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Little Women

by Louisa May Alcott

Little Women or, Meg, Jo, Beth and Amy is a novel by American author Louisa May Alcott (1832-1888). Written and published in two parts in 1868 and 1869, the novel follows the lives of four sisters â?? Meg, Jo, Beth and Amy March â?? and is loosely based on the author’s childhood experiences with her three sisters. The first part of the book was an immediate commercial and critical success and prompted the composition of the book’s second part, also a huge success. Both parts were first published as a single volume in 1880. The book is an unquestioned American classic.

Fun & Easy DIY Jewelry: For Children & Beginners (Fun & Easy Jewelry Book 1)

by Denise McLachlan

Do you have children or grandchildren that are creative, who like making things? Then this is the book for you. Inside you will find jewelry projects for children starting at age 8 and going up to adult who are just learning to make jewelry.

This book will inspire creativity, teach skills that will last a lifetime and will encourage following directions. The projects can be used as an activity that adults can do with children. They can also be a fun party activity for older children, or for a girls night out.

The activities range from very easy to intermediate. Where very easy is tying knots and cutting or gluing; intermediate activities involve opening jump rings, crimping or tying macrame’ knots. For younger children adult supervision is needed.

Beginners learning the skills in this book can quickly move on to more complicated tasks and additional books in this series will teach skills necessary to expand jewelry making abilities.

Most of all this book is about having fun while doing a hobby that will help make a piece of jewelry that you can be proud of.

The Day Off: A Family Vacation (The Different Days Book 1)

by Prakhar Trikha

Once there was a family. There were four kids, the eldest two were named Ravish and Avteg. Ravish was 7 years and Avteg was 6 years old, they were always excited to learn new things…..

Don’t forget the 3 year old toddler twins, Fiddle and Sette, they were small but very mischievous. For everything they asked so many questions

Their father takes them to a day trip on a day Off. See what happens in a family on their vacation, and how they enjoy life, from the eye of the author.

The Author of this book Prakhar Trikha is 7 year old, he loves to hear & tell stories. He also loves to travel, do science experiments & make fun videos for his youtube channel “Praky’s World”.

This Book is Haunted

by Haven Dexter

In the vein of The Monster at the End of this Book, this spooky tale uses humor to invite young readers to brave the haunted pages within.
Once you start reading, it’s too late, you’ve been haunted! Luckily a friendly ghost will guide you through the ins and outs of your new haunted life. Turns out it’s not so bad! Just make sure you watch out for the infamous dog-man!
Charming illustrations and conversational text make This Book is Haunted the perfect read-aloud for the Halloween season or for any dark and stormy night!

Justice Dogs: Odin And The Warriors

by Jane Waters

Available on Kindle Unlimited! When a meteor strikes a dog park in New York, a pack of dogs gain superpowers. Cooper is a husky who can manipulate ice, Max is a golden retriever who can manipulate fire, Angel is a golden retriever who can summon legendary creatures, Rocky is a pit bull who can duplicate himself and Jodi is a Chihuahua who can shape-shift. When a powerful super dog named Odin attacks the city with his team called ‘The warriors’ in pursuit of his own crazy agenda, Justice Dogs must try to stop him. Will these superheroes be able to save their city?

Slayers: The Dragon Lords

by C.J. Hill

A spy’s life is never safe.

Tori knew that sending Aaron to Overdrake to act as a mole would have its risks. Overdrake might find out the truth about Aaron’s intentionsâ??or even worse, convince Aaron that his revolution is necessary.

The rest of the Slayers are less than enthusiastic about Tori and Aaron’s decision. If Aaron switches sides, they’ll have to contend with three dragons during an attackâ??odds that will certainly doom them. Tori, however, is positive they can trust Aaron. Trusting Dirk is another matter. He’s still convinced that if he shows Tori what dragons are truly like, he’ll trigger her dragon lord side. And he’s not wrong.

Tori knows that learning how to control dragons may be the key to saving her friends, but the more time she spends with them, the more she wants to save them, not kill them. When the next face-off comes, choosing sides isn’t as easy as it used to be.

Dirigible (STEAMPUNK PANGAEA Book 2)

by MJ Crossnether


Part 2 of The Epic “Steampunk Pangaea” Series

Book 2 “Dirigible” is a steampunk science fiction novel filled with action and adventure!

in this sequel, Derrick Freeman encountered a secret society whose goal is to discover new technologies and enhance the lives of the people who live in New Rodinia.
Much to Derrick’s chagrin, he discovers that the wormhole pulled him so far back into Earth’s history that the continents had not yet separated, and still existed as the super-continent named Pangaea. In this Pre-Cambrian era of the world he knew, exists a pre-human civilization never discovered back in his own time.
The land of New Rodinia is rocked by frequent seismic activity as the Earth continues to form and reform.

