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The Daily Action Plan: Steps to Creating a Priority-Filled Life

by Cyd Casados

Not spending enough time on the things you enjoy? Finishing the day exhausted, but unsatisfied? In just a few simple steps you can live a life focused on the things you value most, and end each day with a sense of genuine fulfillment.

The Daily Action Plan is a simple how-to guide designed to help you get the most out of each day. It isn’t a time management system, but rather a life priority system. This simple program will help you to identify your priorities and find ways to make them a greater part of your life.

About the author
Cyd Casados has been working as a health writer since 2007. Born and raised in the US, she relocated to London in 2009 where she currently lives with her husband and four dogs. In addition to being a freelance writer, she is also a playwright, actress, presenter and voiceover artist.

Start Small, Think BIG: Work Smarter, Not Harder

by David Walker

“If you’re going to be thinking, you may as well think big.”

To me the ability to â??Think BIG’ is one of the cornerstones of extreme success.
But what is it? And how can we do it?

â??Thinking big’ means being able to dream and visualise what you can achieve on an audacious scale: with no limits on your thinking. It is about being open-minded, positive, creative and seeing opportunity in the big picture.
There is an interesting quote from Tony Robbins that I like that is quite relevant to this idea, “Once you have mastered time, you will understand how true it is that most people overestimate what they can accomplish in a year – and underestimate what they can achieve in a decade!”

It can be much easier to succeed by thinking big, rather than thinking small. There is less competition at the top of the scale than there is at the bottom, so it’s more advantageous to go large and reach for the stars. The higher you aim, the higher you will go. Big thinking gets you big results, in this book I will show you the keys to connect with your inner strenght and get the motivation and power you need to make your dreams come true by starting from the real bottom, as a real person with big real goals.

Your Museum Needs a Podcast: A Step-By-Step Guide to Podcasting on a Budget for Museums, History Organizations, and Cultural Nonprofits

by Hannah Hethmon

Want to start a podcast for your organization, but unsure of where to begin? Looking for new ways to meaningfully engage your audience?

Need to convince leadership that a podcast is the right move for your museum, history organization, library, religious institution, or cultural nonprofit?

This practical and action-oriented beginner’s guide will show you how to create a great podcast on a budget, from choosing a topic to reaching the right audience.

Each chapter is tailored to the needs of cultural nonprofits, giving you a detailed roadmap for producing a podcast that supports your institutional mission. Inside, you’ll find simple, concise advice and instruction that gives you just what you need to get started, without any treatises on sound engineering or editing.

All the unnecessary stuff has been left out so you can just read the book, follow the instructions, and get started without breaking the bank or wasting hours wading through incomplete instructions on the internet.

In Your Museum Needs a Podcast, award-winning podcaster Hannah Hethmon will teach you how to unlock the power of podcasting at your institution through:

  • A whole chapter on developing a show concept that will accomplish your organization’s goals and pitching it to your stakeholders.
  • A gear guide with just what you need to know to get started and tailored equipment recommendations.
  • Detailed instructions on how to set-up your recording equipment, get great sound quality (without having to learn sound engineering), and edit episodes using free online software.
  • A breakdown of what makes a podcast compelling and how you can use the art of storytelling to create a show that your listeners will love.
  • Strategies for launching your show and building a devoted listener base from day one.
  • Answers to common questions like where to how long episodes should be, where to find free music, which hosting service to use, how to hire outside experts, and more.
  • Free worksheets and templates to help you implement the book’s lessons.

Read this book, and you’ll know everything you need to start a podcast for your organization and turn your audience into devoted fans.

What are you waiting for? How long will you wait to start engaging your core audience, reaching new audiences who would love your institution, and increasing your online profile?

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Make Money Blogging: Strategies to Earn Passive Income

by Paul D. Kings

Become a professional blogger: Comprehensive solution on how to start making money through blogging

Many are not aware of some hidden secrets about the ways of making money on the internet as well as many failed to know the essentials of creating a blog and its content.

You might have been into blogging but the question here is, are you doing it the right way? Do you have what it takes to earn money by blogging? If yes, are you earning enough? Are you familiar with the pro blogging basics? You might also be wondering why you should start a blog or how can you manage a blog to constantly bring you money.
The answers to these questions are distilled by the author of this book, who took the time to technically deal in this superbly book.

