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We See No Evil (The Cornelius Saga Book 4)

by Tanya R. Taylor

Terrifying family secrets that lead to murder!

Clyde was now standing a little more than a foot away from him and wondered why the boy didn’t look quite likeâ?¦ the boy.

** Another exciting adventure in this best-selling series! EACH BOOK CAN STAND ALONE. **

Mira and Rosie Cullen can’t help but attract the undead, but in this spooky tale, a mere black-out can mean the difference between life and death. Will the Cullens be doomed or will Mira and Rosie uncover the harrowing mystery just in time?

If you’ve read all three books in the Cornelius saga:


You are going to love ‘We See No Evil’!

The Cornelius Saga:.

Book One: Cornelius
Book Two: Cornelius’ Revenge (currently free)
Book Three: CARA
Book Four: We See No Evil
Book Five: THE CONTRACT: Murder In The Bahamas
Book Six: The Lost Children of Atlantis
Book Seven: Death of an Angel
Book Eight: The Groundskeeper (Out now!)
Book Nine: CARA: The Beginning (Coming soon!)

A Magical Reckoning: Five Stories of Supernatural Betrayal (Magic and Mischief Book 1)

by N. R. Hairston

Five stories of supernatural betrayal.
Including five kick-ass women.
With five unique powers
On five different worlds. By Any Other Name
Rye must risk her life to save her best friend and fellow Scope agent from the drug runner bent on draining him of valuable skunk oil. Having skunk DNA herself, she’ll do anything to shut down the illegal operation and get her friend back, but putting her trust in a stranger may lead to an unexpected tryst, as well as the ultimate betrayal.

I Was Asked to Kill Him
Delia is a pacifist who never wanted to kill her boyfriend, Greg. In a world full of powerful beings, she only wants to stay under the radar. She paid her debt to society and only wants to get back to a quiet life – but Greg isn’t finished with her yet.

Pear Town Ruckus
A game of Spades is all that stand between telekinetic Leah and paying her rent this month. When fellow card player, Xavier offers to be her partner, she’s delighted, that is until she finds herself fighting for her life in Pear Town, a place even cops dare not enter.

Belle of the Ball
All Kerry wants is to go home. Swept away from her hopeless existence into a life of strange luxury in an alternate universe, Kerry isn’t convinced her luck has changed. As she discovers the ugly truth buried under the world of opulence and indulgence, she also discovers that she may not be as helpless as she thought, which is good, because what they have planned for her is a fate worse than death.

A Gathering of Succubi
In a race against the clock, Kia only has twenty-four hours to discover which of her fellow Succubi is killing humans. All supernatural beings are under the rule of the powerful First Families, who have laid down their mandate – find the killer, or all Succubi will suffer the consequences.
This book contains side characters that are m/m, please don’t read if that’s not your thing.            

Grave Encounters (Lincoln County Medical Examiner Series Book 1)

by Emily Stone

Luke returned to his hometown after learning of his grandmother’s death. Not much has changed in the town of Chandler Oklahoma since his departure to college ten years ago. While home, he is asked to assist in a murder investigation where he will put his medical examiner training and some some new found skills to the test. The clock is ticking and the murderer must be found. He pieces together the circumstances of the murder with the help of an unlikely source, the victim.

The Royal Wedding from Hell

by Richard Barnes

Relive the Royal Wedding of Kate and Wills, but this time, with demons, swordfights and car chases. All of the romance, all of the pageantry, all of the flesh hungry beasts of the abyss. Join Kate, Wills, Harry and Pippa as they take on ancient forces of darkness, hordes of monsters and a plethora of possessed celebrities. It’s the Royal Wedding from Hell!

The Dare

by Drac Von Stoller

Brian, Susan and Tim liked to get together on Friday the 13th and play the Dare game at a cemetery that dates back to the nineteenth century in the woods behind Tim’s house. But, when they got together this coming Friday the 13th which was only two days away, their game was about to take a fatal turn for them all.

The Edge of Death

by Drac Von Stoller

It was the summer of ’72 and Jason Helsing was born into a world that was supposed to embrace him, but only left him alone on this big planet to figure things out on his own.

After his birth Jason was whisked off to foster home after foster home without knowing what it was like to be brought up in a happy home. Jason had been teased all through his school years about how slow he was, and couldn’t keep up with the other classmates on any subject he took. Jason didn’t have nice clothes like other students had. All he wanted was to be accepted, but all he got was heartaches

As the years peeled away, and Jason became more resentful towards his classmates, and his foster parents, the anger that was bottled up inside was about to explode, and the classmates that tormented him all those years were about to have their innocence destroyed by the hands of someone that just wanted to be loved, but instead got his heart crushed.

