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Awaken Love

by Anna Huff

From the moment they met, they knew they would write this book.

Six years later, they have been called to share their story, Awaken Love. Told in a vulnerable first-person narrative, readers
are whisked through the authors’ parallel journeys as they explore their relationship’s intimate landscape. Set in the midst of a grueling psychology graduate program, their beautiful love story quickly transforms into an emotionally raw and complex battle of self-discovery, spirituality, and healing. Readers will lose themselves in the authors’ stories as, together, they move to a greater level of intuitive awareness and learn to recognize the soul connection that exists within all relationships.

Life Is A Moment

by Marcus Kowal

The Captivating Firsthand Account Of A Professional Fighter’s Tragedy

As an MMA fighter, Marcus Kowal knows what it’s like to push his body to the limit. He has endured tremendous physical pain during his career, but it was nothing compared to the loss that awaited him.

Ë?Ë?Ë? When His Son Was Born, His Life Changed Forever

The second he met his son, Liam, Marcus knew that his life had changed forever. He had to stop merely thinking like a fighter and a business man and start thinking like a father. There was nothing more important than the tiny baby in front of him. Marcus cherished every moment he spent with his son, but there would never be enough. In 2016, Liam was struck by a drunk driver. He never regained consciousness.

Ë?Ë?Ë? A Powerful Journey Through Grief And Loss

Through his memoir, Marcus shows you the depths of his grief. His candid writing covers every emotion he felt when he was confronted with the loss of his son. He was devastated, but he was also determined to stop Liam from becoming just another faceless statistic about the dangers of drunk driving. He and his wife, Mishel, embarked on a new fight to give Liam the justice he deserved.

Ë?Ë?Ë? In Life Is a Moment, Marcus invites you to fight alongside the couple and join them in celebrating Liam’s life.

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Kill Mary Kill: A Collection of True Crime

by Chrystal Rock

An collection of female serial killer stories…Alice Fonder passed away five years after Mary Jane’s return home. She fell into a four-month coma following surgery to get her leg amputated, and never woke up, leaving Mary Jane alone with her father. Heartbroken at the loss of his wife, Edward Fonder III fell into a void of depression, which led to countless fraught arguments with his daughter. Mary Jane would later claim that their already strained relationship would become irreparable following a visit from two of her father’s cousins. She believed the three of them were critical of how she ate chicken, and her feelings of humiliation and paranoia pushed the father-daughter relationship over the edge. Hostility between the pair wasn’t considered anything more than familial squabbles in the neighbourhood. Their bitter feelings didn’t become a concern until August 26, 1993, when Mary Jane reported her eighty-year-old father missing…What did she do to him?

Converging Wisdom: Eckhart Tolle and David Icke

by Stephen Parato

Who would’ve thought that the “spiritual-guy-on-Oprah” and the “crazy conspiracy nut” who writes about reptilians are actually saying the same things?

Well, they are. And after a lot of exposure to the works of both Eckhart Tolle and David Icke, the similarities became glaringly obvious. They just approach everything in very different ways.

These individuals share integral wisdom and empowering information for the expansion of human consciousness. They touch on the most crucial, intersecting topics that will forever change the way you view the world.

Profound insights into the human condition, applicable knowledge and the most fundamental problems and solutions are distilled and laid out for you in this book.

If you’re curious about the world around you (and within you), this is a must-read.

Join me on the exciting adventure of connecting the dots. It’s like putting together a grand puzzle of life and seeing a beautiful image you otherwise would never have known existed.

Are you ready?

Mind on Fire: A Case of Successful Addiction Recovery

by Philip Muls

FINALIST 2018 INTERNATIONAL BOOK AWARD2018 LIVING NOW BOOK AWARD FINALIST          Philip Muls already had been through rehab three different times. If he didn’t give up drinking this time, he surely would come face-to-face with death and lose the battle. In his mid-forties, with a wife, two children, and a high-powered job that kept him traveling the world, he was not ready for the inevitable. He wanted to live.
           Muls relates his arduous ascent to the apex of sobriety in his memoir MIND ON FIRE: A Case of Successful Addiction Recovery. His tale is told through Peter Baer, Muls’ alter-ego who grapples with the existential angst that almost all recovering addicts experience. As Baer’s journey unfolds, the reasons for his descent into alcoholism become apparent.  His relationship with his mother. His first experience with alcohol. His need for control. His life-threatening car crash in Bangkok. His unexpected encounter with a holy man in India.           After leaving rehab, Baer begins to resolve issues that have caused the incredible inner conflict only alcohol seems to mitigate. He works closely with a talented therapist, the second narrator of the book, whose support becomes essential during his trek to the summit.           MIND ON FIRE is an important book that offers hope, encouragement, and practical guidance to those ensnared in the grip of addiction. Whether the addiction involves alcohol, opioids, heroin, cocaine, or gambling, addicts, and their loved ones will glean understanding and strengthen their resolve as they pursue the path toward recovery.

A Black Widow Like No Other: The True Story of Christina Button

by Belinda Patterson

A true crime anthology of black widows, women who killed for insurance money…This series is headlined by Christina Button who was a gold digger that married George Button strictly for his inheritance. When the inheritance ran out, Christina maxed out over fourteen credit cards including stealing money from her employer where she worked as a bookeeper. Deeply in debt, Christina needed a way out. Taking out a sizable life insurance policy on her husband, she seduced her own nephew to kill him in cold blood.

Cold Hearted Bitch : The True Story of Lynn Turner: A Collection of True Crime Stories

by Kelly Cobb

A Collection of True Crime Stories
The only thing that Lynn Turner loved more than a man in uniform was the act of killing one.
A certified cop killer, she would go on to marry and murder two different police officers in two different counties.
It started in 1995 when her husband Glenn Turner came into an emergency room claiming he was “sick with the flu.” He would die one day later.
The same affliction would befall her common-law-husband, Randy Thompson.
Despite the parallels between the two cases, police still had difficulty proving the case. Lynn Thompson had failed to become a police officer years earlier and made a vow to “outsmart” the people who rejected her by committing the perfect murder.
This is how she tried to do it.

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