By using the proven guidelines provided in the Make Money Blogging, you will not be only financially free but you will also be able to manage your time while you successfully run your blog. With the uncensored provision ways to increase targeted traffic to your blog through the initial promotion strategy, you can be assured of a stream of income.
In this MAKE MONEY BLOGGING, you will be able to:

  • Create a good website
  • Know why you need to start blogging
  • Know what to sell
  • Avoid taking the wrong steps while starting
  • Know what really matters
  • Know the secrets of creating amazing and compelling blog content that makes your readers keep coming back
  • Drive free traffic and backlinks to your blog
  • Find a hot niche to make money easily
  • Know the secret known to only a few
  • And lots more
  • Remember, blogging is not a somewhat get-rich-quick system. But with dedication and being a professional by following the easy steps laid out in the MAKE MONEY BLOGGING, you will soar like an eagle in no time. Are you ready to take steps towards being financially free?

    With no doubt, you will be getting more than just a book, you will be getting rare golden information. Get a copy now, and be hooked with the outstanding guidelines.

    163 Easy Ways to Make Extra Money: (162 Will Make You Happy!): Earn $100- $500 a Month

    by Satrap

    Wanna make an extra $100-$500 a month without getting a second job? Then you need this book! If you can open and use your phone, you can make money with these methods. Get the book now and start making money instantly!

    Make Money Online: 10 Strategies for Making Lots of Money Online

    by Paul D. Kings

    This book is all you need to start making money online

    Whether you like it or not, making money online have been a breakthrough for many, and with the internet allowing more people to interact, the flexibility of working from home and making money cannot be understated. As many are still aspiring to get to know how to start making money online by themselves, you will only be a missing out if you don’t find how it is done. To join the league of online money makers, you need three things: INFORMATION, INFORMATION, and INFORMATION!!!

    This information is what the author of this book has taken time from past experience and research to make provision of all you need to start earning online either as a newbie and or if you are conversant with the concepts but want to get more from your marketing efforts. With principles laid in this book, you will be able to expand your knowledge if you are already into online marketing.

    As a newbie, this book provides you with insights on what do, and what not to do while trying to make money online. With the provisions of several ways of how you can start making money online, exposure to national and global platforms where you can start earning will be made, and you will be amazed as to how simplified what you thought was difficult has been made in this book.

    In this new astonishing book, readers will enjoy the following benefits:

    • Will be Exposed to different ways of making money online in the comfort of your home
    • The reader will be informed about the easy ways of making money online
    • The reader will be provided with all you need for affiliate marketing
    • The reader will be introduced to the strategies for making money from home
    • The reader will get all you need to make money as an internet marketer
    • All you need to become a blogger
    • And finally, solutions are provided for every problem you can encounter while trying to make money online

    This book has been made to be interactive as much as possible such that you don’t have any challenge in comprehending the laid principles. This book is not only ideal for beginners who want to make money online, but it is also a must-have for everyone who is already making money online to get updated.

    Get a copy of this book now to double your income and be your own boss and you will be glad you did.

    Data Science for Business: Predictive Modeling, Data Mining, Data Analytics, Data Warehousing, Data Visualization, Regression Analysis, Database Querying, and Machine Learning for Beginners

    by Herbert Jones

    Do you want to learn about data science but aren’t in the mood to read a boring textbook?

    This data science book could be the answer you’re looking for…

    Data science has a huge impact on how companies conduct business, and those who don’t learn about this revolutionary
    field could be left behind.

    You see, data science will help you make better decisions, know what products and services to release, and how to provide better service to your customers. And it is all done by collecting and sorting through a large amount of information, so you have the right sources behind you when you make a major decision.

    In this guidebook, you will discover more about data science and how to get started in this field.

    This book will discuss the following topics:

    • What is data science?
    • How Big Data works and why it is so important
    • How to do an explorative data analysis
    • Working with data mining
    • How to mine text to get the data
    • Some amazing machine learning algorithms to help with data science
    • How to do data modeling
    • Data visualization
    • How to use data science to help your business grow
    • Tips to help you get started with data science
    • And much, much more!

    So if you are ready to get started with data science, click “buy now”!

