Free humour Kindle books for 24 Sep 18

36 New Dice Games

by Kenneth P Langer

Turn off the virtual and return to the actual. In a world of virtual reality, virtual friends, and digital anonymity, there are still those who enjoy playing real games with real people. No matter how complex a video game may be there is no substitute for face-to-face interaction with friends around a table full of fun and playful game elements. And there is nothing more iconic to tabletop games than dice: plain dice, colorful dice, tiny dice with dots, polyhedral dice, lawn dice, and many other shapes and types of dice are an important part of the generation of chance elements that make games surprising and exciting.

In this book, you will find 36 brand new games that use all kinds of dice in a variety of standard and unique ways. So, grab some friends, pull out a great big bag of colorful dice, play some games, and make some actual memories.

An Unexpected Friendship: Friends come in all sizes, shapes & feathers

by A. andridge

Carmelo has never had a friend in his life. He is, if we are to be honest, a terrorizing bully. Those who live under him have hopeless and horrific lives. A lot is about to change when the entire village decides to move and leave this dictator behind. As Carmelo embarks on a journey to get the villagers back, he is confident of his goal — until he runs across an unusual little fellow who has been left behind. Oh, and did we tell you that Carmelo is a rooster?
Enter the world of birds, very human birds, as you join the chase of An Unexpected Friendship; an allegorical folk tale of an adventure, with two very different characters trying to find their way home.

Best IPhone Memes: (Memes and Jokes)

by Tim Jackson

Best IPhone Memes

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