Free poetry Kindle books for 26 Sep 18

SHE WROTE: A Journey of Emotion & Happiness

by Porcha “Ahava” Hiley

“She Wrote” is a composition of literary work derived from various viewpoints on situations, experiences, and ever-changing feelings and emotions. It gives you a raw touch of everyday life intertwined with fantasies relatable to every thought process. This literary genius is far from the cliche self-acclaimed poetic masterpieces.


by Paloma Palau

Soft is a collection of poetry and prose that focuses on love, loss, abuse and healing. The author speaks of losing softness and kindness to pain but finding hope within the many forms of love. This book is filled with honesty and vulnerability, allowing the writer to speak of things she has found difficult to say out loud. It is a reminder that there is softness within all of us, even when it is hard to to find.

In the Hands of the Dragon Masters

by Jandra Gordyavic

This is a true life Story, but which sounds and feels like an imaginational one.
And we´ll LET it sound and feel like that. This is a poetical description about Bad Gods´ and Masters´ apocalyptic attacks towards humanity and this world.

This theatre scripture tells you how certain Bad Gods and Masters sacrificed tragically some human beings, ones of Their victims being Charos, the girl of this story (the main character) and her dear mate, Jon, and her precious deceased brother, Risto.
Those certain Bad Gods and Masters attacked Charos and her closest mate fatally and dangerously for Eternal 12,5 years. There are touching, lachrymose parts in this story, for Charos´ lost, deceased brother and her dear mate, Charos´ heartbreaking cry for her two dear soul-mates.
This is also a Story of Apocalyptic LIES, wrong-sentencing and desperate tries, efforts to reach and get away from Those Gods´ and Masters´ Hands, somewhere else where there wouldn´t be ANY chasing or haunting anymore. There are a lot of metaphorical, rhyming expressions, this is a story of true human destinies!
This is a story, which kind of goes on and on�and hasn´t ended yet, not in these days.  This story is Those Bad Gods´ and Masters´ lesson to be learnt, to remind Them what will happen, if They´re Not going to stop Their Lies, behave and be Good and start to rescue this world and the people of it. We´ll pray this prolific planet will be redeemed to us, the caring, responsible creatures!

Memories Of A Soul: A Collection of Poetry

by Brandy Chandler

A collection of poetry that represents my bearing of my soul

Poetry and Emotion

by D.R. Murphy

Poems can fix us.
Self-help guides are very useful but often in our darkest hours we just don’t feel like trudging through a long laborious book.
So why not relax, kick back and read these simple but powerful poems that are designed to enlighten you and make you think about your situation in a whole new way.

Pedazos y Completos (Spanish Edition)

by Fabian Recendez

“Yo lo miro azul, me decía, para mí usted es azul, y no lo entendía del todo pero, yo era azul y era maravilloso serlo…”

Escribo hoy en esta cosa extraña donde no pasa el tiempo, y no lo digo yo, ya lo dijo alguien que sabía de eso, yo sólo escribo cosas y tal vez sólo sean más de las mismas palabras de siempre dichas una y otra vez, cosas que ya han sido escritas, cosas que matan, o que dan vida, cosas de amor… Pedazos, y Completos.

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