    Motivated for Greatness: 100 Strategies to Keep You Inspired

    by Byron V. Garrett

    Motivation is what drives you to achieve goals in life. Without it, any task you will perform will feel dry and empty. It is one of the core differences between a hard-working person and a hard-working machine. Also, motivation acts like a sort of adrenaline rush in the blood stream. It can make you achieve things which you normally cannot. It is like the fuel that keeps a fire burning.
    But like any fuel, motivation can also run out. Sometimes, it can just dry up on its own. This is especially true if the goals being pursued still appear so far away.

    That is why motivation is something that needs to be renewed from time to time just as you would refuel a car once its fuel tank is empty. This book provides you 100 strategies to keep you inspired and motivated to achieve greatness. It’s not a matter of if but a matter of when.

    Instant Business Blueprints: Starting an Online Business from Total Scratch Even With Zero Capital â?? eBook Self-Publishing and Product Review Mastery

    by Joel Johnson

    Are you serious in learning how to start your own “work from home – work anywhere” business?
    Do you want to make passive income, quit your day job and work at your own time and place of choice?

    Then this training is for you… Here’s a preview of what you’ll discover today:

    Instant Author
    – How to make money as a writer though Amazon Publishing…even if you have no experience or ideas!
    – How to choose the perfect sub-categories to target
    – How to measure the profitability of a category and know exactly if it will make thousands or not
    – The ranking system of Amazon and why you should know how it works
    – How to choose the perfect title for your mini book
    – How to create an outline from start to finish
    – How to write your book in 7 days or less
    – Why short books is the future of self-publishing!
    – How to publish your book from product listing to product availability
    – How to promote your books passively and earn royalties for months to come

    Product Review Master
    – The entire working process for creating a product review that converts into affiliate commissions
    – The right way to do a product research
    – How to create a video review even without buying the product yourself
    – The exact research to do before you start reviewing the product… (this will be your secret weapon in reviewing the product)
    – Example slides to model as part of your product review
    – How to optimize and upload your video for maximum views and SEO rankings
    – How to boost your search engine rankings through cheap SEO backlinks… like $10 cheap!

    Are you ready to take action and make fast cash?

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    Lean: The Ultimate Guide to Lean Six Sigma, Lean Enterprise, and Lean Manufacturing + Lean Analytics – The Agile Way to Build A Superior Startup Using Data Science

    by James Edge

    If you want to build something that people love, and run it in a way that saves you time, money and effort while increasing your team’s value and getting more satisfied customers, then keep reading…

    2 comprehensive manuscripts in 1 book

    • Lean Six Sigma: The Ultimate Guide to Lean Six Sigma, Lean Enterprise, and Lean Manufacturing, with Tools Included for Increased Efficiency and Higher Customer Satisfaction
    • Lean Analytics: The Ultimate Guide to an Agile Way of Analytics, Advanced Analytics, and Data Science for a Superior Way to Build Startups and Run Enterprises

    Lean Six Sigma is an amazing methodology that’s geared to helping you boost the productivity of your organization while eliminating waste. The idea synthesizes two different concepts – Lean Enterprise or Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma – to give you an excellent idea of how your company is wasting money and resources – and what you can do to combat that.

    The first part of this book addresses the different types of wastes and how Lean Six Sigma aims to tackle each, and then it’ll give you all the tools you need to start making an effective change in your organization.

    In part one of this book, the following topics will be discussed:

    • Understanding Lean Thinking
    • The Basics of Six Sigma
    • What Is Lean Six Sigma?
    • Phases of Lean Six Sigma
    • Understanding Customer Needs
    • How to Get Top Management Support
    • Deployment Planning
    • Identifying, Prioritizing, and Selecting Projects
    • Value Addition and Waste
    • How to Create a Winning Team
    • Design for Lean Six Sigma
    • And many more topics that could help you increase profits, eliminate waste, improve efficiency, and develop a remarkable team!

    Lean Analytics was designed with business in mind – it is an utter shift in business philosophy from the traditional methods and attitudes on business, and its reputation is well-deserved.

    It’s a tool that’s more fitting for the business age that we’re actually living in, and the Lean Analytics method will allow you to get a huge amount of insight into your business and use this insight to grow it from the ground up rapidly.

    Part two of this book is for you if you have been wanting to:

    • Learn how to start making a huge amount of money off of very little invested
    • Eliminate as much risk as you can in your business
    • Validate whether a problem is real so you can avoid wasting time on something that nobody wants
    • Find the right customers
    • Know what to build and how to monetize it
    • Encourage innovation in your business

    So what are you waiting for? Get access to this book now and start streamlining your company today!

    eBay Selling Simplified: Step-by-Step Guide to Make Serious Money Selling on eBay

    by George Pain

    Do you have some spare time and would like to make a good side income by selling items on Ebay?

