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by Misha O’Hara-Manley

She awoke in this forest months ago. She does not know who she is. She does not where she is. She does not know why she is there.

The only thing she knows for certain is that she cannot leave.

There are embers of the past in every inch of the abandoned house. Embers that promise to set ablaze the eager kindling of her memory. So many times she’s come close, yet at the crucial moment the spark dies and she is once more left in darkness. She is here for a reason. She will uncover it.


In another time, Detective Judy Norris works to solve the case of a missing girl and her mother, both of whom vanished in plain sight. The veteran agent of the law discovers that it is but one of many disappearances along the rural Pennsylvania roads that surround a small town. A town that is not mentioned on most maps. A town nestled deep within the forest.

What she finds will surpass all other challenges she has faced this far.

Both women will discover that there is so much more to life than they imagined.
Especially when one looks beneath the skin.

The Ghost Mine

by Ben Wolf

Fatal glitches. A corporate cover-up. And something haunting the depthsâ?¦

Three years ago, a horrific accident closed ACM-1134, the energy mine on Ketarus-4. Now the mine has reopened, and Justin Barclay has joined the first new batch of miners hired to begin harvesting the energy stored below the planet’s surface.

But as he settles into his new job and home, Justin quickly discovers that the mine’s polished exterior is masking a host of hidden dangersâ??some of them fatal. When the mine’s technology begins malfunctioning, Justin’s coworkers mysteriously disappear, get injured, and some even die. Justin knows something else is going onâ??and he’s the only one willing to do something to stop it.

With his job and his life on the line, Justin works to uncover the mine’s darkest secrets to save himself and his fellow workers. But the company doesn’t like Justin digging where he shouldn’t be, and they’re determined to put a stop to his inquest once and for allâ??at any cost.

As Justin begins to unearth the mine’s darkest secrets, he starts to realize that sometimes it’s better to let the past stay buried.

The Ghost Mine is a gripping sci-fi/horror novel sure to thrill you and chill you late into the night. If you’re a fan of Ridley Scott’s Aliens, you’ll love this book.


“Wow! The Ghost Mine is a phenomenal story. Ben Wolf excels at so many elements of storytelling, it’s impossible to identify a single gem: richly developed characters; a fascinating and detailed future of machine-human hybrids and deep-space mining operations; an intriguing mystery; shocking-yet-believable twists; breakneck action; and more than a few leave-the-lights-on/eye-watering moments of sheer terror.

Now imagine all this in the hands of a deft wordsmith. Man! Think Aliens meets Ender’s Game meets Rambo.

Taut, vivid, and captivating, The Ghost Mine will leave you breathlessly bandaging paper cuts from flipping the pages so fast. This one’s a definite winner.”

â??Robert Liparulo, bestselling author of the Immortal Files and Dreamhouse Kings series

“A snappy, fun, wild ride from hell! Wolf’s knockout novel brings all the sci-fi intensity of Ridley Scott’s Alien movies together with a Michael Crichton style thriller. When space colonization goes wrong in The Ghost Mine, it means a long, nail-biting night of sheer reading delight! Positively unputdownable!” – Brandon Barr, USA Today Bestseller and author of the Song of the World Series

Buy The Ghost Mine todayâ??and read it with the lights on.

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