Free horror Kindle books for 26 Sep 18

Granny and the Hole – A Zombie Story

by Derek M. Koch

Hugh Hall’s mother-in-law is dead, but she doesn’t have to stay that way. Instead of putting her in the ground, he put her in the trunk of the family car for a road trip. Bringing his wife and daughter along for the ride, Hugh leaves for a small town in Nebraska that holds the secret to reanimating the dead. If only he knew the secret of how to avoid the military along the way . . .

Thatchenstein (Zomtastic Book 3)

by Jack D. McLean

In Celebrity Chef Zombie Apocalypse, Professor Ted Forsyth created the Lazarus Engine, which could bring the dead back to life.

Now, Wally Pratt – a distant relative of Professor Forsyth – has inherited his house… and the Lazarus Engine. A member of an extreme right-wing political party and desperate for advancement, he puts together a creature from recycled body parts who looks very much like Margaret Thatcher.

The former great leader is reborn, but now… she’s known as Thatchenstein.

The third and final book in this unique horror – comedy – parody trilogy by Jack Strange is the best yet, and ends with a powerful climax.

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