Free science fiction Kindle books for 27 Sep 18

Milton Maroo and the Artificial Intelligence

by Ben Maxfield

Milton Maroo, a portly space trader who enjoys a gourmet meal as much as a good deal, has priceless cargo, an outlawed artificial intelligence that the crime underworld will kill for.
The billionaire head of the Nythe Armaments Corporation empire is dead. Murdered by the most powerful crime syndicate in the system who are after one thing, an illegal artificial intelligence that will change the balance of power in the region in favour of whomever possesses it.

Milton and his spy friend Cappa are broke. While they do odd jobs at the billionaire’s estate they discover the Lerjoo Brothers crime syndicate is stealing. As the pair investigate, they find out the thefts are just the beginning and the Brothers still have their eye on their biggest prize.

Now Milton and Cappa must save the staff of the estate from the menace of the syndicate while they uncover the gang’s true intentions. Is the AI friend or foe?

Index, Washington

by Andrick Schall

In the small, quiet mountain town of Index, Washington, an ancient and evil secret is slowly awakening. Five people find themselves drawn together at the moment when the fate of the entire Earth itself hangs in the balance, in the tiny town of Index, Washington, the town where nothing ever happens. Suggested for mature readers.

AFTER Life: INFERNO (The NEXT Apocalypse Book 1)

by Robert Chazz Chute

The deep vaults of a virology lab have lost containment. They will call this Apocalypse. We call it Revolution.

From the author of This Plague of Days comes a new zombie apocalypse trilogy about nanotechnology gone horribly awry.

AFTER is a biomimetic stem cell capable of enhancing intelligence, health and longevity. Weaponized using brain parasites, it becomes an agent of biological warfare capable of transforming 70% of humans into rampaging killers. No one is safe. Take a deep breath. Get ready. Fight to the death. You might even have to fight beyond death.

Torn between regret and heroic aspirations, Daniel Harmon is a noob whose job is to stop the monster epidemic before it begins. As his Emergency Task Force moves in to secure the Box, the body count rises. A dark conspiracy at the crossroads of corporate greed and science will change our fate forever.

The Revolution has begun. On which side will you fall?

Scroll up and grab your copy today to find out.

The Burnt Sunset (The Burnt Sunset Series Book 1)

by Chris Ledoux

Fans of Divergent, The Hunger Games, and Percy Jackson will devour this mash-up of dystopian, apocalyptic, and fantasy worlds.
Solstice Dayton is terrified when an aura flash reveals the future in a lyrical vision: teens will suffer one of three fates – burn, daze, or evolve. As the Firegale, a wind-blown blaze, sweeps westward scorching the landscape, Solstice forms a connection with Baeran Sheridan. She guides his escape, drawing the teens together as their worlds fall apart. Soon they discover a destiny worse than the flames. Survivors emerge caught in a daze and decay in body and mind, roaming the desolation and forming deadly moshes. But something even darker is taking shape. Caught between the twin threats of the burn and the daze, Solstice and Baeran must kindle their evolving gifts before the rise of a mysterious new force.

The Ark

by Christopher Coates

Technology has developed to the point where a person can be placed in a Sleep State: a cross between suspended animation and a drug-induced coma.

Just as the trial of the new technology is being completed, an unusual comet is discovered approaching Earth, bringing with it radiation that will wipe out all life on the planet. Soon after, the government builds a protected sleeper facility to save humankind from extinction, taking drastic steps to maintain secrecy of the project.

But when the sleepers awaken, they discover that something has gone terribly wrong, and must find a way to carry out their mission in a dangerous, strange world that is not the one they fell asleep in.


by William Arnold

Benjamin Daniels may be the last human to fall in this science fiction fantasy thriller. In Endangered, an unlikely hero tries desperately to survive a post-apocalyptic world of genetically engineered lethal animals. Ben is looking for answers, so he leaves the only shelter he’s had since the catastrophic experiments of WyldePreserve Laboratories created a hell on earth where humans are now the prey. To find what is left, Ben must navigate this altered nightmarish aftermath.

Monstrous bears, wolves and hideous hybrid monsters rule the night. These creatures are not just deadly, they’re intelligent. Feral predators hunt Ben as he tries to find the truth.

Out of his depth and running out of time, Ben must face a choice. He can either die or evolve

Human Nature: Seven Suns

by Joseph Bristol

Ares is an adolescent boy struggling to control his emotions. His obsession he confuses for love, takes him on a dangerous emotional rollercoaster. His therapy sessions at The Left Hand organizations building no longer seem to help. Doctor Duenna struggles to help Ares control himself while trying to find out who the girl he is obsessed with is.

La Leyenda de Jan Salah De Vez (Spanish Edition)

by J.L. Rodríguez

La Leyenda de Jan Salah De Vez es una gran novela de personajes ficticios, la cuál cuenta las andanzas de un gran señor a mediados del siglo XX, quien comienza trabajando de campesino, en las fértiles tierras de la Cuarta Avenida de Mandeville D.C, un país norteamericano, recreado por el mismo autor. La novela cuenta, en forma autobiográfica, los caminos que tomó Jan Salah De Vez, en su instancia en la capital, donde en principio se mantuvo como un vagabundo, sometiéndose a las hambrunas y los constantes peligros que desnudaba la Mafia Mandevillense, el protagonista en su desesperada situación, opta seguir el consejo de un viejo amigo de su infancia, y decide entrar al crimen organizado, trabajando como sicario de un respetado señor de la capital. Su honestidad, las agallas que demostraba en cada trabajo que se lo involucraba y gracias a su amigo, pudo ser parte del grupo de consejería de los Private Save, en donde afronta la responsabilidad de matar al presidente de su país, con la única intención de ayudar a su “Decano”. Es ahí donde Jan Salah De Vez, se embarca en una aventura por países de América del sur, los cuales adoptan nombres distintos, luego viaja a Europa y después a China en busca de matar al presidente y resaltar su heroísmo, ante su jefe.


by Wayne Stapp

Jon-martin: A Telephone Communications Specialist– rebounding from a bad marriage and divorce–Finds himself a central figure fighting a high tech war in the future. He also finds a new love in the future.

