Free historical fiction Kindle books for 26 Sep 18

Midnight Dual: The Whispering Tower: Various Genres of Romance

by Lisa Stanton

This passionate collection book includes the various genres of romance short stories (4 Stories)!!

Highlander’s Curse -Highlander and Contemporary Romance
Goddess of the Stars -Threesome MFM Alien Romance
No Reservations -Threesome MFM Military Romance
Either Burning Spear-Football BBW Romance

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WARNING: Please note: this book contains graphic sex and is only intended for adult readers.

Blue Almond Eyes

by Natalie Nixon

Blue Almond Eyes is an historical fiction novel based on a true life story. A story about defying society’s expectations, racism and discrimination.

The story weaves back and forth through time, in three countries and over four generations reflecting societal attitudes on both sides.

Whilst the story is unique, it is also universal. It’s an epic story of survival, tragedy, struggle, of the burning desire to belong, and how ultimately, LOVE transcends all.

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