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Linux: Installation, Configuration and Command Line Basics

by Nathan Clark

Learn How to Set Up and Configure Linux from Scratch!

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This book has been created to guide you through your very first steps in the Linux environment, whether you are a complete novice or need an in-depth refresher in Linux.

Linux has become one of the most popular open source programs in the world, with capabilities that rival the best paid operating systems on the market. Due to its high flexibility and stability, it is used for text processing, graphic design, desktop publishing, calculations, communication, and even interfaces for appliances. From movie making and engineering, to military and astronautics, Linux is used everywhere.

This book takes a detailed look at the Linux diversity and history, installing and configuring a Linux system, as well as the infamous command line. It also addresses specific topics such as choosing a distribution, adding a graphical user interface, package management, navigating the filesystem and directories, partitioning, software selection, and using the help system.

By the end of this book you will be able to set up and configure Linux from start to finish, and be able to use Linux at a proficient level.

What This Book Offers

Made for Beginners
This book was written with the intention of being used by those who have very little to no experience in the Linux environment. Because of this every concept, command and step is discussed in meticulous detail to ensure you are able to thoroughly understand and implement it on your own.

Complete Installation Guide
We take you step by step through setting up a Linux system from scratch, including screenshots for every step. This comprehensive installation guide also covers adding a Graphical User Interface, installing additional software, and choosing a terminal-based or graphical file manager.

Simplifying the Command Line
Terminals, shells and the command line are terms that make most newcomers to Linux run for the hills. We explain these concepts in detail, and then go even further by covering numerous essential terminal commands to help you deal with files and directories, text processing, users and groups, process management, networks, and the help system.

Key Topics

  1. What is Linux?
    • From UNIX to Linux
    • A Brief History of Linux
    • Linux Range of Use
    • Linux Certifications
  2. Software Licenses
  3. Linux in Day-to-Day Life
    • What is a Linux Distribution?
    • Which Linux Distributions Exist?
  4. Setting up a Linux System
    • Types of Installations
    • Installing Linux Step-by-Step
    • Adding a Graphical User Interface
    • Adding Additional Software
    • Exiting Linux
  5. Navigating Linux
    • The Filesystem Hierarchy Standard (FHS)
    • Commands for Directories
    • Terminal-based File Managers
    • Graphical File Managers
  6. Introduction to Linux Terminals
    • What is a Terminal?
    • What is a Shell?
    • Available Shells
  7. Essential Linux Commands
    • Files and Directories
    • Output and Text Processing
    • Users and Groups
    • Process Management
    • Network and System Information
  8. Getting Help
    • Man Pages
    • Info Pages
    • Integrated Help
    • External Help

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Programming for Beginners: 3 Books in 1- HTML+CSS+JavaScript (Basic Fundamental Guide for Beginners)

by MG Martin

So what’s the best way to get that knowledge? There are a lot of books about it. The problem with that is that a lot of books just waste your time. They either under explain things or they hold your hand far too much for you to really get anything. This book aims to break that paradigm.

3 Books in 1 HTML+CSS+JavaScript (Basic Fundamental Guide for Beginners)

HTML: Are you an HTML beginner interested in building your very own web page from scratch? Do you have some experience working with other languages but would like to branch out? No matter what your skill level, as long as you have a text editor and a browser you can learn the basics of HTML! With this book, you can get familiar with how HTML works, understand the basics of the markup language, and apply what you’ve learned to create a unique and fully customized web page.

Without HTML, using the internet would be a vastly different experience, so it’s no wonder that so many people opt to learn the markup language. Whether you decide to explore HTML as a hobby or for use in a more professional setting, you’ll soon gain a deep appreciation for the language and its applications.

CSS: Do you have some experience building sites with basic HTML but want to take your projects to the next level? No matter what your previous experience is, as long as you have a browser and a simple text editor you can learn the basics of CSS! With this book, you can familiarize yourself with how CSS works, learn how to efficiently work with CSS selectors, and apply what you’ve learned to create beautifully styled simple web pages.

