believe the opposite.

We decided to commission this global study in order to explore the relation-ship between travelling and thus open-mindedness and determine whether travelling really does bring us closer together. A number of academic studies have studied the correlation between travelling and open-mindedness. The methodology of all these previous studies, however, were either qualitative with emphasis on a few cases or quantitative with a narrow focus e.g. conduct-ed among students. We wanted to examine this globally by conducting a sur-vey-based study.

Overall, the results of this study clearly state that travelling makes us more trust-ing and open-minded towards others. The findings suggest that travelling can be a weapon in fighting and minimizing our own prejudice and narrow-mindedness. When we travel, we meet new people, try new things and experi-ence new cultures. By leaving our comfort zone and leap into unknown territo-ry, travelling gives us new experiences and perspectives and makes us more open-minded.

John Smith!

France for Free: The Hobo’s Guide to the Riviera

by W H Oxley

Welcome to the hidden France. A humorous account of the author’s experience of dining out for free in Nice whilst enjoying food far superior to that served in many pretentious British restaurants; it also introduces his dining companions, some of whom live entirely without money, while others are frugal gourmets and connoisseurs of good food who’d rather not pay for it but nonetheless have high standards, demanding quality and service.

Whilst it is meant to be read mainly as an entertainment, it is also a useful guide for anyone seeking an unusual, and costless, holiday.

Italia Travel Guide: Complete Italia Travel Hand Guide For The Brave( Rome, Milan, Florence, Vatican City, Turin, Venice, Naples, Verona)

by Travel Services

Italia Travel Guide 2018

The best handbook you should bring with you on your travels

   Italy is widely considered one of the most beautiful and fascinating countries in the world. Florence, Venice, Rome, Milan, Naples, Pisa and many other Italian cities are leading edge tourist destinations all year round. It is no secret that the country is one of the most popular ones in the world for people to visit.

   The mountains and islands of Italy and its many cities are home to some of the most attractive spots you could ever visit. Whether you are interested in art or shopping or you just want to relax, the odds are you will find something to do in the country.

   As you travel through Italy, you will see the history of the world come to life. You will find many cultural features that make it one of the world’s most distinct places to visit. The fact that everything has been preserved so well over the years only makes Italy all the more intriguing of a country to visit.

   Use this guide to help you figure out what you can do when visiting Italy. As you look around, you will see that there are many things worth exploring as you visit this distinct country.

   Still, this is only a small sampling of the things you could do while in Italy. The extensive history and culture of Italy make it a memorable space.

   Have fun looking around Italy and seeing everything it has to offer. From seeing some of the most beautiful structures in the world to taking part in many activities that people around Italy like to do, you will have a memorable time in the country.

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RV Traveling: Easy Guide On RV Traveling All Over The USA

by George Lawson

RV Traveling: Easy Guide On RV Traveling All Over The USA

This book is about RV (recreational vehicle) camping. It shares the secrets one can employ in order to enjoy the camping trips. It is a very wonderful and fabulous way in which a family or a couple, especially the retired ones, can spend their weekend.

The book comes with four chapters in total. Each chapter is well elaborated for easy understanding. The Chapters, i.e. RV travelling for Beginners¸ Secrets to getting the best camping sites, Basic steps to plan your RV trip, and How to prepare your RV for a trip and make a perfect route to travel all over the USA respectively, explain especially to the beginners how to plan and enjoy the RV trips.

With the information in Chapter One, you will know, as a beginner, what to do before heading out for the trip. For instance, you will know whether to rent or to buy an RV and the implications thereof. Chapter Two will help you look for and get the best camping site in terms of location, terrain as well as accessibility. If you are planning your first ever trip or even the 19th one, you still will need to follow some basic steps discussed in Chapter Three, which are vital to having a successful trip.

The RV, just like any vehicle, needs to be serviced and well prepared for a trip. Chapter Four, which is the heart of the book, carries detailed information on how you can prepare well your motorhome for a trip.

With the loads of helpful information this book comes with, be sure to know anything you’d want to know about RVs.

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