    Then Read below.

    The eBay Market is a giant auction else but it is own economy because many of the items that are sold on the eBay website make up the majority of what’s sold in a country. Beyond things like food or alcohol or anything perishable really, most of the products that you find on eBay will be something that you can find at a certain type of store in that country.

    This means that the eBay website is its own economy and understanding basic economic principles is how you can, generally, sell most of your products. There are some eBay accounts that actually have advertisers and marketing teams in order to sell on eBay, but there are also individuals who are making a quick buck on eBay by selling their own products in a much smaller quantity. The economic principles are actually really simple and if you just take the time to understand it then you will find that it will help you out in the long run.

    This book is a great guide that details everything you need to know to make money selling items on Ebay.

    Here’s What’s Included:

    • The Economic Principles of Ebay
    • Best Items to Sell on Ebay
    • How to List Items on Ebay
    • Maintaining a Top Rated Seller Account
    • Picking the Right Price
    • Country by Country Ebay Sales Culture
    • Tips to Increase Your Ebay Profits

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    Accounting: What the World’s Best Forensic Accountants and Auditors Know About Forensic Accounting and Auditing â?? That You Don’t

    by Greg Shields

    If you want to become the â??Sherlock Holmes’ of the accounting world then keep reading…

    2 comprehensive manuscripts in 1 book

    • Forensic Accounting: What the World’s Best Forensic Accountants Know – That You Don’t
    • Auditing: The Ultimate Guide to Performing Internal and External Audits

    Financial officers, auditors, police officers and other detectives all rely on forensic accountants. You may wonder, what type of person becomes a forensic accountant? The first part of this book will detail not only what it takes to be one, but also how to be good at it.

    In part 1 of this book, you will…

    • Learn about different types of fraud and how it is detected
    • Probably learn more about fraud than you did in school
    • Discover how to review financial statements and inventories through the eyes of a detective
    • Learn how to minimize the risk for businesses or the individuals involved
    • Gain knowledge about other areas of fraud, such as stocks, securities, and investments
    • Get real-life examples of cases and situations so you can learn all the necessary and valuable lessons contained in the book
    • And much, much more

    Part 2 of this book will cover topics such as:

    • What is Auditing?
    • Types of Audits, Balance Sheets, and Assertions
    • Life as an Auditor – Differences in Audits and Ethics
    • Auditing Business Functions and Assets
    • Auditing Human Resources, Inventory Management, Internal Controls
    • Assessing Audit Risk and Filing a Report

    So if you want to learn about forensic accounting and auditing, click “buy now”!

    No Boss Mastery: Working for Yourself Through Freelancing Business Ideas That Works for Beginners

    by Joel Johnson

    Are you serious in learning how to start your own “work from home – work anywhere” business?
    Do you want to make passive income, quit your day job and work at your own time and place of choice?

    Then this training is for you… Here’s a preview of what you’ll discover today:

    Freelancing Bible – success manifesto
    – How to find a hungry buying market
    – What platforms to use for first-time freelancers
    – 6 things to do to get really good at your craft in 1 month or less
    – The #1 mistakes most newbie freelancers are making…and why this hinders them in getting good at their chosen skill
    – How to test out a product or service so you’ll know exactly if you should continue selling or not
    – How to test your offers so you’ll know exactly what’s going to be profitable or not
    – Should you increase your price or not? Why? Why not?
    – Why the follow up is the most important thing you could ever do as a freelancer
    – 4 Keys to earning money consistently as a freelancer…six figure earners do these and others don’t!
    – Where 50% of your money will come from and why you should know how to use this as your leverage

    Fiverr Master
    – The entire process of making money as a freelancer even without expertise
    – The exact services that I suggest you re-sell (no more hard research for you)
    – How to find services to re-sell online… the right way
    – How to confirm if there’s money in that service even before you start selling it
    – The entire process of creating a service listing that converts into sales
    – How to create your upsell… the most profitable way
    – Example of product listings to copy

    Are you ready to take action and make fast cash?