JAVASCRIPT: So, you want to learn JavaScript. It makes sense – it’s an extremely popular language that’s used in most web applications. JavaScript is one of the best possible things you can learn in the age of the modern internet, and you’re inevitably going to end up using the knowledge constantly.

So pick up your copy with this Powerful 3 books in 1 Programming for Beginners and start building your confidence, skills and begin your journey to master the concepts of Programming.

The Illusuion of Defence

by William Blake

These days, you may not like to protect what is important to you with a padlock. Over the past 50 years, we have come up with many cunning ways of protection; from passwords to cryptographic keys, but the principle remains the same – if there is a lock, then it can be cracked.
You can create as many security systems as you want, but as long as people are involved in it, there is always room for hacking.

Free Video Editor Software Untuk Windows, Mac Dan Linux Edisi Bahasa Inggris

by Cyber Jannah Studio

Daftar lengkap koleksi free dan opensource software video editor yang tersedia untuk system operasi Windows, Ubuntu Linux dan Mac. Untuk kalangan pelajar, mahasiswa, youtube creator, animator dan pembuat film indie.

The complete list free and opensource video editor software available on Windows, Ubuntu Linux, BSD & Macintosh for college student, youtube creator and indie movie maker.

Ideas for Beginner Internet Marketers: Using Online Business Ideas Like Clickbank Marketing, Amazon Affiliate, Facebook Advertising & Shopify Instagram Influencer Marketing to Make Money from Home

by Keith Gene

Prepare yourself with the coming financial collapse.

Start taking control of your own destiny and never rely on anybody to give you financial stability.
I understand that this may sound like “doom and gloom,” but it’s better to be prepared than to risk your family’s financial capability in the future. Start your own internet business today… no experience or expertise required.

Here’s a preview of what you’ll uncover in this bundle:

Clickbank YouTube Academy
– How to know what products are going to make money from the start
– How to know in less than 1 minute if a product will be a dud
– The 5 point criteria that ALMOST guarantee a best-selling product to sell through YouTube reviews
– How to create your own video review from start to finish
– Example of slides I use for my own product review
– An example of product review to copy
– The only tools you need to create a video review.. hint: it’s free
– How to optimize your YouTube video for maximum SEO rankings on Google and YouTube
– How to rank faster without putting any more work yourself
– What 3 SEO services to buy for you to get results in 1 week or less

YouTube Amazon Program
– The best categories to target for Amazon affiliate marketing
– The type of products that will most likely sell on YouTube
– The exact tools you need for your reviews
– How to choose a proper title for your video
– How to create a video review without buying the product yourself
– Examples of scripts to say on your video! (this is gold!)
– This one little thing that you can do to get “bonus” sales from products you aren’t even promoting
– The criteria that will increase your chances of only selling awesome products
– How to properly upload your video with YouTube SEO in mind
– How to boost your video rankings in 1-3 weeks…sometimes, even 48 hours or less!
– What to do after creating your first review to guarantee that you’ll increase profits fast!

Facebook Advertising Shopify
– The art of searching for products that will most likely sell on Shopify
– The exact 5 point criteria to follow when searching for a product to sell
– How to choose a proper store name for your ecommerce business
– The right set up to follow for your Shopify store
– A real example of a Sales Listing that works!
– The “one little thing” that you should never forget to do… or you’re pretty much doomed from the start.
– How to set up a sales listing from start to finish
– Why the ad testing phase is one of the most important steps in runnung advertisements on FB
– How to properly target your customers on Facebook
– The art of testing ads for as low as $5-$10 per day
– How to create your ad and adsets from start to finish
– Example of an ad that works…hint: it’s ugly!
– 3 evaluation methods that will make decision making easy when it comes to running or cutting ads
– What to do after the testing phase and how to grow from “extra income” to life changing money

