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Make-Believes & Lost Memories (Bohemian Murder Manor Mysteries Book 2)

by Rachael Stapleton

Feisty Fortune Teller Extraordinaire Nana Vianu says the answer is in the cards. How right she is!
Nana’s granddaughter, Mallory Vianu, is busy hosting a blogging conference at Caravan Manor when she hears back from a local historian who’s translated the fifty-five-year-old diary Mallory found in the manor’s attic; the translation uncovers information about a set of original tarot cards Mallory’s great-grandmother, a Roma witch-wife, used to divine the future. Unfortunately, unlike her powerful relative, Mallory doesn’t see what’s coming next. The historian dies, taking the whereabouts of the heirloom to her grave.
To make things worse, one of the conference guests is murdered, and the detective’s eyes are on MalloryĆ¢??whether she’s a suspect or girlfriend material remains to be seen. Suspicions really heat up when they discover the historian’s death was also no accident. Now, with two lethal murders connected to the manor, and to their diary in particular, the Vianu girls must put their paranormal skills to the test. While hosting breakout sessions and parties for writers, digital creatives, and influencers, they search for the greatest treasure and take clues from a ghost.
But the closer they get to the truth, the closer they get to a killer, someone who looks a lot more like one of them than they realized.

BLACK CLOUD: The Miner Book 5 (The Miner Stories)

by S.E. McKenzie

Black Cloud is the fifth book, in S.E. McKenzie’s Miner Stories’ series. A.B. Peel has won the election and his Exclusion League backers are drafting young citizens to participate in the purge of illegals and vagrants in a new race war between the Minese and the Buynese. The Minese government is at war with the entire Tut Territory including the Tut Metropolis and Tut Island. Mathew, who was shot down by friendly fire, while flyking, may have fallen behind A.B. Peel’s great wall and Jennifer is starting to realize that the only long term solution to all this chaos and heartbreak is love.

Summer Giggles Book-24 Cool Smiles!

by Gary Moore

Every page is crafted to give the reader new types of animal fun! Each
picture is carefully selected to wet the appetite for more funny
pictures to give the eyes treasures to feast on. Each picture draws you
on to more funny animals and the problems, that they can get into!

Your child will delight in wanting just one more look with the
parent. Enjoy the fun together of sharing
each new picture to give fun and delight. Enjoy the giggles together!
Summer Giggles Book- 24 Cool Smiles, will delight all who read it

How to Be Funny: A Guide to Developing Your Sense of Humour and Funny Comment Delivery to Lighten the Mood and Make People Laugh

by Raj Farkas

If you want to improve your funniness-factor and be able to make people laugh with little effort, then this book is for you!

Read on your PC, Mac, smart phone, tablet, or Kindle device.

Having a good sense of humour can be one of the most compelling instruments to have in your toolkit (or weapons in your arsenal) to climb the ladders of success and popularity. Nowadays moreso than ever, good social skills are highly regarded, and humour is the most cherished of them all. Effective use of humour can be the key to success as a characteristic of great leadership since it gives you the ability to assess your audience and manipulate the way people react and connect to you. And although it’s often said that humour can’t be taught, the methods behind it can be broken down to several rules and a simple instructions. This book isn’t designed to teach you any specific ‘your mom’ insults, to have you dress up like a clown, or to supply you with jokes about the rabbi and the monk who walked into a bar. Instead, I’m going to help you become genulinely funnier by divulging the basic principles and important touch-points that go into the art of humour that will make any audience fall under your charm and simultaneously boost your self-esteem. Once you understand the inner workings of being funny, you’ll be able to make people laugh anytime, anywhere, and about anything. So let’s get started!

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • The Basic Rules of Humor
  • How to Physically Loosen Up for Humor
  • How to Mentally Loosen Up for Humor
  • The Important Aspects Humor
  • Other Practices to Boost Comic Delivery
  • Much, much more!

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