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    “network marketing is an industry that has produced millionaires, but very rarely do people get rich in this business”
    Many pyramid schemes attempt to present themselves as legitimate MLM businesses. Some sources say that all MLMs are essentially pyramid schemes, even if they are legal. The U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) states: “Steer clear of multilevel marketing plans that pay commissions for recruiting new distributors.

    Don’t Knock It Till You Knock It: Live the Life You Want with Door-to-Door (D2D) Sales

    by Josh Jones

    Does your job make you feel trapped? Like a cog in a wheel, limited by external, uncontrollable influences? Constrained? Capped? Does it feel like no matter how hard you work and grind, you still drudgingly live paycheck to paycheck? Do you want to change that?

    Do you want freedom? True freedom? Greater autonomy and independence? More money? More time? More just pure LIFE?!

    The answer isn’t to work four hours a week. It isn’t more school and more debt. It isn’t to get in at the top of a Ponzi-pyramid. Nor is the answer to gamble away your hard-earned money by buying a bubble-priced asset, hoping to turn $1000 into $1,000,000. The answer is to dive in and learn a skill that will allow you to build business value quicker than ever before and be compensated accordingly. The answer is door-to-door sales, aka D2D.

    For the past two decades, the D2D sales movement has been gaining incredible momentum, fueled by consumers’ ever-increasing demand for an in-home, almost effortless, concierge buying experience. There has never been a better time to have a career in the D2D industry than right now.

    Thousands have left their careers in various sectors to knock doors for a living. Why?
    The book’s author himself decided not to pursue a medical degree because the financial opportunity of knocking doors greatly surpassed life as a doctor.

    The ability to quickly gain not only financial freedom but also freedom of time lie in the seemingly unglamorous jobs offered in door-to-door sales.

    The opportunity to earn what you’re truly worth exists. The purpose of this book is to help you, the reader, recognize your potential and then gain the courage to pursue a career in D2D.

    There isn’t a college course that encourages students to knock doors for a living. No one ever says they want to sell door-to-door when they grow up. If they only knew what they were missing!

    Billions of dollars in value has been added to numerous organization through the door-to-door sales channel. The compensation for D2D sales reps is often multiple times higher than other industries.

    Learn what you need to do and the attitude you need to adopt to fully take advantage of this liberating career in Don’t Knock It Till You Knock It.

    Don’t Knock It Till You Knock It is part of the THiNKaha series, whose slim and handy books contain 140 well-thought-out AHA messages. Increase your online influence by picking up AHAthat, and easily share quotes from this book on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+ via this link:

    The Cordell Guide : Starting a Landscape Business (Volume 1)

    by Paul Cordell

    The writer of this book Paul Cordell, Is an a established business owner with over 25 years experience in the Landscape and Blue Collar industry. Having owned one of the largest Landscape businesses of its time. He has since retired and is providing you insight to the not so know world of running a lawn care, or landscape business.

    Paul, has studied Business Law, Business Accounting as well as computer science and even worked as Counselor Supervisors for many years. Paul has worked as a Service Industry Director and has helped protect many right of people and businesses in state legislation.

    In this book you will find solution to:

    -Starting a Business in Lawn Care or Landscaping.
    -Taxes and Billing
    -Trouble shooting and problem solving.
    -Partnerships and employees.
    -How to hire, and terminate positions.
    -Buying equipment and leasing.
    -How to work year round where ever you live.
    -Tricks of the Trade…

    And much more…….

    Six Storytelling Techniques Every Brand Marketer Should Know: Because Marketing Like it’s 1992 Isn’t Working Anymore

    by Brian Lenney

    Learn about the psychology, science, & structure of storytelling and how brands like Home Depot, Dollar Shave Club, Apple, and TOMS have used it build their brands and make millions.

    Passive Income: Creating Cashflow with a W-2 Job

    by Justin Barlow

    Passive Income: Creating Cashflow with a W-2 Job will …..

    -Demonstrate strategies and tips for building income from nothing to $5,000 or more a month.
    -Leverage your employer and use that position to your advantage.
    -Debt and wealth strategies for you to incorporate into your daily life.
    -How planning and budgeting can you improve your cashflow position.
    -Identifying cashflow diagrams and showing you which one you want to replicate.

    Selling Time: 123 Sales Strategies to Achieve Greater Success Faster

    by Larry Cockerel

    Features Tell, Benefits Sell. This book by Larry Cockerel, the Sales Development Pro, helps you build upon your existing sales skills with 123 razor-sharp tips, techniques, and strategies designed to help you achieve greater sales success faster. Master the art of the sales relationship and learn how to become an essential partner to your customers. It’s as easy as 1-2-3 to become a sales superstar!