Read about the adventure that will possibly change the course of the future of mankind.

The path to truth is full of surprises, a guaranty that will make you read on!

Ready for an adventure?

Grab your copy right now!

LARA`S STORY part 3: Astounding Testimony of Demonic Gangstalking, Freemasonic Curses, + Spiritual Warfare (Part 3)

by Meegs B

My friend Lara is a Targeted Individual and has been suffering extreme harassment, spiritual attacks, and targeting since the early 1990’s. She believes she has been targeted for most of her life but the overt targeting didn’t begin until after she got married.
Lara’s grandfather was a member of the Shriners, which is a higher level subgroup of Freemasonry. She believes she may possibly have been recruited into a targeting/MKUltra type program since childhood, and she has spots in her memory that are missing from her childhood–specifically times she spent with her grandfather. She has marks on her body that she can’t explain. In her own words:

“On my left hip are what appears to be numbers and a signature of a name that were imprinted on my skin somehow, though I have no memory of this ever happening. Also, on my right hip is a small black heart. I’ve never attempted to get tattoos of any kind in my life. I have no idea when I got these either, since I just noticed them recently. I suspect that I got them shortly after birth.”

She believes her overt gangstalking harassment began shortly after she married her husband, possibly as a punishment for not marrying someone with the ‘correct’ bloodline. Lara’s bloodline goes back to Prussian royalty, and within Satanic/Illuminati bloodlines, keeping the blood ‘pure’ is very important to these groups. There are deliverance ministries devoted to breaking generational curses of families involved in Freemasonry as well. When one family member takes a blood oath or a vow of allegiance to Freemasonry or the god of Freemasonry (which for the Shriners is Allah, and over Allah would be Lucifer himself, talked about openly in Freemasonic literature as the god who is worshipped above all others), we know there are contracts formed that affect every generation after the family member that took the vow to Freemasonry. Unless you break these curses with spiritual warfare and the blood of Jesus, they will continue to apply to each consecutive generation down the family line.

In her targeting, Lara has experienced workplace mobbing, gangstalking harassment on the street and outside her home wherever she has lived, possible radiation weapons (microwave/directed energy weapons being used on her to cause burning and hair falling out even with younger family members that are living with her), radiation burns to her cat’s ears and body, break-ins to her house/manipulation of objects in her house that shouldn’t have been possible, bizarre behavior of insects and rapidly growing infestations of insects in her house seemingly from out of nowhere, noise campaigns from neighbors and loud banging on her walls, directed conversation/negative behavior directed at her from neighbors, strange behavior/’shunning’ from friends, smear campaigns, poisons/chemicals being put in certain rooms in her house, and possible witchcraft against her from neighbors involved in Santeria.

Both Lara and her family have been through a seemingly endless amount of unwarranted harassment and abuse of a Satanic/Freemasonic nature. I will leave some links below of testimony that will support what Lara is saying for those of you who may not be so familiar with the spiritual warfare element of gangstalking. The spiritual element is a HUGE part of this phenomenon, and to overlook this aspect of targeting is to turn a blind eye to a big part of how gangstalking operates.

Even through so much adversity, Lara has been able to come out victorious through it all by the grace of God. She has a strong relationship with Jesus Christ and has been able to release the incredible fear that targeting is meant to cause victims. She believes the answer for anyone going though similar experiences to her should try to establish a relationship with Jesus Christ, and to put all faith in Him.
Proverbs 30:5: “Every word of God is tested; He is a shield to those who take refuge in Him.”

Grimms Märchen (Komplette Sammlung – 200+ Märchen): Rapunzel, Hänsel und Gretel, Aschenputtel, Dornröschen, Schneewittchen, (German Edition)

