Free history Kindle books for 26 Sep 18

Mama Said

by Ethel Mae Lewis

Ninety-four years ago Rosie Lee Edwards-Walker was born in Cotton Valley, Louisiana on Old Man Hayes Plantation. Her parents were sharecroppers and the only way you would get a meal you had to plant it, pick it, fetch it, or go into the woods and shoot it. Living on a farm Mom learned her survival skills at a very young age.

Even though she was 9 years old, when food was needed on the table she could go into the woods with her older brothers, out-hunt and out-shoot them. They were older enough to be her father. She was a surprise baby born 19 years after her parent’s first child.

Despite her challenging upbringing, she was the best Mom ever to her 5 daughters. She was sweet, the most free-hearted person who would give anyone her last nickel, could read a person to a ‘T’ at first glance and was as funny as Richard Pryor except Mama did not curse. She was only 5 feet tall, however if you tried to harm her, her children or her family she would have made Tyler Perry’s Madea look like a Nun. She has been a big influence in our life, a mentor and a friend. Mom is our ‘she-ro.’

When The Drums Stop

by D.W. Roach

“The flag bearers!” Sergeant Loyod pointed down the line as three Confederate battle flags made it to the top of the berm, waving erratically back and forth. “Shoot’em down! Don’t let them rally!”

For two years, the terrible and bloody Civil War raged in the United States of America, tearing at the very fabric of its glorious founding. In the midst of utter turmoil a young boy, Anderson Roach, longed to join his brother as part of the famed Tennessee Volunteer Cavalry.

With his brother gone fighting for nearly two years, Anderson was now ready to leave the farm and prove himself by joining the ranks of men on the battlefield. Little did Anderson know that his dreams of adventure and heroism would soon be met with the harsh reality of soldiering in the Union Army.

With each step, he would walk hand in hand with death and experience the physical and mental anguish of war.

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