Free Kindle books for children and young adults for 26 Sep 18

In Darkness Lost

by Ariel Paiement

The country of Argent teeters on the edge of disaster, and war looms over them when fifteen-year- old Dairdra is thrown into the role of Queen. Dairdra isn’t sure she’s ready, and as she watches her world crumbling around her, she must decide whether to stand up in the position of Queen or to flee the troubles around her and appoint a regent.

Crypt must decide between his sister and his loyalty to Dairdra. He can divulge the knowledge he has to his queen and save her kingdom whilst dooming his own sister, or he can save his sister and perhaps cost Dairdra her life. Can he save his sister and his Queen while surviving the coming storm?

The fate of the war is in their hands, but will they be able to stand together to come out of this war victorious? Only time can tell.

A Tail of Two Dogs

by A Tail of Two Dogs by Dan Buchignani

This is the story of two dogs quest to fly. The two dogs, Sharky and Allie attempt to successfully pull this endeavor off with the help and ingenuity of their animal friends. This is a story of friendship, teamwork, imagination and love presented in a style written for children and the young at heart.

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