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San Francisco Daddy: One Gay Man’s Chronicle of His Adventures in Life and Love

by Charles St. Anthony

Charles St. Anthony dreamed of living in San Francisco his whole life, and after a sudden return to the USA from Japan, he makes his way to the Bay. In this novella-sized mini-memoir, Charles finds the humor in every situationâ??whether it be a series of dating fiascoes in the Castro or beating a path down to Silicon Valley. He takes you on a tour of the New Age Babylon by the Bay, and Charles describes his notable adventures in political canvassing, polyamory, getting fired from a Jamba Juice knock-off and driving a sketchy San Francisco taxi cab (in the age of Uber). So what are you waiting for? Grab your Ruby Red Slippers and fly on down to the Golden Gate, because San Francisco Daddy is ready to take you on a fantastic voyage to the land of Sexual Disorientation.

Life Changing TOXIC MOLD: Is Your Home Hiding A Silent Killer?

by Vici Francoies

This book is an extension of the Francoies first book “Finding God’ ..Just in Time. through Toxic Mold.” #1 in Counseling and Recovery and #1 in Religion and Spiritually.
After listening to the feed back from their first book, the Francoies have added the answers to the questions you didn’t know you had about Toxic Mold;
Toxic Mold is often caused by water damaged buildings, and often unseen and undetected. After water damage of any type you will have question like:
*How do I know if Toxic Mold is in my home?
*Is my home safe?
*What symptoms do I watch for?
and more.
All of these could be symptoms of ‘Bio-Toxins’ building up in your body from the silent killer-Toxic Mold. The sad thing is, unless your doctor is specifically trained in Bio-Toxins like Lime Disease or Toxic Mold, they won’t know IF your toxic or how to treat it, let alone how to help you.
If you’re chronically sick and have been told you have allergies, you may want to know what the symptoms of bio-toxins are.
Clark and Vici Francoies talk about how God brought the two of them together later in life and how they ended up in the fight for their lives after exposure to toxic mold. 
They had an ongoing toxic-mold problem in their apartment for about 2-1/2 years. Not understanding the health risks, they didn’t leave. Not until Vici became too ill to work and ultimately, almost lost her life.
They share their testimony in hopes that it will help others going through similar circumstances. This story is how they not only survived and learned to thrive again, but where they found life saving help. Now they are sharing what they have learned to teach others how you can thrive too!
I found this amazing detox diet that I am sharing in the book.
We share the Mold and Mycotoxins in your food supply.
We will also tell you ways to starve out the Mold.
You will also receive a maintenance plan
Unfortunately after being exposed to toxic molds your body will be susceptible for life to the aflatoxins and other offenders found in the food. Your body will have “heavy antibodies” against these molds in the future and a lot of our food supply has small traces of toxic molds in them.
Once you have been exposed to Toxic Molds, Candida will become out of control very quickly . Sometimes in as little as only 3-4 weeks of eating foods with carbs AGAIN a person previously exposed to toxic molds can get a “MASSIVE” yeast, candida or new fungal infection. This is the reason the diets in the book are highly recommend for a lifetime maintenance after Toxic Mold.
Get your copy today to be better prepared for your family and friends when disaster strikes! Please give us a review and let us know this book has helped you.
God Bless

From Hate to Forgiveness: Letting God Heal your Hurting Heart

by Tanya R. Phillips

Are you struggling with unforgiveness? The Author tells her story of going from hate to forgiveness. Find comfort and encouragement to take the steps with God toward forgiveness.

