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No Big Deal: From Athlete to Advocate: A Memoir of Childhood Betrayal and a Journey to Justice

by Torey Ivanic

“No Big Deal”
For fifteen years, these words kept Torey Ivanic from telling her parents, friends, and boyfriends about her interactions with the gymnastics coach who utterly confused her young mind, body, and soulâ??who had, she eventually came to understand, sexually violated her.
In this memoir, Torey transparently and brilliantly shows how the abuse started, the collateral damage it created in her young life, her realization that it was a big deal, and her journey of healing and justice. After helping to put her perpetrator in prison for 43 years, she created a new life full of real love and joy and became an advocate for sexual abuse prevention.
Most importantly, Torey has lit the path for other victims and their loved ones to:

– Understand Exactly How Grooming Happens Realize It Was and Is a Big Deal, and Not Their Fault
– Identify and Address Collateral Physical and Emotional Fallout
– Open Space for Healing
– Become an Advocate for Justice and Prevention

Whether you have been telling yourself that it was no big deal, or you know it was a big deal and need to know it’s possible to move forwardâ??and especially if you have young children and don’t know how to protect themâ??this is the book for you.
It IS a big deal.
And there IS something we can do about it.

Emergency Response: Life, Death and Helicopters

by Dave Greenberg

Stories from a life spent in the emergency services – true tales of rescue and adventure.

When Dave Greenberg was just 13 years old, he saved a life for the first time, using CPR. He already knew that he wanted to spend his life helping others in times of crisis, and that harrowing event on a city footpath only confirmed this desire. He went on to spend 25 years working with Life Flight – the Westpac Rescue Helicopter service in Wellington, New Zealand, taking part in many daring rescues on land and at sea, often taking the role of ‘the dope on a rope’ – their own term for the rescuer who dangles from a winch over stormy seas trying to pluck people from heaving ship decks or from the ferocious waves. These are his stories.

Strange Disappearances: A collection of True Crime stories

by Karen Blackstone

An anthology of unsolved and unexplained disappearances which have plagued law enforcement for decades.
The case of Leah Robert’s is but one example of a missing person’s case turned cold, with no new leads despite national attention and multiple re-dramatizations on shows like Unsolved Mysteries and Investigation Discovery. Her older sister and brother, Kara and Heath Roberts, are still searching for her although nearly seventeen years have gone by since her disappearance.
In June of 1992, two teenage girls who have just graduated from high school, Suzie Streeter and Stacy McCall went to Suzie’s house to spend the night after a really long day of celebration and parties. They were looking forward to moving to the next stage of their life. Suzie’s mother, Sherrill Levitt was at the house as well. All three of them mysteriously vanished in the middle of the night and they have never been seen again.
Misty Copsey was fourteen years old when she disappeared on September 17th, 1992 after a trip to the Puyallup Fair.
Her case remains a showcase of administrative screw-ups and dropped balls. She was initially thought of as a runaway before foul play was finally suspected a month after the fact. Subsequently, there have been at least five people suspected of committing her abduction.
But the Puyallup police did not get within sniffing distance of Misty or charging anyone with her disappearance. Three different police chiefs and numerous detectives all took a swing at the case and whiffed. No one in law enforcement has been able to answer the question on everyone’s lips.
What happened to Misty Copsey?
The story of Patricia Meehan is a very strange and puzzling one. She seemingly disappeared into the night with little reason. The case has remained unsolved since 1989. With few witnesses, the full events are sketchy at best. What is well known about this case is that our culture has seemingly thought of every possible scenario to explain what happened to her. To understand and possibly solve the case, understanding the person that Patricia Meehan was is of paramount importance.
On March 19th, 2004, Brianna Maitland disappeared. The 17-year-old girl had just left the Black Lantern Inn in Montgomery, Vermont, where she washed dishes and occasionally served tables, when her car was found abandoned only twenty minutes later. Despite a brief visit from a local police officer, and curious passersby photographing the abandoned Oldsmobile, she was not reported missing for several days. Her parents, Bruce and Kelli Maitland, assumed she was at home, and Brianna’s roommate was out of town at the time. Brianna left a trail of clues behind her, but over 12 years later there is still no official story for what happened that night. As the years pass without any major leads, the investigation has petered out and will soon be coming to a close.
Brittanee Drexel disappeared from Myrtle Beach, SC while on spring break on April 25, 2009. She was 17 at the time and traveled without receiving parental consent. She told her mother that she was staying at a friend’s house near their home in Rochester, New York.
Brittanee’s mother, Dawn, then learned where she really was when her boyfriend, John, called her after he suspected something had happened to Brittanee. Her parents immediately grew angry, scared, and devastated when they received word that their daughter was missing.

