Free war Kindle books for 23 Sep 18

EMPowered: America Re-Energized (Powerless Series Book 2)

by Diane Matousek Schnabel

Fifteen months after an electromagnetic pulse short-circuits the American way of life, the United States is attempting to rebuild. While foreign aid is pouring in, new enemies and new challenges emerge. Power, water, and communications have been restored for ten “Districts of Civilization,” one per FEMA Region; and as governor of District Six in Texas, Kyle Murphy’s fight for the Constitution becomes a fight for his life.

As members of a newly formed branch of the military called the Terrorist Eradication Squad (TEradS), Abby, Bradley, and Ryan have the terrorists on the run … until the boundaries between friend and foe become blurred. How far will they have to go to defend America from all threats foreign and domestic?

A Shadow War

by Chukwuma Jonathan

….Terrorism is at an all time high with key figures of a militant group set to unleash terror on a catastrophic scale. A Shadow War depicts the sacrifices of few good men that put their everything on the line for nation and humanity.

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