Free science fiction Kindle books for 26 Sep 18

Resistant Blood 1 (Post-Apocalyptic Hobo)

by Ronald Thomas

The world is an empty place.

Most people died from the bug.

Those that live, are cramped into huge, walled cities.

Except the immune.

The “Lucky Few”

They ride the rails and do the work that keeps the cities going.

This is a short story and is part 1 of a serialized story.

Black Planet

by Simon Gilberthorpe

Caution : This is a book for grown-up Sci Fi and Cyberpunk fans and contains violence, drug use and all sorts of potentially alarming concepts.

The future. Things have changed. Del Black, people finder, is engaged to track down a runaway. Easy enough. But in the multi-level technological labyrinth that the planet has become, nothing is easy. Especially when you’re an AR addict who’d rather be in bed. Chaos is the only solution. Framed, shot at and abandoned she drags her hapless companions on an insane romp around the Solar System, averts planetary war and saves the world. Sort of. WTF. Someone has to do these things. A heroine you’ll never forget in a world you’ve never imagined. Embrace the future. Embrace the carnage. Roll with the tech or get left in the wreck. Black planet.

Set in a future where the planet has been sealed inside six titanic spheres, each one a planet in it’s own right. A genetically perfect wonderland at the top, a sewer at the bottom. No light. Black Planet.

Listen to a review at Sci Fi Junk Food on youtube. The dude says he ‘”fucking loves Del Black”, and you will too.

Please read what this lovely fellow had to say on SFF World, the biggest scifi forum on the planet.

I read this when you were offering it for free. Decent, though you have a really abrupt and stilted writing style (which I suspect is deliberate, I seem to recall reading other cyberpunk books with a similar style, maybe Walter Jon Williams?). Some really great tech ideas in there (mood hair, wow would it be nice for the wife to have that!), but I found it a bit hard to really imagine what the place looked like, especially that bottom level, stretching across the entire planet. I also found it hard to believe they would keep building on Earth when they had such wondrous spaceship tech and ought to be able to build on other planets or space habitats with ease (I know you discussed this within the book, I just think there could have been more of it). Definitely worth reading, especially once you get used to the writing style. I hope you grow as a writer and can really explore some of your ideas in more depth. You packed so much in there (AI, VR, body horror, drugs, social decay, space exploration, etc) that it felt rushed (or maybe I’ve been reading too many 800 page trilogy…err pentolo….err decolog….err “as many books as still sell!” series 🙂

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