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maths tips and tricks: simple tips and tricks to make maths problems easy to solve.

by Emma Steve

This book provides some simple methods which help us to solve some mathematical problems in the quickest and easiest way without wasting time.

Capturing the beauty

by C. Mahoney

What is beauty? Is it a pink or red or purple flower? Can it be found in a crinkled leaf that has fallen from above? Or maybe it’s a butterfly or caterpillar or orange and black bug that has stopped long enough for our notice? Who decides what is worth being remembered and what should be passed by?

Join a photographer on her first photographing foray as she captures the beauty of nature on a Sunday afternoon, learning the craft and deciding for herself what is worth being remembered.

Hands-On Math: Building and Understanding a Parabolic Reflector

by Dave Krovetz

Hands-On Math: Building and Understanding a Parabolic Reflector introduces the reader to conic sections and explains how to build an inexpensive parabolic reflector. Building a parabolic reflector and working through the associated math is a project easily tailored to classrooms from Algebra I through Calculus. Hands-on and enjoyable, this project is ideal for demonstrating the beauty and power of math in every day living. The text includes detailed building plans and step-by-step instructions (accompanied by numerous photographs) for designing and building a parabolic reflector. The mathematics of the parabola are presented including a derivation of the equation of the parabola from its geometric definition and multiple proofs of the reflective property of the parabola. Methods for working with quadratic equations – factoring, completing the square, and graphing – are presented. Multiple problem sets are provided for practice, along with a complete answer key.

Pain Relief: 30 Homemade Salves Natural Recipes: (Homemade Healing Salves, Homemade Remedies)

by Martha Smith

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Pain Relief: 30 Homemade Salves Natural Recipes

If you are someone that wants to find pain relief from all those aches and pains that you suffer from using natural remedies, then this is the book for you. Within these pages you will find a great collection of easy to prepare homemade remedies that will not leave you with all kinds of awful side effects when using them. You might be like many people that are fed up dealing with all kinds of side effects when using products that are filled with ingredients that cause us to have bad side effects. Now you want to try using your own homemade pain relief remedies that will not make you feel more out of sorts, but get you feeling like your old self in no time without the use of synthetic drugs and chemicals.

Often when we look at the labels of things we have purchased to help ease or painĂ¢??many of the ingredients we do not even know what they are, or even if we should even be using these chemical filled treatments. We need to make sure that what we are putting into our bodies is going to be the best choice for our overall health and well-being. The best way you can make sure that you are doing right by your body is to use natural remedies over synthetic treatments. Using natural remedies you can feel good in knowing you are treating yourself effectively without enduring bad side effects. In this book I am going to show you how you can effectively make use of essential oils and herbs to treat yourself and loved ones, without breaking the bank!

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