Free literary fiction Kindle books for 24 Sep 18

Wild Rush – Complete Series

by Natalie Wild

Here is the first of the ‘Wild Rush’ Series, written in the delicious and sensual style of Natalie Wild.

Alexa Snyder is sick of disappointing romances. Why bother with real world relationships and real world menâ??boring, predictable, flawedâ??when you can always open a good romance novel and lose yourself in true eroticism and love. Working at a bookstore, Alexa has more than enough opportunity to immerse herself in a good book.
But when she hears that her favourite author, Graham Jenkins, is coming to her little bookstore to visit, she is over the moon. Finally a chance to meet a real man. A man who is, from the photo on his book jacket, not only very good looking, but also understands the value of literary romance and eroticism.
Alexa’s dreams are short-lived, however, when Graham cancels his trip-last minute. Furious at him for being pompous and cynical, Alexa sends him a biting email, and, to her surprise, receives a wryly humorous response. And then, to her greater surprise, the man himself comes into the bookstoreâ?¦looking for her.
Alexa feels instant chemistry with Graham, and he is deeply attracted to her. They quickly find themselves engaged in heady erotic sex, the stuff worthy of fiction. But Alexa knows that real life rarely mirrors books, and Graham has some dark desires buried in his psyche. When these desires emerge, will they wreak havoc on Alexa’s life and heart?

This ebook contains very hot and explicit descriptions of romantic activity. Only mature readers should download this book.

Arnco (The Write Stuff Series- Book 1)

by Ben Muse

Jake Brigham, a wildly successful first time author is drowning in the undertow of his newfound success. After years of “winning,” he realizes he has only lost–a beloved mother, a marriage, even his ability to create. Eventually, he leaves the demands of New York and returns to a place once close to his heart: Arnco, a dying Georgia mill village. He rebuilds his life, and his passion returns, for words, and for a childhood friend.
Allie Tanner, a widowed, single mother, has been fighting demons since the day she was born. Her entire life has been a struggle– with an alcoholic father, her own health problems, the death of her husband, and the constant worry that she may never be able to protect the one thing that means the most: her daughter Grace.
Jake ignites the spark of hope within her, and she within him. And each for very different reasons. When circumstances from their past collide with their present, will their hopes survive? Will tragedy cause a horrific breakdown or an inspirational destiny?

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