    Scale it, Don’t Fail it: Take Your Business to the Next Level

    by Tom Bunday

    Are you ready to take the step from sole trader to CEO? Do you want to start making money from your business even when you’re sleeping?

    Scale it, Don’t Fail it offers a straight-talking guide to scaling your trade business without accidentally running it into the ground. Scaling successfully is a hard thing to do, why do you think most businesses eventually fail?

    This book will help you get from sole trader to kick-ass business owner through proven strategies and business savvy.

    You’ll learn:
    -How to scale up your marketing strategy
    -How to employ staff and know when you’re ready to
    -How to keep your finances in a good place
    -How to look for workspaces or whether you even need to
    -And so much more!

    So if you’re ready to quit exchanging your precious time for money and instead want to create a fully functioning business that makes money while you’re not working, this book was made for you.

    Getting into a Digital Career: Business Analysis

    by Tolu Fagbola

    One of the fastest growing careers in the Digital Economy is Business Analysis and in recent years, there has been a lot of misconceptions about the career.
    This book seeks to provide some much needed guidance on how to get into a Business Analysis career. The book also debunks some myths around the profession as it seeks to redress some of the misconceptions about Business Analysis.
    Becoming a Business Analyst is a goal that is achievable for many mid career professionals and this book provides a guide that aims to facilitate the transition.

    P*rra Sai Dessa, Cara: 10 Tapas na Cara Para Quem Precisa ou Quer Mudar de Rumo (Portuguese Edition)

    by Alain Rocha

    O livro para quem odeia fórmulas mágicas e está cansado de gurus da autoajuda.

    Best-seller no Amazon Brasil

    #1 em Motivação
    #1 em Autoajuda
    #3 em Saúde & Família
    #6 em Infanto-Juvenil
    #10 em Administração & Negócios


    “Autoajuda sem enrolação e direto ao ponto para os jovens ambiciosos.”
    Fernando Fernandez, Ator e Apresentador do Programa Inspirational Rate.

    “Dizem que se conselho fosse bom não seria de graça, seria vendido.”
    Os valores e ideias que estão escritas no livro do escritor Alain Rocha não são novas, mas a forma como ele aplicou essas ideias e a forma como ele destrinchou cada um dos “modos” é sensacional. As colocações ímpares e as dicas colocadas somadas ao inteligente jogo de palavras e método de escrita “sem firula” torna a leitura muito agradável e te motiva a agir.
    Octaviano Silva, Palestrante e Escritor do livro “Sucesso não tem idade”.

    “Todos temos algo para aprender com a geração Y e Z. Esse primeiro livro do Alain têm experiências e dicas que pessoas de todas as idades podem refletir e utilizar na sua vida no instante em que leem. Compraria também qualquer outro livro que ele escrevesse.”
    Thaís Fonseca, Diretora Financeira da FM3 Transportes.


    Exemplos reais, utilizações práticas e concretas, linguajar autêntico e bem informal, é o que você pode aguardar do escritor Alain Rocha que divide os aprendizados e formas de lidar com alguns dos numerosos dilemas enfrentados todos os dias pela geração Y e Z.

    Alain passou anos consumindo conteúdo não fictício, lendo biografias e pesquisando os hábitos comportamentais dos maiores e mais conhecidos nomes do mercado literário de negócios, autoajuda e marketing do passado e da atualidade como Stephen Covey, Ryan Holiday, Tim Ferriss, Jack Canfield e Gary Vaynerchuk e de pessoas prósperas e vitoriosas espalhadas pelo mundo como Jeff Bezos, Dale Carnegie, Donald Trump, Thomas A. Edison

    Alain conseguiu entender e moldar alguns hábitos e comportamentos diários dessas figuras para seu dia a dia e agora através do seu primeiro livro compartilha suas experiências e resultados depois de ter empenhado tais modos em sua vida pessoal e profissional.

    Ao longo dos capítulos, o autor relata como dominou o seu anseio compulsivo pelos aparelhos eletrônicos e dos aplicativos de celular como Instagram e Facebook, como controla as sombras da procrastinação, multiplica exponencialmente seu rendimento no trabalho, combate sua falta de perspectiva para o amanhã, supera a ansiedade e vai com tudo em assuntos complicados para os jovens e até para os mais velhos como dinheiro, preparação e execução.