Meherabad The Valley Of LOVE: A Journal of a Spiritual Voyager

by Shraddha Deshpande

An ardent relationship between a devotee and God, reading this enchanting love story, the narrator takes you to her dream of a world. God & devotee are not separate from each other. Devotee equally holds God’s energy which pleases him. Therefore, it is believed that God and the devotee are two different manifestations of the divine principle. So after going through the author’s memory lane, smiling with pleasure, not the sad memories of old time, but poetic, youthful ones, those impressions of author’s distant past in which dreams and realities blend and laughed with quiet enjoyment; every step she took brought more fond memories of people and places she felt to her core she knew.
God helps those who help themselves. Self help is the best help. One must at all times try to support oneself and not rely on other people to come and assist. One should have faith that our problem will be solved through some external forces, or good person or God. This book explains without losing hope how to conquer obstacles that present before one’s life. This book includes many techniques, such as different types of meditation, Yoga & Mediation, perfect yoga postures for meditation, Goal Setting & Life Visioning, Subliminal Techniques, Brainwave Techniques, Laws of Attraction & other affirmations, the power of prayer & more. In detail, you will see that these modules are inter-connected. Everything is inter-connected with brain activity and focus of mind. This book will work particularly on your brain. It will exchange your brain’s â??Old Conditioning’ for a brand new start. You no longer need to once again live a â??compromised life’. This book is totally based on scientific methods which are there for your personal growth. This book is for You.. because with today’s stressful life we don’t even have time for our families, so then how can we make the time for all of these inspirational people in order to see their inspirational work. We search hundreds and thousands of websites looking for effective methods which can be easily applied or suitable to your lifestyle. Or we watch millions of inspirational videos and informative documentaries from which we can acquire knowledge about precise meditation methods or yoga. I did all of this for you. Initially it was all for me, but I really had a greater urge to share my knowledge. So I made it easy for you. I compressed all of the ideas, methods & strategies under one roof called- â??A Journal of a Spiritual Voyager’! Author wrote her routine while she was living in Meherabad for 7-8 months, where had an opportunity to serve Baba. So if she had any time in between that, she practiced yoga and read books. Most importantly she talked with many likeminded people about Meher Baba, spirituality and all that. While everybody else seemed busy enjoying outer material things, she was too busy enjoying inner material things by meditating different ways & working on herself to become a better person tomorrowâ?¦

Bel-Ami (Best Navigation, Active TOC)(Feathers Classics)

by Guy de Maupassant

This book contains now several HTML tables of contents that will make reading a real pleasure!

The story chronicles journalist Georges Duroy’s corrupt rise to power from a poor ex-NCO to one of the most successful men in Paris, most of which he achieves by manipulating a series of powerful, intelligent, and wealthy mistresses.

Chasing Love

by Sarah Borza

“Take a seat.” He had a melodious and firm voice.
Rubbing my sweaty and trembling hands together, I walked to the chair, and I felt my knees wobble as I sat.
“Your name?”
“Do you think you need this treatment?”
“in your eyes, yes, but I don’t think anything is wrong with my actions if nature raised me.”
“What do you mean nature raised you?”
“My dad died, and without a dad, it’s hard for a girl to know what is what. Nature couldn’t teach me, so I had to explore for myself. Once I was ready, she asked me to spread the word.”
“Was this when people began to think you were crazy?”

The Complete Short Stories of Gary Troia: The complete stories from, Spanish Yarns and Beyond, A Bricklayer’s Tales and English Yarns and Beyond (The Complete Ray Dennis Series Book 3)

by Gary Troia

For the first time ever, this collection of short stories by Gary Troia brings together, in chronological order stories and memoirs from Spanish Yarns and Beyond, English Yarns and Beyond and A Bricklayer’s Tales into one complete volume.

“Excellent! A collection of short stories about depression, alcoholism and drug use. Very compelling reading. I read this short story collection all in one go.” (Maria, Goodreads.)

A Bricklayer’s Tales is the ultimate “I hate this job” story, written as a collection of short stories and memoirs, each one revealing a snapshot in the life of Ray. Troia captures the tedium of working in a low paid, menial job and living hand to mouth. This book of short stories is sad and questions the reader to ask questions about their own life. This book achieves clarity without trying.

Ray has three expensive hobbies: drinking, drugs, and running away. Without the income that Bricklaying provides, he would not be able to maintain his chosen lifestyle, so he compromises his principles and continues with his trade.

A collection of short stories and memoirs that include:

The Cuckoo’s Egg. Boyhood antics lead to tragedy.

My Grandfather’s Shed. The making of an English key

No Comb on the Cock. Gypsies, champion fighting cocks, and career choices.

What I Did In My Summer Holidays In 1000 Words. Could having an idea ever be considered a criminal act?