by Brüder Grimm


Der Froschkönig oder der eiserne Heinrich
Katze und Maus in Gesellschaft
Von einem, der auszog, das Fürchten zu lernen
Der Wolf und die sieben jungen GeiÃ?lein
Der treue Johannes
Der gute Handel
Der wunderliche Spielmann
Die zwölf Brüder
Das Lumpengesindel
Brüderchen und Schwesterchen
Die drei Männlein im Walde
Die drei Spinnerinnen
Hänsel und Gretel
Die drei Schlangenblätter
Die weiÃ?e Schlange
Strohhalm, Kohle und Bohne
Von dem Fischer und seiner Frau
Das tapfere Schneiderlein
Das Rätsel
Von dem Mäuschen, Vögelchen und der Bratwurst
Frau Holle
Die sieben Raben
Die Bremer Stadtmusikanten
Der singende Knochen
Der Teufel mit den drei goldenen Haaren
Läuschen und Flöhchen
Das Mädchen ohne Hände
Der gescheite Hans
Die drei Sprachen
Die kluge Else
Der Schneider im Himmel
Tischchen deck dich, Goldesel und Knüppel aus dem Sack
Die Hochzeit der Frau Füchsin
Die Wichtelmänner
Der Räuberbräutigam
Herr Korbes
Der Herr Gevatter
Frau Trude
Der Gevatter Tod
Daumerlings Wanderschaft
Fitchers Vogel
Von dem Machandelboom
Der alte Sultan
Die sechs Schwäne
König Drosselbart
Der Ranzen, das Hütlein und das Hörnlein
Der liebste Roland
Der goldene Vogel
Der Hund und der Sperling
Der Frieder und das Katherlieschen
Die zwei Brüder
Das Bürle
Die Bienenkönigin
Die drei Federn
Die goldene Gans
Die zwölf Jäger
Der Gaudieb und sein Meister
Jorinde und Joringel
Die drei Glückskinder
Sechse kommen durch die ganze Welt
Der Wolf und der Mensch
Der Wolf und der Fuchs
Der Fuchs und die Frau Gevatterin
Der Fuchs und die Katze
Die Nelke
Das kluge Gretel
Der alte GroÃ?vater und der Enkel
Die Wassernixe
Von dem Tode des Hühnchens
Bruder Lustig
Der Spielhansl
Hans im Glück
Hans heiratet
Die Goldkinder
Der Fuchs und die Gänse
Der Arme und der Reiche
Das singende, springende Löweneckerchen
Die Gänsemagd
Der junge Riese
Das Erdmännchen
Der König vom goldenen Berg
Die Rabe
Die kluge Bauerntochter
Der alte Hildebrand
Die drei Vögelchen
Das Wasser des Lebens
Doktor Allwissend
Der Geist im Glas
Des Teufels ruÃ?iger Bruder
Der Bärenhäuter
Der Zaunkönig und der Bär
Der sü�e Brei
Die klugen Leute
Märchen von der Unke
Der arme Müllerbursch und das Kätzchen
Die beiden Wanderer
Hans mein Igel
Das Totenhemdchen
Der Jude im Dorn
Der gelernte Jäger
Der Dreschflegel vom Himmel
Die beiden Königskinder
Vom klugen Schneiderlein
Die klare Sonne bringts an den Tag
Das blaue Licht
Das eigensinnige Kind
Die drei Feldscherer
Die sieben Schwaben
Die drei Handwerksburschen
Der Königssohn, der sich vor nichts fürchtet
Der Krautesel
Die Alte im Wald
Die drei Brüder
Der Teufel und seine GroÃ?mutter
Ferdinand getreu und Ferdinand ungetreu
Der Eisenofen
Die faule Spinnerin
Die vier kunstreichen Brüder
Einäuglein, Zweiäuglein und Dreiäuglein
Die schöne Katrinelje und Pif Paf Poltrie
Der Fuchs und das Pferd
Die zertanzten Schuhe
Die sechs Diener
Die weiÃ?e und die schwarze Braut
Der Eisenhans
Die drei schwarzen Prinzessinnen
Knoist und seine drei Söhne
Das Mädchen von Brakel
Das Hausgesinde
Das Lämmchen und Fischchen
Auf Reisen gehen
Das Eselein
Der undankbare Sohn
Die Rübe
Das junggeglühte Männlein
Des Herrn und des Teufels Getier
Der Hahnenbalken
Die alte Bettelfrau
Die drei Faulen
Die zwölf faulen Knechte
Das Hirtenbüblein
Die Sterntaler
Der gestohlene Heller
Die Brautschau
Die Schlickerlinge
Der Sperling und seine vier Kinder
Das Märchen vom Schlaraffenland
Das Dietmarsische Lügenmärchen
SchneeweiÃ?chen und Rosenrot
Der kluge Knecht
Der gläserne Sarg
Der faule Heinz
Der Vogel Greif
Der starke Hans
Das Bürle im Himmel
Die hagere Liese
Das Waldhaus

How to Draw Unicorns Step-by-Step: Easy Drawing Lessons for Kids to Learn to Draw Unicorns in Cartoon Style

by Roy Lichter

So, why learn to draw? Drawing is arguably as important and essential a skill as learning literacy and mathematics. When a child learns to draw, they are encouraged to do two things. The first is to look at the world around them – they begin to understand the connections between color and shape, form and perspective, dimensions and relations.

