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Workspace Wellness Personal Mental Health Strategies: Strategies on how to Mentally Survive the Good, the Bad, and the Average Day

by ACR Publishing

Learn how to handle the workplace stress with this easy to understand, practical guide!

“You’ll learn how to survive on bad times and enjoy the good times. . . Essentially this is on how we can make our working environment more functional and we can work there with full exertion.” –Amazon Reader

“It helps me to be more motivated and helps to increase the mental focus.” –Amazon Reader

“Comprehensive, accessible and inspiring! Workplace Wellness. . . walks you through step by step how you can breathe new life into your workplace wellness program no matter where you’re starting from, create and deliver effective wellness strategies that actually make a difference and have staying power.” –Amazon Reader

Workplace mental health is an important and critical issue for many of us and affects every workplace in the world, unfortunately, it’s also one that isn’t talked about enough. Many employees experience long hours and tight deadlines, bullying bosses, poisonous people, and soul-crushing cultures on a daily basis. The culture of an office can be intimidating, however, your success at work can be changed by understanding and using strategies to better understand and decrease your day-to-day stress.

Workspace Wellness offers effective strategies and thoughtful new ways of harnessing both your “good” and “bad” days at the office to better manage your stress, as well as how to:

  • Cope with a bad day
  • Control your thoughts and be more productive
  • Handle average so-so days
  • Identify distractions in the office
  • Establish an end of day routine
  • And more!

You can be on your way to more stress-free days at work with only a few simple, practical strategies, so what are you waiting for?

Your Habits- Your Wealth: What are habits the rich have- the poor do not

by Joshua Sloan

Want to become rich & financial freedom without spending too much time and effort
” Your Habits-Your Wealth” will show you what are the habits of the rich and why it helps them become rich.
This works because the rich are not smarter than the poor, do not learn better, they are not genius since childhood as well … but they have better habits than the poor are trained every day and it goes into their subconscious, leading them to success and wealth.
Inside you’ll discover:
-9 rich habits of the rich,
– How different it is to the poor, and why it helps them get rich,
-If you want to be rich, what should you do?
-And much, much more!
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Investment in Crypto Currency for Beginners: Short Guide to Small Investments and Trade to Create Passive Income

by Eugene Black

“Digital gold” is a brilliant story of bitcoins and digital technologies that have generated a global social movement.

The world of cryptocurrency is an entirely new asset class.

Think about it: in 2010 you could buy one bitcoin for only 10 cents. In early 2018, the same bitcoin cost about 19,000 dollars. $ 100, invested in 2010, cost more than $ 19 million in early 2018! “Oh, if I had then bought!”

But today there are several hundred coins that can be bought for “10 cents”, and in a few years, they will turn into a fortune!

Everything is developing rapidly in the crypto space, and today’s golden opportunity is a missed opportunity.

With the advent of cryptocurrency, investors can benefit from the most significant investment opportunities from the Internet.

  • explore new investment opportunities
  • select investments that match your goals
  • forget about fads and flash ads
  • focus on what works in the real world
  • it’s time to join the new movement
  • take control of your financial life

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