    Para as pessoas que estão famintas e com ambição, querendo radicalmente mudar a sua visão sobre a realidade em que vivem, conhecer 11 novas perspectivas através do livro P*rra sai dessa, cara pode ser um bom começo.


    by Stephen Perry

    In “How To Make A Fortune During Future Stock Market Crashes With Strategic Stock Accumulation”, lifelong successful stock and bond investor Stephen Perry describes a step-by-step strategic system that almost anyone can use to succeed when buying and selling stocks and bonds
    Hundreds of books have been written and published about “how to get rich in the stock market”, so what makes this one stand out? Well, maybe you’re a first time investor, or maybe you’ve tried other stock trading “systems” and failed to achieve your goals. Whatever the case, you’re looking for answers, or else you’ve probably wasted a lot of time, and have come away disappointed and discouraged. You need a system.
    Everything is laid out well with all the steps in the chapter on Strategic Stock Accumulation: The System Step By Step. Additionally, complete results from back-testing the system over different historic time periods documenting the validity of the Strategic Stock Accumulation Strategy are available.Using the book’s system while learning a clear historical perspective will allow you to implement Mr Perry’s proven system.
    You will also learn how Strategic Stock Accumulation compares with several other well-known stock investment strategies.The results of these comparisons are eye-opening. You will finally feel empowered to use a system for stock market investing that gives you confidence not to abandon your efforts in face of inevitable stock market crashes and corrections. In fact, you will learn how to profit from those crashes and corrections.
    You will also discover how to avoid the common mistakes that other investors make:
    They don’t follow any system completely or correctly
    They lose confidence in themselves and the stock market , refusing to accept the market on its own terms.
    They become distracted by the “noise” of the stock market, and are easily affected by what other investors and the financial community are saying.
    If you follow the step-by-step instructions, you will learn everything you need to know in order to successfully master the techniques of Strategic Stock Accumulation. After using the strategy over several years, you will realize you have a new powerful secret weapon that most stock market investors are unaware of. This strategy will serve you successfully for the rest of your life as an investor when followed as described. The longer you use it, the more convinced you will be of its effectiveness.
    Finally, this strategy is a fairly easy system to implement, requiring mostly year-end buying and selling of stocks and bonds.Once the system allows you to gain confidence in yourself and the stock market, you will find that you are actually having fun too.
    Click on “Look Inside” to find out more.

    People Aren’t Widgets

    by Lucy Windsor

    The sophistication of our modern commercial world has come at a price. In many businesses, the workforce has become commoditised. People have become widgets and have lost sight of what they are working for and why.

    This book is a clarion call for all businesses who would like to not only survive but to thrive in the 21st century.

    By valuing employees, we put value into our business. By dewidgetising the workforce, we empower it to ‘work’ with ‘force’. Instead of pushing water uphill, we can go with the flow and bring our suppliers and customers along with us.

    We struggle in business, it’s easy to ascribe blame to economic conditions or think we need to redesign products or services. The key lies in people. When President Kennedy asked a janitor at NASA what he did, he said, “I fly rockets to the Moon.”

    This book will help you lift your business to new heights.

    “Very interesting and made useful by the real life stories. The reflection on reality and how to use situations to a positive result was great.”

    HOW TO HAVE MIND BLOWING, ENGAGING & ENERGIZING MEETINGS: From Boring to Interesting & effective using radiant thinking.

    by Maneesh Dutt

    Meetings, like friction, are a necessary evil for every organization. Quite commonly heard in organizations are comments like – ” I love the sleep inducing effect of our meets” or “It is surely death by meetings for us” or “We need more action and not more meetings” or “Where is the meeting headed?” or “Our meetings suck!” – and the list is endless.

    Even if you hate them, you cannot escape them in an organizational set up. Imagine, however, if you could literally transform your meetings to become more engaging, energizing and effective. And that too using the simple yet powerful and proven techniques of radiant and visual thinking via Mind Maps.

    Challenges exist in all organizations but many a time the top management looks entirely outside for solutions and in the process undermines or overlooks the creative potential of the company’s internal resources. Failed internal meetings around challenges, problem solving and more, are taken as added proof by the management of the inability of their resources to solve complex problems. Nothing can be further from the truth!

