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Grand Theft Auto and Other Misdemeanors: Mischief, Mishaps and Mayhem in Miami Springs and Hialeah

by Jennifer Evans Kochalka

Stolen Cars. Shoplifting. Illicit Cigarettes. At age 12?

In this humorous and rollicking memoir, Jennifer tells what it’s like to grow up as a girl in Hialeah and Miami Springs. There doesn’t seem to be much to do, but that’s okay because Jennifer knows how to make her own fun.

From putting her baby cousin in the oven to walking the ledge of a dilapidated third world hotel to stealing her aunt’s brand new Camaro when she was twelve, life was never dull.

In this book, you’ll find yourself laughing, applauding, shrinking in horror at some of the mishaps and asking yourself one question: Will she survive?

Sheer Willpower: A Mutiny to Motherhood

by Lauri M. Velotta-Rankin

She never imagined the pursuit to parenthood would involve the emotional assault of an adoption agency’s flexible morality or invasive surgical procedures that brutalize both their bodiesâ??but it did.

Lauri M. Velotta-Rankin and her husband were sent overseas by an unscrupulous adoption agency to chase the ghosts of children they’d never bring home. After turning to in-vitro fertilization (IVF), a life-threatening diagnosis sent them reeling with fear and to the brink of emotional collapse.

Despite an onslaught of crushing blows, a gold thread of compassion was weaved into the fabric of their story. An infinite supply of benevolent refuge was found during an unanticipated two-week stay in the home of a Moroccan grandmother. Though there was no personal history, shared culture, or even common language, an immeasurable bond developed. And when the couple decided to explore domestic adoption, a pregnant teenager’s weekly emails restored an emotion that had been ravaged throughout their journey: hope.

Triumphing with revitalization, “Sheer Willpower” is an astonishing account of determination fortified by the resilience of maternal spirit.

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