Shopify Instagram Without Advertising
– How to find a niche that will make you lots of money
– What to do next after finding your best niche
– How to research products that are proven money makers
– How to create a Shopify store from complete scratch
– The one store settings that you should never forget to check… or you won’t get any visitors at all on your website!
– Step by step instructions on how to create a product listing that converts
– How to never worry about new content ever again
– How to reach out to other users so you can re-use their photo
– The 7 things to consider (and put on your post) when posting a new content
– Why the HASHTAGS are the most important tool in growing your Instafollowers
– How to sell your products without being “salesy” or annoying…

If you’re ready to take action and take control of your own destiny, then this is for you.

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How To Make Money Online – A Guide To Success – Part I: Affiliate Marketing and Google AdSense

by Fortune Publisher

This is the first part of the upcoming series of HOW TO MAKE MONEY ONLINE.

This is a guide for those who want to EARN INCOME ONLINE RIGHT FROM THEIR HOMES. The guide includes all the
information on MAKING MONEY ONLINE.

If you are looking to earn some extra money then this is what you need. If you are a STUDENT, HOMEMAKER, UNEMPLOYED, WORKING, RETIRED, or maybe just have some ideal time then this is what you need.

This guide includes all the information you require on:
-Affiliate Marketing
-Google AdSense
It provides all the information on hoe to get started with tips and tricks. Also it states the mistakes made by beginners and how you can avoid them to start earning money right away. It also gives you an insight how how much can you earn.

This is a guide to make money and is completely LEGITIMATE. NO FRAUD and NO SCAM.

This is the first part of the upcoming series which will feature more platforms where you can start earning right away.

So if you can not wait to START MAKING SOME MONEY just buy and all the information you need will be right in front of you.

Pinterest Advertising: Discover the Fastest, Cheapest, Easiest Way Get started with Pintrest: Pinterest Guide, Pinterest for Business,Pinterest Marketing, … Tutorial, Social Media Marketing) Book 1)

by Brian Cliette

Finally Revealed.. Pinterest Advertising The Amazing insider Secrets of Making Money on Pintrest for Beginners.

Today only, get this Amazon bestseller for just $9.99. Regularly priced at $14.99. Read on your PC, Mac, smart phone, tablet or Kindle device.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll LearnPinterest Advertising …

Are you constantly on the boards posting to Pinterest as pinning and repinning your favorite guilty pleasure or your newest addiction? If you find yourself constantly on Pinterest dreaming about everything from houses to shoes and ultimate vacations, then why not simultaneously improve the advertising possibilities for your business! The “putting a financial pain in your interests.” Course will teach you everything you need to know to successfully use Pinterest either as the beginnings of an online affiliate marketing business or to improve the advertising, marketing and sales of an existing business Pinterest has become one of the most popular sites on the Internet, particularly with the female demographic. So why not put the popularity of “pinning” to work for your business. You won’t be disappointed with the results. Pinterest Advertising

What you will learn:
1) You will learn how to successfully set up a Pinterest business account or convert your personal account to a business account.
2) You will learn how to choose the best images for your posts that will be most attractive to your given market demographic.
3) You will learn how to write posts that will stimulate conversations and increase traffic to your website or storefront within your given market niche.
4) You will learn how to avoid the most common yet crucial mistakes made by individuals new to Pinterest.
5) You will learn how to construct one of the most effective Pinterest business plans.
6) You will learn to understand the importance of copyrights and how to avoid an unwanted legal battle.
7) You will learn the proper etiquette for “pinning” and “repinning”. Pinterest Advertising
8) You will learn how to extend the life of your advertising images campaign and so much moreâ?¦

Who this class is for: this class is designed for anyone 18 years of age (or with parents’ permission), whether they are a college student and entrepreneur. An existing business owner or a new entry into the world of online business, whether they wish to make a full-time or part-time income from Pinterest alone or in combination with another business.

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