    Every meeting provides an opportunity to harness the unique creativity of participants as also the collective intelligence of the team. And an organization, which fails to do so is losing a golden opportunity to transform itself positively. Meetings fail or remain ineffective when individuals are unaware about simple brain friendly techniques to tap the full creative potential of the participants and this is where my Book offers to guide you.

    Using the simple steps indicated in the Book, backed by real life examples, you can transform your meetings around the following topics and more:

    – Goals setting
    – Decision making
    – Communication
    – Planning
    – Sales & marketing
    – Project management
    – Innovation
    The Book includes around 20 plus ready to use templates on the aforementioned topics, which you can immediately put to use for your meetings. And once you have learnt how to apply radiant thinking, it would be very easy for you to extend it to any area of your work. This is a ready blueprint for you to usher in positive change in your organization.

    Commercial Real Estate: How to Create Wealth and Financial Freedom with Commercial Real Estate (Investing)

    by Christopher Han

    ★★★ Buy the paperback version of this book, and get the Kindle eBook version included for FREE ★★★

    Have you ever thought about real estate as an investment?

    Is it something that is a mystery to you? Do you need some help to discover ways in which to make it work for you?

    There is no doubt that many people have made a lot of money by investing in real estate. Whether you buy property to improve and sell on, or buy to let for a stable income, it is one of the most secure ways of earning a passive income that exists.
    With this new book, Commercial Real Estate: How to Create Wealth and Financial Freedom with Commercial Real Estate, you can uncover all the tricks of the trade when it comes to making money from commercial properties.

    Inside this book, you will learn all about:

    • Preparation you must make before embarking on your new career
    • Accepting that it is a long-term investment
    • Getting the right tenants and the right properties
    • Why an exit strategy is essential.
    • And everything in between

    Written with the novice in mind, Commercial Real Estate is also suitable for those who may already have started out in the business but need some direction.
    Whichever it is, you can be sure that this book will make sure you are on the right path when it comes to your real estate investment plans.

    30 Passive Income Ideas: Make $100,000 Per Year with Passive Income (Financial Freedom Guides)

    by Timothy Ramsey

    There are three ways to make more money:
    1) Work more hours
    2) Serve a different boss
    3) Create passive income streams

    The benefit of passive income is simple: you make money while you sleep. After setting a passive income stream, you continue to earn money without spending much additional time.

    Passive income comes in many forms & goes by many different names… “side hustles,” investments, small business ideas, home-based businesses, online businesses, and more. Regardless of its name or its form, passive income is key to establishing your financial security.

    In this short, info-packed book, you will learn…
    – A variety of passive income streams to choose from
    – Characteristics and considerations for each option
    – Advantages and disadvantages
    – Online resources for more information

    Time is precious, and you don’t want to spend the rest of your life working from paycheck to paycheck. Choose to break free.

    How to run a Business Support Enterprise from home?: Create a successful business from home!

    by Dahlia Drummond

    Are you looking for a profitable business you can run from home? Work around your kids and create a flexible schedule. This book will allow you to do what I have been doing for years- run my own successful Business Support services Enterprise and make great income.

    In this book you will learn:
    1) What services to offer
    2) How to price for profit
    3) What kind of clients to pursue

    And much more…Plus one month free support to help you stay on the right track.

    Advancing Energy Policy: Lessons on the integration of Social Sciences and Humanities

    This open access book advocates for the Social Sciences and Humanities to be more involved in energy policymaking. It forms part of the European platform for energy-related Social Sciences and Humanities’ activities, and works on the premise that crossing disciplines is essential. All of its contributions are highly interdisciplinary, with each chapter grounded in at least three different Social Sciences and Humanities disciplines. These varying perspectives come together to cover an array of issues relevant to the energy transition, including: energy poverty, justice, political ecology, governance, behaviours, imaginaries, systems approaches, modelling, as well as the particular challenges faced by interdisciplinary work. As a whole, the book presents new ideas for future energy policy, particularly at the European level. It is a valuable resource for energy researchers interested in interdisciplinary and society-relevant perspectives. Those working outside the Social Sciences and Humanities will find this book an accessible way of learning more about how these subjects can constructively contribute to energy policy. 

    Got a new Kindle or know someone who has? Check out the ultimate guide to finding free books for your Kindle. Also available in the UK.