One night when Jason was lying in his bed trying to get a good night’s sleep he started having flashbacks when one of his foster father’s was choking his wife, but didn’t kill her. When Jason entered their room he asked what was going on and his foster father said, “Come in boy and watch a real man in action.”

All Jason wanted to do was run and hide, but his foster father grabbed him by the arm, and told him to place his hands around her neck, and squeeze. Jason was scared, but knew if he didn’t do what his foster father told him to do, he would be beaten.

So as her tears poured out from her sad frightened eyes, Jason turned his head, and squeezed, and squeezed. Then his foster father said, “Don’t be scared it’s only a game, turn and look at her.”

She removed Jason’s hands from her neck and laughed. Jason said, “I don’t find that very funny.”

His foster father slapped him in the back of the head and said, “Why don’t you go play?”

Jason ran out of the room confused at what just happened.

Fright Feast I

by Brian James Lane

You find yourself wandering down a cobblestone street in an unknown village, lined with shops of all sorts and styles. It would be quaint and inviting were it not for the fact that there are no people on the walkway and a storm brews on the horizon. Nobody is outside, and you wonder why. Perhaps the threatening weather is keeping everyone inside. A lonely wind moans forebodingly, blowing newspaper and other debris through the empty streets as the storm approaches. This is a strange place, you think. Why would you come here? In fact, you can’t even recall how you arrived or exactly where “here” is. Then it hits you – this must be a dream.

In the dream, you’ve noticed that you’re hungry and must address that incessant grumbling in your stomach. Someplace that serves food. Ahh, then you notice it. A neon sign in the window of a shop. It flashes on an off in a deep ruby red, illuminating the sidewalk in front of the shop in a rhythmic fashion. It beckons you. “Pizza”, the sign proclaims. Lunch, you consider.

You stumble into the bizarre pizza parlor, grateful to be out of the coming storm. The interior is dark and creepy in both atmosphere and clientele. Here, there are people, but not the sort you would want to associate with under normal circumstance. This is anything but normal. You try not to make eye contact with anyone, for fear of instigating any hostility. Instead, you focus on the surroundings with your head down and decide where to go. Some of the patrons aren’t even human. To your left, you notice what can only be described as a monster devouring a slice of pizza crawling with maggots. To your right, a one-eyed waitress serves a pie swarming with cockroaches to a man whose head smiles from the seat next to his body. All around you are inconceivable and horrific sites. This isn’t a dream, you realize, it’s a nightmare!

You see an empty place in the corner; it offers relative isolation from the other patrons. A plastic checkerboard tablecloth covers a round table, with an old Chianti bottle serving as a candlestick holder. From it, wax coats the glass surface in frozen rippling waves. You take a seat in an old aluminum and vinyl covered chair. The soft glow of the candlelight reveals eerie lunch specials. Thirteen toppings of terror come standard with the cheesy delight, including stories of:

– A memorial statue of a Civil War Colonel comes alive to seek revenge

– A baby is born with a strange disfigurement resembling a wolf each time the Canis Major constellation rises in the night sky

– An ancient order of monks guards a secret, which must be fed live prey.

It looks like your meal is going to be a feast of frights. You shiver as you reluctantly give the one-eyed waitress your order. “Bon Appétit!” she says with a mouthful of razor sharp teeth.

Instafrights: Short horror stories for the busy gentle(wo)man

by John Loc

What scares you the most?

Is it the things that go bump in the night? The evil hiding behind a façade of respectability? Or perhaps existential despair?

No matter what makes your skin crawl, John Loc has you covered.

Instafrights brings to you some of John Loc’s best short stories, all in a rigorously non-linear order and written in the haunting, unnerving style that has made him a hit on social media.

Pick a title, step back from the daily grind for a minute, and get ready to immerse yourself in a universe where serial killers compare notes over margaritas, the call of the Abyss is very real, and evil spirits love to toy with their victims.

Prepare to be Instafrightened.

Screams of Steel (The Cacophony Blade Book 1)

by Mike Stagg

A magic sword with a terrible price unleashes chaos in an honorable man’s life.

