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Solomon’s Dreams: The Hunting at Huntington

by Eric Suddoth

Solomon “Solo” Davis is a man of faith, but even for him not all things are believable. How quickly his life is turned upside when he comes face to face with one of his doubts. Can he believe in something that is so impossible?

What if your dreams of last nightâ?¦

“Top story tonight,” read the senior news anchor. Solo held his breath, waiting to hear about the kidnapping or the death of the older couple. He had already had two of his dreams strangely come true with frightening detail, and he couldn’t help but wonder if it was some cosmic coincidence; a million to one chance that all his dreams actually occurred. Could this really be happening?

Became your reality for today?

“Oh God! Oh God! Oh God! What do I do? What do I do? What do I do?” Solo prayed hoping the perfect answer would drop out of the sky at his feet. The thought sickened him that if his dream with the preschool students with their laughter and singing was real. Then the ruthless kidnappers and serial killers must be real. And the crying, terror stricken kidnapped girl must be real too.

How can you do nothing when you know something is going to happen?

Watch out Washington D.C. The Carbon Monoxide Killers are on the loose.
“Are you ready for this?” she asked her father who slowly nodded, taking in a deep breath.
“It’s now or never.”

Ashes and Embers (American Parable Book 1)

by Christian Sterling

In the first novel of the American Parable series, Christian Sterling has cultivated a work of unparalleled excitement, tension, and storytelling. Ashes and Embers takes us to a world of warfare, calamity, humor, and romance in a way you have never read before.

The time marks a new era of American democracy, and gangs hold more power than ever before. In spite of a corrupt establishment, these criminal organizations thrive as leaders of their communities. Tensions begin to stir in the Southern and Midwest United States, igniting a bloodied frenzy fueled by racial hatred and struggles for power. The country’s three largest gangs, The Revelators, DC-2, and The Young Guns strive for dominance, vengeance, and peace amid romantic entanglements and personal journeys for moral enlightenment. The leaders of these gangs walk the line of rising above all they oppose without becoming everything they stand against. Enemies make themselves present, others hide in the shadows, and some appear as friends in this story of gangs led by veterans, technical geniuses, and ascending sons.

Passion, tragedy, and heartache cascade through this tale of endless enthrallment from its first pages to its last, for every type of literary exhilaration is found within American Parable: Ashes and Embers.

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