Share Your Best Thoughts: Book Five For Documenting Your Personally Unique Thoughts On A Daily Basis (Share Your Best With Olakunle Solomon 5)

by Olakunle Solomon Fatoye

Providing Help Support and Assistance by Publishing, Training and Marketing of Products, Services and Information for Individuals, Groups, Companies.

Kept: An American Househusband in India

by Gregory E. Buford

Kept: An American Househusband in India is a hilarious, heart-warming tale of a company man turned trailing spouse when his wife gets his dream job and drags him halfway around the globe. World travelers and armchair tourists alike will marvel as Greg and Dana dine with royalty, smash an immigrant smuggling ring, flee angry mobs, foil a terrorist plot and survive a Russian rocket assault. When they adopt an Indian girl, Greg embarks on an altogether new career, and India becomes a part of their lives forever. Winner of the PNWA Zola Award for best memoir, Kept: An American Househusband in India will have you scouring the house for cobras and wondering if you’ve got what it takes to walk on fire.

The True Story of Saint Valentine of Terni, Italy

by Julie McDonald

What do you think of when you think of Valentine’s Day? Cards, cupids, roses a romantic dinner? Did you know the day is in honor of a man named Valentine who lived in the third century?

On February 14, 269AD Valentine was beheaded by Emperor Claudius because he would not deny his Christian faith. This short, (5-10 minute read) tells about the man, the times and culture he lived in, and the progression to our modern day celebration.

When Gwendolyn Kills: A Collection of True Crime

by Jessi Dillard

A collection of True Crime stories where women are behaving badly again and again…n 1986, a troubled young woman named Gwendolyn Graham left her home state of Texas for Grand Rapids, Michigan. There, she took a position caring for elderly patients as a nurses’ aide at Alpine Manor Nursing Home, under the supervision of a woman named Cathy Wood.

It didn’t take long for the relationship between the two women to grow from a professional working relationship to a budding friendship – and even less time for that friendship to become romantically charged. Within just two years, the duo took their partnership even further, and were charged in 1989 with the smothering deaths of five of their female senior patients: 60 year old Marguerite Chambers, 95 year old Myrtle Luce, 79 year old Mae Mason, 74 year old Belle Burkhard, and 97 year old Edith Cook.

The couple earned themselves the nickname The Lethal Lovers, but according to Cathy Wood, their murderous spree was primarily planned and executed by Gwendolyn herself.

Rita Hayworth: From American Love Goddess to the Face of Alzheimer’s

by Arthur Wilhelm

Rita Hayworth: From American Love Goddess to the Face of Alzheimer’s is a tribute to an actress who epitomized glamour and beauty during the 20th century. Shy, retiring, and insecure in private life, she exploded onto the silver screen as a captivating beauty who mesmerized film audiences with her tantalizing performances. This tribute follows her life and career from early childhood through five marriages and an impressive film career during which she appeared in 61 films over a period of 37 years. Born into a family of Spanish dancers, she became her father’s dance partner at age 13, made her screen debut at age 17, and survived a studio makeover that attempted to deny her Hispanic heritage. With the advent of World War II, she gained recognition as Fred Astaire’s dance partner and American GI’s most popular pin-up girl. This tribute considers how each of her films was reviewed by critics at the time of their release and how they are viewed in contemporary 21st century. Hailed by the press in the 1940s as the “love goddess,” Rita Hayworth sought to find happiness against overwhelming odds. The book gives attention to analyzing film noir and Rita Hayworth’s femme fatale roles regarding homosexuality and women’s liberation. It also recognizes the significant roles that two gay choreographers played in creating Rita Hayworth’s iconic image. Finally, bringing understanding and compassion to Rita Hayworth’s struggle with Alzheimer’s disease will bring support for finding a cure and offering hope to today’s victims and their families.

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