Torant has spent his life as a Stone Warden upholding the law. After being warned by a legendary sorceress, Torant must take down a mad bandit lord who wields a fearsome greatsword. When the sword falls into Torant’s hands, he learns it’s secret – the sword gives him the strength of the last person it killed at the cost of hearing that person’s soul. Now magically bound to the sword, Torant finds himself trying to thwart a plot against him while an angry soul whispers and screams in a voice that only he can hear. As his honorable life unravels, Torant fights to keep his oath, his sanity, and his life.

Screams of Steel is a Cacophony Blade Novel, the first in a series of stand-alone, sword and sorcery adventures that follow Torant, his friend Laden, and the Cacophony Blade. Dive into a world of fast-paced tales of magic, steel, and monsters in the tradition of Leiber and Moorcock.

The Forest: Part One

by Lou Yardley

If you go down to the woods today, you’re in for a big surprise.

Georgia is spending a summer’s afternoon looking after her younger brother, Oliver. At twelve-years-old, she believes that she is an adult. Or, almost an adult at the very least. But, despite her desire to grow up, Oliver convinces her to play their favourite game. A game called the Dragon Game.

The game takes a bizarre twist when something calls them from the forest that backs onto their garden. Daring each other, the siblings enter forest only to find that it’s not a normal forest at all. This is a place where dreams and nightmares are made.

A place they may never escapeâ?¦

Interview with the Author:

Q – What’s the idea behind “The Forest”?

I recently decided to write and publish a series of short stories and novellas called “Horror Bites”. “The Forest” (Parts One and Two) is part of this collection. The idea is that these are stories that can be devoured in one sitting.

As for the story itself, I wanted to write a sometimes creepy, sometimes gory, but always entertaining story of childhood innocence combined with things that go bump in the night.

Q – Will I have to wait ages for Part Two?

No, not at all! Part Two will be unleashed almost immediately.

Q – Why should readers give these stories a go?

I hope that “The Forest” will mesmerise and entertain, as well conjure memories of movies from the 80s. It’s a twisted fairytale. Readers can enjoy this story in one sitting with their favourite beverage (I’m rather partial to a cup of coffee).

Once Upon a Haunting

by Gena Tuttle

Kelley Pederson, a brash newspaper reporter, is about to have her life turned upside down when she begins to suffer nightmares, waking to find physical evidence that her body seems to be borrowed while she sleeps. Haley begins to question her sanity as she begins to have visions of her long dead mother calling her. Diane Taylor had been Kelley’s best friend since college, as well as on again off again room mate. Diane begins to worry about Kelley’s sanity, after all, it did run in the family. The lawyer instinct in Diane leads her to find more than she bargains for when she too see’s the ghost. Kelley and Diane are not looking for Prince Charming, but he may be enlisted to help these steadfast friends storm the citadel. This is a tale of possession, vengeful spirits, and true human victory. Hold on tight as you scroll through Once Upon A haunting.

Call of the Exiles (Book 1 – Fable of the Whispering Coast)

by Glynn James

Fans of Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead will love this new grimdark series from acclaimed author Glynn James!

The apocalypse has already begun.

Sir Roth Harlan is jaded by the questionable choices of his lord, and he’s about to make a discovery that threatens the safety of everyone in the occupied lands. Everything he has ever known is at stake, and Roth will discover that protecting humanity comes with a price.

Maera has her own lord to deal with, but he is the least of her problems. When she is attacked in her own study by something that simply is not there, her life becomes a race against time to discover the truth.

Nyl is unknowingly on the very front line of a war that has been coming for centuries. A prisoner in one of the deepest mines, he witnesses his fellow penance miners altered by an unknown entity, and soon finds himself running for his life from the very men he worked with.

Three young orphan girls, each with their own troubled lives and each with their own paths to follow, find themselves dragged into the middle of a conflict that will decide the fate of every living thing. Can they overcome the weaknesses of childhood to face it, when their choices could decide the fates of so many?

Buy now for a enthralling grimdark fantasy filled with unforgettable characters and ancient, forgotten evil!

Chaos does not sleep for long, nor does it forget.
It whispers from places forgotten and calls to those who wander alone.
A war is coming, and unless it can be stopped it will be the very last war.
But how do you stop a war when the enemy cannot be found?

Hunter, Hunted: Hunter, Hunted: A Tale of Terror

by Antonio Simon Jr.

A reality TV production crew gets the scare of their lives when their latest subject comes on looking for revenge. Featured in the collection: Tarot of Hate.

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