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Forbidden Adult Stories Bundle

by Cynthia Eager

These might be a little too dirty for you…

Collection of 15 off-limit encounters!

A Second Sun

by Iris Crawford

When noble gentleman Willem Middleton leaves his home in 1853 Victorian England to serve the Emperor and Empress of Austria, far away from his wife and newborn son, he never expected it would lead him down a perilous course of forbidden desire and destruction.

His pastoral life with his wife, Helena and their young son is turned upside down when he is assigned as equerry to the court of Emperor Franz Joseph I and Empress Elisabeth in Vienna. While there, he is blindsided by a mysterious, dark-haired beauty causing him to question the man he thought he was. Once her true identity is revealed, he realizes the danger of their forbidden desire is more than he could have imagined. The object of his desire has become the object of his ruin, putting his very life at stake.

Willem’s erotic submission to a woman of power leads him on a torturous journey of internal conflict, carnal discoveries, and a tragic reawakening. In the midst of living out his most primal desires on the remote island of Corfu, Willem forgets who he is and what his values are until a devastating family illness shocks him back into reality.

Upon his return to London, a waking nightmare awaits: the near tragic death of his son. He tries to pick up the broken pieces of his life with his family. After the pain of his betrayal, a renewed hope dawns. On his final trip to Vienna, Willem is met with a shattering conclusion to his affair and discovers the man he is in the process.

Ragged Ridge Creek: A Western Adventure (The Ridge Creek Trilogy Book 1)

by Ash Lingam

(Book 1 of 4 Books of The Ridge Creek Trilogy Plus One) Texas Ranger and accused outlaw, Captain Ridge Creek is on the run from bounty hunters. He was framed by Pedro Mendez for murder and the burning of the town of Ragged Ridge Creek, in Southern Texas. As he seeks to find a way to prove his innocence he meets up with his old Pard, James Butler Hickok, and a new romance with a south of the border beauty, Blanca Flores on the trail of his escape to the Indian Territories. Rustlers, Bounty Hunters, Renegades, Texan Outlaws, Kiowa & Comanche Indians. All factors in this Rangers battle for Justice. This Old West gunfighter on the road to hell in a true western adventure. Vol. 1 of the Ridge Creek Trilogy.

The New Hire :: A Billionaire Virgin Romance

by Sage Rae

It was probably a mistake to hire little, virgin Winnie from small
-town Texas as my secretary. Hell, it could ruin my whole career.

â?©â?©I’m ten years older, and I know I have to protect her
from the worldâ??especially my twin brother and
partner, Dan, who will f-ck anything that moves (even though he’s engaged).
He’s ruined enough secretaries’ lives, but I won’t let him mess with Winnie’s head.

â?©â?©She’s different. A singer. A songwriter. And whip-smart, to boot. â?©â?©

But can I resist her? That perfect ass, those bright blue eyesâ?¦and her innocence. Just showing her New York City is almost enough to get into her pants.
She looks at me like I own the world. Which, as a
billionaire, I basically do.

â?©â?©I want to show her everything. Help her become the strong, empowered woman I know is hiding in there.

â?©â?©And as her boss, I know I can’t go over the line. Or I’ll ruin everything. â?©

Keeping Her Wet: A Novella

by M. Robinson


Ten couples.
Twenty characters.
Ten chapters.
A collection of ten hot scenes from all ten of my standalone books. Each couple will have a chapter dedicated to them. New and never read before.

Sebastian and Ysabelle- The VIP Trilogy
Mika and The Madam- The VIP Trilogy
Devon and Brooke- Tempting Bad
James and Gianna- Two Sides Gianna
Lucas and Alex- Complicate Me (The Good Ol’ Boys)
Jacob and Lily- Forbid Me (The Good Ol’ Boys)
Dylan and Aubrey- Undo Me (The Good Ol’ Boys)
Austin and Briggs- Crave Me (The Good Ol’ Boys)
Martinez and Lexi- El Diablo
Creed and Mia- Road to Nowhere & Ends Here

What About Us (The Bluff Harbor Series Book 2)

by Emma Tharp

Torn between her desire for the guy who has her heart and her loyalty to her best friend, Kate Bergman knows she must break her own heart to give her broken and fragile friend a shot at happiness.

But letting go of River McEwan is the hardest thing she’s ever done. Moving on is even harder–especially when River doesn’t want to let her go. As the two resist their passion for one another, Kate uncovers the truth about her best friend. As the three of them forge a new path of friendship and discovery, tragedy strikes. Now, it’s up to Kate to fight for the only man she’s ever loved. But can she make River forget about the past to find a future together?

This book is intended for a mature audience. 18+

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