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Forever Young: A Tale Of Blood, Innocence Lost, And Youth Eternal

by Indika Guruge

Forever Young – A Gripping Modern Dark Fairytale!

As the sun sets, and the stage is set: A luscious, enigmatic woman who loves the finer things in life – and harbors a dark and deadly secret.

A famous billionaire genius, bored and fed up with his empty, loveless lifestyle of drugs, one night stands, and expensive parties.

And an innocent, studious young girl who wants nothing but to help people.

Either by chance or fate, life has brought these three together and bound them in a tangled web of love, lust, and dark secrets.

Follow the thrilling story of two star-struck lovers faced with an ominous dark threat, more dangerous than they could ever fathom – a threat with a tempting face and body, a sweet voice, and a mind wicked beyond all measure:

She’s none other than the Elizabeth Bathory – the most powerful vampire that ever lived!

Will the innocent win, or will the evil get in their way and have the last laugh?

The Refreshing Twist The Vampire Novel Genre Needed!

If you’re a lover of contemporary young adult vampire, romance, and supernatural fantasy fiction, then Forever Young is the perfect book for you.

Writing in a lively and exciting style, Indika Guruge has taken all the classical elements of the quintessential vampire novel and re-arranged them in a fresh, unique way – creating a true page turner you won’t be able to put down!

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Werewolf Academy Book 6: Vengeance

by Cheree Alsop

Betrayed, Alex awakens to find himself in greater danger than he has ever before experienced. His ability to turn into the Demon could prove to be mankind’s greatest threat. Alex has to decide if he commands the Demon, or if the Demon rules him. Tormented by the past, Alex finds peace in a place he had never thought to look. Torn between duty and the danger that hounds his footsteps, Alex also finds a way to fill the void in his life, family.
But living for others also means having more to lose. When Drogan’s threat extends beyond the werewolves, Alex has to decide whether he is willing to put his life, and the lives of the other werewolf students, on the line in order to save the humans.

Heroes of Evrawin: Book One

by Jay Linder

Terlis and Torlan Lithal at the ages of seven and eight, were orphaned after witnessing their parents brutally murdered by a gruesome demon. Rescued and taken in by the famed kingdom of Fam’Ere, they vowed to avenge their parents death and rid their world of this evil. With that goal in mind, the brothers became soldiers within the Fam’Ere military and after many years earned the prestigious title of “Elite”.

After many years of fighting in the Demon War, the brothers now find themselves caught up in a much deeper plot. Evil forces that walk their land, the truth behind the appearance of the demons and ancient weapons resurfacing that were at the center of past and terrible wars.

What Terlis and Torlan encounter in their travels is beyond anything they could have ever imagined.

Darwish: A dystopian Middle Eastern Thriller

by Noam Morchy

It has been almost 60 years since the Arabs defeated Israel but the Middle East is still far from quiet; Sunnis and Shiites are at constant war, rebel groups are fighting against the central government and the shadows of the past hang heavy over Jews and Arabs.
Falastin district, 2033. The Arab Federation is recuperating from a devastating epidemic. In Yaffa University, Amir Darwish, a young microbiologist is working on a sensitive project. His work is almost complete when it becomes clear that some people would see him dead before they let him make certain discoveries. Amir, caught between sinister forces, is sucked into a vortex of violence and lies and eventually has to stand his ground and fight back. Sadly, he knows exactly how to do it

Hoffmann’s Assistant

by Renee Lauter

Take a mystery, and add a dash of steampunk and you have Hoffmann’s Assistant. A short story about a circus girl turned detective’s assistant. But can she navigate the upper level of the airship and it’s upper class? Does she have what it takes to work for the cold Inspector? Or will she be sent back to the dangerous lower level to fend for herself?

Poseidon’s Grave (Fairy Tale Horror Book 2)

by Kelsey Warren-Bryant

The Little Mermaid: A Dark Tale . . .

