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Where Should Mom Live?: Living Arrangements for Older Adults

by Laura Town

Where should mom or dad live? This book provides information about living arrangements, services, and facilities available for older adults with changing health needs, as well as checklists to help you determine the living situation most appropriate for your loved one. Topics include:
-Helping your loved one maintain independence as long as possible
-Modifying your loved one’s home for safety and comfort
-Determining the need for home services and home health care
-Transitioning your loved one from their home to a caregiver’s home
-Understanding the pros and cons of moving your loved one into your home
-Preventing caregiver burnout
-Moving your loved one to an assisted living or full-time care facility
In addition, we will take a look at units that provide specialized care for memory problems and discuss what to do in the event that your loved one is placed in a psychiatric facility.

Balancing the best interest of an aging loved one with your abilities and resources can create stress and worry. Being prepared to make decisions about their care and housing in advance can help you focus your energy on your loved one and ease their transition from one living situation to another.

Contamination To Transformation: A True Story of Healing From the 99 After-Effects of Sexual Abuse (Incest) Plus, PTSD, Agoraphobia, Anorexia, Anxiety, … Multiple Personalities, Suicidal Tho

by Marilyn Lundberg

If you have suffered trauma due to war, an accident, illness, abuse, or anything else, I am quite certain your trauma details will be different from mine, yet many of our symptoms may be surprisingly similar.

For eighteen years of my life, I dealt with harm daily. I suffered over forty years with a substantial assortment of trauma related manifestations. I had no understanding of what was wrong with me, since most of my pain was lost in a fog of forgetfulness. I personally suffered from the following disorders:

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder which for me included: flashbacks, trauma triggers, body memories, nightmares/night terrors, frightening thoughts, avoidance of thoughts and feelings related to the trauma, easily startled, feeling tense or on edge, difficulty sleeping, memory problems, negative thoughts about myself or the world, distorted feelings like guilt or blame.

Social Anxiety Disorder
Generalized Anxiety Disorder
Major Depression
Suicidal thoughts
Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD)
Panic Attacks
Essential tremor
Addiction to a doctor prescribed drug
I suffered from 77 of the 99 after-effects of sexual abuse
Fibromyalgia/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, food and environmental allergies

The devastation of the above problems began when I was a child and lasted until I was in my mid-forties.

I know my story sounds bleak thus far but don’t be discouraged. Peace, laughter, joy and happiness eventually came my way.

My personal traumas came from three different long-term sources. Incest was the first form of trauma which resulted from two family members. The second area of harm to me was due to faulty care and nurturing from a mentally ill parent. Lastly, bullying occurred at school during my formative years and affected me greatly. All three areas of abuse proceeded to bring on the above disorders within me.

PTSD, depression, anxiety and all the other disorders can come from a myriad of situations. If you have any of the disorders that I mentioned, this book can and will definitely help you no matter how you were harmed. My book carefully lays out the path I took so you can feel better quickly.

I think in my situation, my abusers thought that their hidden dirty secrets would never be remembered by me but that was incorrect. All their sins were carefully recorded in my flashbacks, nightmares, night terrors, body memories and trauma triggers. The actual events were repressed for decades, but my body never forgot.

My autobiography is carefully written to limit my discussion regarding the actions of my abusers for my sake, as well as yours. I do not want to cause you any additional harm. My story also concentrates on the seen and unseen symptoms of the traumas. The hardships that I experienced caused devastating results to my mind as well as my body. Throughout my life I thought I was crazy and alone with all my difficulties, but I was wrong. There are currently so many people in the world fighting similar emotional battles.

I have chosen to be as transparent as possible, in describing all the after-effects that came to me because of years of trauma. I want to share my private personal story with you, so that you can quickly heal and mend any brokenness you are currently dealing with.

My journey was agonizing, but my healing has been exhilarating.

No matter how deeply you are traumatized now, I know my story will accelerate your quest to find healing and freedom from your dilemmas.

The bonus is that joy, peace and happiness is out there for everyone!

The Anal Retentive Narcissist (Transcend Mediocrity Book 312)

by J.B. Snow

Anyone who has been around a narcissist for any length of time is aware of how surly, picky, disagreeable and anal retentive a narcissist can be. People who are only around the narcissist casually will not see a problem in his anal retentiveness. Those who have to live with the narcissist, however, come to realize how difficult and painstaking literally every task is when you are in the presence of the narcissist.
I have seen narcissists become picky and disagreeable over the smallest of things. They are extremely intolerant to others, but they become a nuisance to others at the same time. The narcissist is a complete conundrum of conflicting behaviors and opinions. He hates that other people are picky when it comes to his behaviors, but he has a sharp tongue when he is criticizing others for not doing things รข??his’ way.
This ebook discussed the anal retentive nature of the narcissist. We talk about how the narcissist is so high strung and methodical that he can hardly get anything done with any efficiency. We discuss how surly he gets when he lives in an environment with other people who clash with him. We will give case examples of people who have had to live with the narcissist’s ridiculous standards, and how it can cause serious emotional damage to try to walk on eggshells in the narcissist’s environment.

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by Patricia Williams

Your relationship is over and it hurts. As much as life might seem bleak at this moment this break up was just a step towards your happy future.

It’s time to move forward. The end of this relationship is the time to change yourself and lay the foundation for your future successes.

F*CK HIM Break Up Recovery Guide – is a proven guide to fixing your broken heart. This guide will help lead you through the recovery from a painful break up, even divorce.

Break ups are unfortunate but inevitable part of life. Everyone you see and meet has overcome heartbreak and moved on. Let me guide you towards a better and improved you.

F*CK HIM Break Up Recovery Guide will help you to emerge from this experience stronger, happier and with the energy to improve your life.

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