My Best Mate’s Head. Did a weekend of boozing save Ray from certain death?

The Shetland Isles. A trip to sunny Benidorm, a chance meeting with some Glaswegians, and a cold, miserable job in Lerwick.

Pointing a House in Islington. Too much alcohol and cocaine don’t mix well on building sites!

Angel Dust. The peculiar story of a man whose new life in America leads to conversations with Ancient Greek philosophers

Peyote. Hippies, LSD and an idyllic refuge

Return Ticket. Handcuffed and ready for deportation. A sad departure from the States

When I Joined a Cult. Sober dating as Ray discovers religion.

Bilbao. How very, very English!

Teaching Other People. The grass is always greener-the escape from bricklaying.

A Week in the Life of Ray Dennis. With the prospect of no money for food or alcohol this Christmas, Ray has to find work quickly.

Catania. A meeting with a Sicilian fox, some Neapolitans, and a man with a camel haired coat.

Advert In The Art Shop Window. Will a new building job in Spain be the start of a new life?

Gaudi. A flight to Barcelona for a kebab, and a look at the Sagrada Familia.

The Day My Soul Left Me. “To be or not to be? That is the question”

How Not to Travel to The Alhambra. Hung-over, the wrong fuel, the car breaks down. Will they ever make it to Granada?

The Road To Ronda. A terrifying drive to Ronda, was it worth it?

Poking A Carob Tree. A new home and new neighbours, just in time for Christmas.

Spain Reborn.No more commuting to London. Lets celebrate!

Home From Home. A parallel world where the Spanish have taken over Weymouth.

Three Common Carp.An epic battle with a whale and marlin it is not.

Mrs. McClintock. An absurd farce in which a Glaswegian couple retire to Spain

Steak, Egg and Intensive Care. A harmless dinner leads to hospitalisation.

The Unchangeable Chameleon. Can a leopard change it’s spots?

A Bricklayer’s Tale. The story of a disillusioned, alcoholic bricklayer

A collection short stories and memoirs of British dark humour.

Rest Stop Killer: A Collection of True Crime

by Natalie Marshall

A true crime anthology headlined by the gruesome crimes committed by Donald Leroy Evans.
Donald Leroy Evans was an American serial killer who allegedly killed over 15 people between 1970 and 1991 but confessed to over 60 murderersâ??mostly womenâ??at rest stops and parks throughout 20 U.S. states. He was arrested after leading police to the body of a homeless ten-year-old girl, Beatrice Routh, who he had kidnapped in Mississippi, taken to Louisiana where he raped and strangled her to death, and then dumped her body in a shallow grave back in Mississippi. Evans pled guilty to the offense and then to an additional 60 murders (some reports state that the number was 72); however, authorities could not find any evidence corroborating his claims and, later, Evans admitted it was a hoax.

Five Days a Millionaire

by Ruth Broucq

A self-reliant single mom in Germany finds herself in a tricky situation. Her ambivalent lover appears to have called it quits for good, and finances are running thin. Suddenly a chance to make her – and her daughter’s – life more secure appears in the form of a repugnant yet mystifying man who promises them the world.
An autobiographic erotic tale of passion, lust, greed, and kinship that questions our priorities in life and love. Can the mystery man keep to his promises? How far would you go to secure a fortune? And is what you get really worth waiting for?

MECHANIC LEIGH: Growing Up in the 1960s

by Eric Alagan

What if grandpa could tell you what it was like to grow up in the 1960s? Not as a middle-aged manâ??but as a boy of 14, 10 or even 6 years old. What will he say? How will he speak? What will be his reference points when devoid of all the worldly wise life experiences he had since uncovered? What if you could talk to him in the present day but with him having a foot back in timeâ??to his sepia days?

Memoirs are notorious for whitewashing and selective amnesia. What if you could hear grandpa’s stories as he was living life in the raw?

What challenges and inconveniences would he have faced in daily life? What hobbies would he have indulged in? What daily routines and chores he had to do – expected to do? What was school like? How did he handle his first crush with that girl in school?

What sort of person do you think he was, or would have been, in the raw unvarnished self? If you met him as a kid, would you want to be his friend?

