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Minecraft Redstone: Forbidden Hacks For Advanced

by Lynette Ray

Minecraft Redstone: Forbidden Hacks For Advanced

Redstone. You probably have a lot stored in your chest, but you don’t know what it does, nor do you even care. However, you should! Redstone is a very useful mineral in Minecraft, and it can be used to power things, make potions, and so much more. Make your own traps that will blow away your foes. Create convenient mine cart paths for you to explore the mines with ease. Craft yourself a farm that will give you an automatic supply of goods. Using redstone circuitry, you can learn it all.

In this book, we discuss a number of useful topics, including:

– What is Redstone?
– Where to Find Redstone
– Items That Require Redstone
– Light Up Your World With Redstone!
– A Guide to Power Sources
– More Components!
– Redstone Tips and Tricks

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