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Last Heartbreak (A Nolan Brothers Novel Book 5)

by Amy Olle

Falling in love was easy, instant, and dangerously all-consuming. Breaking up won’t be so simple.

Shea and Isobel were teenagers when they had a baby together, months before they’d even gone on their first date. Now, after nearly eighteen years of marriage, the heartaches have piled one on top of the other, dousing the fire of their passion and drowning the memories of a life built together. Though he is her first and only love, two years spent living separate lives has convinced Isobel it’s time for them to let go.

Except quitting isn’t in Shea’s blood. Every day of his life has been a fightâ??to save his brothers, to put food on their table, to hold on to the tattered shreds of his dignityâ??and now he’s in for the toughest fight of them all: the battle to win back his wife. But with Isobel already one foot out the door, is it too late for their second chance at happily ever after?

LAST HEARTBREAK is a full-length, stand-alone steamy contemporary romance from USA Today bestselling author Amy Olle. Fans of emotional, sexy romances will fall in love with this fifth installment in the series about the five Irish-born, fiercely loyal, beautifully flawed Nolan brothers. Books in the series may be read in any order.

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