Was he quiet and withdrawn? Precocious? Or a motor-mouth smart aleck?

Interestingly, the very first chapter in Mechanic Leigh is titled Smart Ah Leck. Check it out. You might discover something about your gramps. Perhaps even learn something about your dad or yourself.

Join mechanic Leigh, through his years from six, to ten, and fourteen. Depending on which of the three generations you fell in, see life through the eyes of your grandpa, your pa, or even yourself.

Welcome to the world of Mechanic Leigh.

A Liar and a Killer : The True Story of Sarah Dutra: A Collection of True Crime

by Tina Fox

A Collection of True Crime stories
When Sarah Dutra met Elisa McNabney, she had no idea she was embarking on a friendship that would ultimately change her life – and eventually come to an end with Sarah behind bars.

“She lays on the charm.”

The two women worked together at a law office owned by Elisa’s husband, Larry. Elisa had met Larry in 1995, when she first applied for a position at a firm he’d owned in Las Vegas. He was a courtroom star, having defended the perpetrators of two of Nevada’s most infamous crimes – a 1982 bombing extortion scheme at Harvey’s casino, and a 1989 drug conspiracy trial that lasted for 13 months…But how did a seemingly normal working relationship end with a woman with blood on her hands?

Cahiers de M̩moires: Marcel BOULOT (1926 Р2015) (French Edition)

by Philippe BOULOT

J’ai voulu éditer les Mémoires de mon Papa, rédigées sur des cahiers d’écolier, pour la famille et les amis

David G, Grade 3: tragicomic memoir of a reluctant atheist

by David Robert Loblaw

Fraught with anxiety, little David is troubled why Nuns wear wedding rings, why a confessed killer gets to go to Heaven, why Protestants are buried on the other side of the fence, why there are many half-souls in Limbo because of his spilled sperm.

A funny and sad memoir filled with a true cast of characters.

Chapter 17: First Confession Error

First Communion is a wonderful pageant of pomp and circumstance: the girls in their best pure-white dresses, complete with veils to show modesty; us boys in crisp white shirts, black pants, clip-on little bowties or regular ties.
I have never seen my class-mates in this light before. Everyone looks pretty sharp. We march alphabetically down the main aisle of the massive Little Flower Church â?? girls in one column, boys right beside. Everyone is looking at us, the stars of the show.
When the As to Fs receive Communion and start to leave, it is now time for us Gs to Ns to kneel in our designated, rehearsed spots at the chancel, hands in prayer as we await.
“Don’t chew the Eucharist,” I keep repeating to myselfâ??that’s a sinâ??just let it dissolve on the tongue naturally.
“Never ever touch it,” we are told.
“Touching the body of Christ with a finger will fill your mouth with blood, pouring out all of your blood, filling the entire church with blood and drowning all of your family and friends.”
I must not do this I tell myself. Mom would be so mad and sad if I do.
(The photo on the front cover of this book is taken soon after my First Communion ceremony. It is taken downstairs in the basement of Little Flower Church, with Sister Margaret holding me, my terrified eyes asking why my mom is giving me away.)

A short while after First Communion, our Catechism starts to prepare us for Confession, our third Catholic Sacrament (after Baptism and First Communion.) This is something that sounds exciting.
I am looking forward to finally going in one of Little Flower’s beautiful wood Confessionals. All I know of them is their outside, covered with intricate carvings. My sister tells me of their stuffy warmth when you close the door and are kneeling, waiting alone in the dark. You can hear murmurings but everything is thick-wood muffled. It is very peaceful, she says.
Suddenly, in the dark, you hear a panel slide open and the ritual of Confession begins. Yvette says it is a wonderful experience; therefore, it must be.
You start with: “In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. My last confession was [x] weeks ago. These are my sins.”
You then simply list your sins, starting with your mortal sins of murder, rape, incest, adultery, theft, and false witness, then continue on to your venial sins of swearing, telling white lies, not being nice to your mom.
The best part is, no matter what you confess, everything is erased for another week. All of your sins â?? poof! gone, totally forgiven. I bet the Protestants are kicking themselves for not inventing this.

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