The second is to look within themselves. Once a child learns how to draw, they are able to express themselves in a unique and fascinating way. Every individual has a very different imagination and a particular creative process, even from a young age – however they need a way to vent this imagination and creativity. Learning to draw is the perfect way to do this.

Moreover, the better your child becomes at a skill like drawing, the more easily they will be able to express themselves. That is why this book is the perfect guide to the techniques needed in the earliest stages of drawing. Not only will it teach them the basics but more importantly they will have fun whilst they are learning.

In no time at all you are sure to see your child’s ability go from strength to strength, which will be an incredibly rewarding process for them but also for you!



Agafar looked at the sky and suddenly the dark skies were now painted with veins and arteries of lightning and thunder. The rumbles in the sky paved way for the sudden downpours of rain. It was raining heavily. Agafar was now sure that no fiery arrows could be shot. He gave the signal and the 20 feet wall was suddenly dissembled and each soldier took their former position.
Kilvain gave the signal and suddenly they surrounded the Agalian soldiers who had now formed a perfect circle with their shields. The first lane was 15 feet and the second row was ten feet high. The Breagosian was now around them as Kilvain ordered. Agafar was in the exact centre of the soldiers who encircled him. Kilvain enjoyed every bit of the sight. What could five thousand men do against over two hundred thousand men? He gave the order and suddenly the whole his whole army surged in to a sudden attack. The foot soldiers pushed the spear through the shield, piercing them after, after and after. When they saw that they were been slaughtered, Kilvain yelled another order and suddenly there were huge balls of fire howled up in the skies by machines. There were over twenty of them in the sky. Agafar knew that if the balls were to land, it will totally demolish them. He jumped up over seventy feet high and suddenly it seemed that time had stopped. He pulled out his lightning spear from behind him and suddenly there we’re serial and serious bolts of lightning. They stroke Agafar and his spear and he seemed to just close his eyes and enjoyed the lightning strikes. Suddenly he was eclipsed in a globe of lightening, which with a bang is absolved into him. Time seemed to have kicked off again but was very slow. Everything was now in slow motion. He fluttered to the first ball, slicing it into tiny bits within few seconds. He swerved towards the second one and punches it and it exploded. In no time he had dissolved the 20 fiery balls.

LARA`S STORY part 4: Chilling Account of Gangstalking Within A Baptist Church– Lara’s Story (Part 4)

by Meegs B

This is part 4 of Lara’s Testimony covering the gangstalking harassment within a Masonic infiltrated Baptist church she attended that happened to be across the street from a Masonic Temple.
It is well known that Freemasons will infiltrate Christian churches and use them as fronts to operate out of. Please listen to Lara’s story and be knowledgeable about the signs to look out for of a church that has been infiltrated in this manner.

Santa and the Blue Teddy and other tales

by Kao Shen

SANTA AND THE BLUE TEDDY and other tales
Other bedtime stories included in this volume:
Bobsy Buntail the Bunny Scout
The Story of Ebony the Little Horse
Peeko and the Easter Bunny
Poochie the little Pup who couldn’t write his name

The Kao Shen legend began in the 1960’s when her short stories were packaged as children’s audio tapes for young audiences.
This volume of 5 animal friendly tales, suitable for first-time readers, is all about caring and sharing …a collection of children’s stories with timeless appeal.
Well written and beautifully illustrated.

The Fortress (The Kodo Series Book 1)

by Faye Carlisle

Nargassus is in trouble from the evil Sinisters. A prophecy says that a boy who is able to control the four elements of earth, fire, air and water will be able to restore peace to the land and defeat evil.

Cameron has these extra-special abilities and is sent on a mission to find the Sinisters with his two friends Anna and Sam. Anna is able to see visions of the future, and Sam has navigating powers.

The children’s search for the Sinisters leads them to a fortress where they meet Electro. Can they win against his lightning powers?

Did you love the Beast Quest series? Fans of fantasy adventure stories will love this new series aimed at 7-10 year olds.

Upcoming books:
Look out for â??The Magma Chambers’ where Cameron, Anna and Sam travel to the icy Kingdom of Iglay and meet Izotz, who can freeze people to death.
In the final instalment of the Kodo series, â??The Pyramid’, Jenny re-joins Cameron, Anna and Sam to fight Silica in the Sand Land.

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