Liam Prince has just graduated from high school with a scholarship to college. In his mind, nothing can go wrong.
That is, until he’s dragged into the ocean by a demonic mermaid.
Now he must make it back to land by sunrise, else he be condemned to a life beneath the sea. And here, in the depths of the ocean, things are more terrifying than he could have ever imagined . . .

This is a novella averaging 21,000 words. It is dedicated to the animal shelters of Oklahoma, to help homeless and starving animals within the state.

Love and Void

by Olga Toprover

Dasha is a woman who stops aging at 25 because of a curse hanging over her family. This is just a side effect of witchcraft, the aim of which was to force Dasha and all women in her family to suffer from love and from never being loved in return.
“They will live with that unrequited love, which would be a torture. It will turn into their pain, obsession and sickness. Time will not heal them. Minutes and years would stretch to lengthen their sadness. There will no escape from love. Exhausted by that love, they will be seeking a way out. There will be just one escape, just one…”
Dasha is trying to find a way to stop the witchcraft. She witnesses wars, and leaders who come and go, promising new horizons and tearing off the thin threads of hope. To solve her mother’s secrets she has to connect the dots between past and present, traveling to various cities and even countries. Her sister Anna is suffering because of love and Dasha herself cannot escape her fate. Can she beat the darkness and change her life? Will she be able to find happiness in the ocean of â??â??suffering and frustration?
Readers who are moved by a combination of fantasy, drama and romance will find this book interesting. The concept of “Love and Void” was partly inspired by “The Enchanters” (1973) by a French writer Romain Gary.
Recently a plot with a similar idea of an ageless woman was used in Hollywood, in the movie “The Age of Adaline” (2015).

The Family Tree

by Ronni Leavitt

If you’ve ever felt like you have too many flaws to make a positive impact on the world, this is the story for you. Our tale begins in a quiet valley. Surrounded by many tall, stately trees that reach majestically to the sky, stands a short tree with thick, gnarled branches that stoop towards the ground. Even worse, there is a beautiful river flowing nearby that serves as a constant reminder of all the trees flaws. Believing its crooked stature makes it unlovable, the tree longs to look like the other tall, majestic trees in the valley. It grapples with the question, what value can I possibly offer the world? The tree does have one solace, not being the ugliest thing in the valley; Sitting nearby is a rundown, dilapidated, long-abandoned cabin.
But soon even that comfort is about to be pruned away. A human man arrives and life in the valley is about to be changed forever. As the tree becomes intertwined in the daily lives of the man and his family, it learns that sometimes our perceived flaws can be our greatest contribution to the world.

The NYC Werewolf: Tales, Book Two (NYC Werewolf Tales 2)

by Bert Murray

Perfect for Young Adult fantasy readers who enjoyed the Twilight series. Full of suspense, passion, strong emotions and plenty of twists and turns. Sand, surf, sweet summer love and a werewolf adventure like no other.

“…An urban-fantasy tale about a young werewolf…The book’s excitement comes in finding out what James’ wolf form will do nextâ??and what sort of criminal he’ll set straight during his sudden appearances…thriller helped along by a wolfman who’s full of surprises.” – Kirkus Reviews

A gorgeous, sprawling Victorian ocean estate faces the Atlantic Ocean and holds mysterious relics from centuries ago. It is here that James finally begins to realize the great potential of his amazing supernatural powers. The connection between his powers and his late mother and Greek mythology becomes clearer.

The tales continue with a series of nerve-racking adventures, including a showdown on a motorcycle.

James’ decision to share his secret with the new friends he gets to know at the beach resort leads to earth-shattering discoveries. Lucy and James enjoy romantic, midnight rendezvous on the beach, despite having to deal with an unexpected dilemma.

Mystery, Greek mythology, fantasy, humor and romance are all blended together to create an entertaining and fascinating page-turner.

Note: (This book is part two in a three book series and you should read part one first.)

This Young Adult fantasy book is suitable for older teens and adults who enjoy fantasy writing filled with supernatural suspense, Greek mythology, adventures, humor, detailed descriptions, complex characters, creative plot twists, a werewolf as the main character and romance that is passionate, but not very steamy or too detailed.

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