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RV Living: More Than 15 Hacks For Debt Free RV Living

by Damon Webb

RV Living: More Than 15 Hacks For Debt Free RV Living

In these hard times and with a struggling economy we are all looking for a way to save some money and free ourselves from debt. What better a way to do it than through an RV? Getting rid of the mortgage, electric bill, and a billion other expenses allows you to save a ton of money while you see the world! The modern Recreational Vehicle provides you with an incredible amount of freedom and options and in this book we will cover all of the fundamental aspects of starting your RV journey!

This book steers us right through the rules, regulations and buying guides for the RV life! Helping to navigate us right through the monotony and stress to a relaxing excursion that can lead to a thrilling and exciting debt free life! Even in the midst of student loan and credit card debt you can drastically scale down your life inside an RV, using the road of the RV explorer as your road to recovery!

Never before has such an intensive guide been put together in one book. Explaining in depth the differences of RV classes and the maintenance of each, this book goes above and beyond in its call to inform of the monumental power of the RV to transform lives and pocket books! So come along with us for the journey of a lifetime as we overview the solutions provided by debt free RV living.

Some aspects covered in this book:

  • Rules and Regulations
  • How to Purchase RV’s
  • Recreational Activities
  • Proper RV/Van Maintenance
  • Budgeting Basics for Your Trip
  • Camping Essentials and Etiquette

We also run through some points to bear in mind when choosing your first RV. Thousands of people now enjoy their leisure time travelling the world in their very own RV or caravan รข?? you could be one of them!

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RV Travelling: Beginners Guide On Debt Free Full Time RV Living

by Jack Sparks

RV Travelling: Beginners Guide On Debt Free Full Time RV Living

Do you have a dream of living a debt free RV lifestyle? I can assure you that whatever your situation, with a little planning and patience, that dream can be made into a reality. Learn how to budget your money, pay off your debt, and develop streams of income all while planning for the dream RV purchase.With a little research, you can find all that you will need to start your great adventure, whether that be retiring and living on the open road, or ditching the traditional nine to five and all the maintenance that goes with it and working the non-traditional way.You will soon see that an entire sub culture exists out there for people like you, people who want to take on the world and not be tied down to a single spot while living their lives.

  • Learn to budget and spend wisely
  • Pay of your debt
  • Calculate your future income
  • Develop new streams of income both now and for retirement
  • Finding the right RV for you
  • Making a check list on what you will need along the way
  • Plotting your course
  • Where to go and stay for free
  • Find new resources for people like you

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Free or Cheap Volunteer Programs Peru: A resource book to help you find a volunteer travel opportunity in Peru

by True Travellers

Travelling to Peru?
Looking for a local volunteer opportunity?
This book is for you!

This book is a resource of free or cheap volunteer programs in Peru. If you are going to Peru and are looking for volunteer experiences, this is the resource for you. It is intended to be a starting point for the independent traveller. We provide you with an overview of the organization, the volunteer opportunities offered and contact information. It is up to you to dive deeper and connect with the organization to see if this opportunity is right for you.

We hope you find the resource helpful.

Safe travels and enjoy Peru!

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