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Azul (Feathers Classics) (Spanish Edition)

by Rubén Darío

¡Este libro contiene ahora varias tablas HTML de contenidos que harán de la lectura un verdadero placer!

Azul… es un libro de cuentos y poemas considerado una de las obras más relevantes del modernismo.

Se publicó por primera vez en Valparaíso el 30 de julio de 1888.

En cuanto al estilo, era la época en que predominaba la afición por la escritura artística y el dilentatismo elegante.

A Little Redneck Theology in Verse

by Kimberly M. Hartfield

A Little Redneck Theology in Verse is a companion volume to A Little Redneck Theology and Other Stuff from a Southern Baptist Ordained Evangelical Female Minister, written by Kimberly M. Hartfield. It is a book of Christian based inspirational verse written during a three year time frame, a record of Kimberly’s spiritual journey, spoken of in the latter title. Many of the poems in this volume are based on Scripture and many have cultural and political inspiration and messages. A Little Redneck Theology in Verse is not a book of ordinary poetry, but poetry that will convict, challenge, and inspire you to greater spiritual growth.

Falling Forward – Poetry and Haiku

by Tonya Young

Falling Forward is a book of poetry that gives you a piece of the author herself. A tiny light into the mind of an artist that has a passion for words like the greats who came before her. This collection like every other that this artist has written is her way of letting her readers into her mind if only for a few pages.

Read, laugh, cry and get lost in deep thought as you reminisce over your own experiences as the words of each poem washes over you. Above all else enjoy every page of this collection!

A Childâ??s Hidden Pain

by John Wheeler

A child’s hidden pain is a bunch of poems that I have made from my heart and through all the pain and sorrows I have endured growing up. I dedicate these poems to all the people who have been abused in many ways than one as I have. Life story rolled up in quiet a few poems.

Minor Hurricanes: haiku by steven flint

by Steven Flint

A remarkable collection of 180 haiku love poems

Te regalo mis poemas y poesías (Spanish Edition)

by Rosalba Martinello

Te regalo mis poemas y poesías es un llamado a todos los hermanos y hermanas de este mundo, que van por su camino, en su experiencia de vida queriendo descubrir la intimidad y lo absoluto de sus almas. No cabe duda que el gran secreto en estos tiempos es ver con los ojos del corazón. Con solo escuchar cada día la intuición que el alma nos ofrece, a veces, casi silenciosamente y otras veces casi a gritos, y poder aplicarla en la realidad, habremos cumplido con nuestra misión y evolución personal. Una simple poesía puede sanar hasta el corazón más dolido, una poesía es siempre más que un regalo�

cat’s game

by Sara Marie

an inspirational collection of poems for the feelings we chase, the escapes we crave, the ghosts we face and the hope we find along the way. delving into heartbreak, self-love, mental health and empowerment, this book of modern poetry shows us all that the true magic of healing lies, not in the outcome, but in the very process itself.


despite all of the hurt,
you will find healing,

you will carry perspective
on the tip of your tongue
and you will find that
even the darkness has its time
and place

and whether you believe
in the neural wirings that breathe
through the galaxies or
in powers larger than words,
you must always believe
in your ability

to grow and to shed;
to keep and to let go;
to learn and to unlearn;
to escape,
but most of all,
to stay.

Programmed For Sexual Pleasure

by Anonymous Author

The pursuit of sexual pleasure…and the consequences thereof.
“During one specific scene called “Bukkake” I was really high and the producers knew it and they told me to use a Douche to pretend I was urinating on another performer but I had an accident and instead I defecated on the performer. I was so humiliated and wanted to die. They told me it was okay and not to worry that they weren’t going to make a big deal about it and the next thing I know they blasted the scene all over the web. I felt totally degraded.” Traci Lords

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