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Campus Reports

by Barry Roberts Greer

More screed by Barry Roberts Greer, the angry, bitter, smelly old man who wrote “Notes from the Academic Underground” and “Malamud and Spanier at Oregon State University” as well as the campus satire novels “Scone” and “Orgon State.” He now brings you more notes from the underside of campus, comment, essays, interviews, and narrative from the academic nether regions.

You’ll find here offal on career-obsessed white male women, bogus theory in the neverending futile quest of the humanities to mimic science, the end of academic freedom, the death of campus humor, creative writing for tenure, the value of an English degree, what happens when a building contractor runs a community college.

You’ll also find gems on tenure denial, on a law professor who attacks firefighters with sophomoric logic, how Berkeley quashed good teaching, lit theory used to generate junk fiction, Oregon State and the end of literacy, censorship at Louisiana State, hate speech and twitter think, and how the Stockholm syndrome is alive and well on campus.

Ergo: Thank you higher education for being a bottomless well always full of the best offal for satire. This book is also for you who wonder why faculty unions keep popping up and comedians keep making jokes about PC speech. Education is good; inflexible indoctrination is Trump.

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