Thalia and Earth (Chronicles of the Maca Book 5)

by Mari Collier

A new force has awakened in the galaxy.

Thalia has defeated the Justines, the Krepyons, and the Sisterhood. After claiming his Earth son Lorenz, the Maca of Don returns to Earth for a family reunion.

But the planet has changed: it’s the 1970’s, and one of their family members is trying to dismantle their business and take it public. Another has killed four men, and the doctors are beginning to suspect that there’s something strange about the MacDonald family.

Meanwhile, the newer members of the MacDonald and Rolfe clans are unaware of their alien heritage and abilities, and General MacDonald is carrying a heavy secret of other alien beings. The Maca of Don and Lorenz soon learn that there is a new presence in the galaxy – one bent on conquest and destruction.

Dead Earth

by Jonathon Biers

When Eve was expelled from a garden and closed her eyes, allowing death to take her, she thought her duty as guardian of the tree had ended, but death was only the beginning, for there is no rest even in the afterlife.

The Great War Armageddon. Prophecies spoke of it, along with the one who would descend from the sky. The one did not arrive and Armageddon is now. The year is unknown, for the year will last as long as Armageddon takes place.

Fractured, the world lay barren. Skyscrapers, split open by some unspeakable force, mirror fingers of the dead. They reach toward heaven in a final plea for help, but there is a chance for redemption, for a child has been discovered holding a mystery in which she cannot understand. She is called by the name Angel, for her identity is unknown. Possessing the ability to heal, perhaps she can heal a fractured world.

Now, Eve stands before the entrance to the Garden of Eden. Satan and his angels are lobbying for the final eradication of humanity, and God seems less inclined to say no with each passing day. As the final vote is tallied and sways in Satan’s favor, Eve is called back into the fold.

She approaches the garden, for the garden is calling her name. In order to atone for what she had done, she must find a mortal who can help. A protector to watch over the child. That might involve fighting an army of angels, but no one ever said it would be easy.

Dust to Dust: Deconstruction Book One (A Post-Apocalyptic Thriller)

by Rashad Freeman

“The Earth has had enough of humans, and now it’s fighting back.”

Tornadoes in New York. Earthquakes in Florida. Magnetic storms across the globe.

Randall is a wannabe prepper. A few small provisions and not much know-how, make up his bag of tricks. But when his family’s life is cast into a struggle for survival, he’s left with two choices, put up or shut up.

It all starts with a series of torrential storms and a power outage with unknown reach. Randall plays the waiting game, expecting society to quickly pick up the pieces and make everything right. When a quick jaunt to the grocery store turns into a fight for his life, Randall realizes he must take matters into his own hands.

In a world without answers or rules, where the costs of food and water are paid in blood, Randall must make an impossible decision. Does he risk the life of his young family and venture into the remnants of a ruined world or does he stay back and pray that help makes it before society crumbles?

This is the Deconstruction Series

The Honour of the Knights (First Edition) (The Battle for the Solar System)

by Stephen Sweeney

When starfighter pilot Simon Dodds is enrolled in a top secret military project, he and his wingmates begin to suspect that there is a lot more to the theft of a legendary battleship and an Imperial nation’s civil war than either the Confederation Stellar Navy or the government are willing to let on.

Within weeks of being reassigned to the Confederate border system of Temper, the five would begin to untangle a web of lies and a cover-up that seemed to span the length of the entire galaxy. And it would not be long before they themselves would come face to face with that which destroyed an empire: an unforgiving, unstoppable, and totally unrelenting foe.

There seemed to exist only one glimmer of hope of driving back the darkness: The ATAF Project – a secretly developed set of starfighters that may well just harbour some terrible secrets of their own.


“A tightly plotted action-adventure yarn with a good mix of likeable, interesting and nasty characters”

“Written with perspicacity and drive, with a strong voice and good attention to detail.”

124,000 words
~ 450 pages

First Fleet #1: Bones

by Stephen Case

The 30-page short story that inspired the First Fleet novella trilogy!

In a war many light years away, among the ruins of an ancient alien civilization, our fallen soldiers return from the front lines in pieces. Medical pods regenerate the remains of these soldiers so their mind and consciousness can be downloaded into their freshly regrown body.

But something at the front lines… something inside the ruins… has been killing our soldiers faster than we could grow them. When a pod arrives with more than just the pieces of a fallen soldier, what begins to regenerate inside is something unimaginably powerful.

If it awakens, we will have lost a war we didn’t even know we started.
FIRST FLEET – Novella Series Overview
In the follow up novellas (First Fleet #2-4), the fleet has disappeared without a trace after sending a single terrifying transmission… Now, a young scientist must race against the clock and face her greatest fears to save her only sister from an unknown fate.

Made in the Stars

by Jim Proctor

Mankind has spread to dozens of worlds throughout the universe, and traveling to another world is as simple as stepping through a wormhole or walking onto a Starliner to travel through hyperspace. Finding true love across the vastness of space has been relegated to mathematical algorithms and supercomputers.

Keylann Ascentia is looking for love. With the aid of her Mate Technician, Torina Gates, her search takes her to new worlds. As much as some things change, others remain the same. Sometimes, when you least expect it, love finds you.

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