Free philosophy Kindle books for 26 Sep 18

Common Sense Be Damned: You will only be saved, if you believe in the power of your own mind.

by Rebecca Pinson

Why are humans so content residing in a money centric society? I for one am sick of it. This book contains my wild contemplations. With the hopes of changes. With love not lust, Rebecca Pinson.

Confidence, Concentration And Your Fear Within: An Introductory Guide To Overcoming Fear

by M.A. Hallock

– This book is unlike anything you have read before. That much I can guarantee you.
– Confidence, Concentration and Your Fear Within, offers a WIDE array of information from the first page to the last.
– If you happen to be a reader who enjoys a little mystery, I believe each preceding chapters will surprise/shock or at least keep you interested with my sometimes eccentric yet, Genuine experiences, stories and life lessons. Plus I will be covering subjects rarely addressed.
In other words, do not expect the same ole boring book “on fear.”
-What are your limits?! What are your standards in life? How strong is your mind? Are you constantly worried about failure? Does anxiety and fear hinder you from being at your absolute best; and likewise paralyze your ability to take a healthy risk (no risk, no reward)? Have you found your true calling yet? MOST importantly, does your life seem to be going nowhere? Have you ever wondered why you seem to attract the same terrible jobs, the same type of bf’s/gf’s and even breakup in the same exact way?? These questions are very important and require an honest answer.
-Life is simply to short to continue with these struggles.
-This book will explain how you’ve come to have these debilitating habits and what can be done about them.

This book will explain how compassion, humility and kindness are great places to begin on the road to achieving your goals and dreams.

-You will learn that self-doubt is the true enemy.
-We all have fear in one form or another and as you grow into these principals and put your own pain aside to sympathize or simply listen to another you will do 3 very powerful things and they all go about productively obliterating the fear that stands in your way.

-This book is packed full of wisdom and life lessons from ancient history to the Modern Era. It will teach you how to overcome fear in every facet of your daily life.

-My idea of fear is the inability to TAKE-ACTION on the things that matter the most, ALL from some deeply held believe that you are not enough to accomplish it.
-I wrote this book to both give you the tools you’ll need to find and achieve the most valuable things, like the purpose of your existence and to ease the pain and sorrow of those closest to me.
-I want this book to accurately express the importance of a GROWTH MINDSET also.
-With a growth mindset, you will learn that limits are just another illusion, like fear.

-This book will show you how limitless you are in your growth and potential and with a mind bent on improvement paired with the diligence to push through anything that would stand in your way.
-I fought in the ring and cage for years. I have coached and trained many warriors. I have used some of this wisdom to paint you a picture of what your life can look like if you but merely push through the fear.
Overcoming fear in both passive and aggressive situations has been my life’s work and I could not be happier to spread this wisdom to my family, friends and you, the reader.
I will explain why concentration alone can dramatically improve your life, leadership and become a more charismatic person for all of those you encounter on a daily basis.
-We all innately understand that anything worth the effort will not come quick, or easy. But, I am here to say, once you learn how to obliterate fear. Everything else will become a breeze.
– I will show you the fastest possible way for you to earn the right to count yourself among those select few people who let nothing get in their way of accomplishment and their birthright, happiness. This ALL starts with learning how to push through the Fear and adopting a growth mindset and some intelligent work to seal the deal..
God Bless,

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