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A Warriorâ??s Redemption: Highlander and BBW Romance

by Carol Whitehead

In the midst of civil war of Scotland between the Royalist, who supported the King, and the Covenanters, ordained to establish Presbyterianism in Highlands, fruited a love between a warrior, Iain Grant, the son of the chief of Grant’s clan, and a voluptuous curvy woman, Agnes Gordon, the daughter of Earl of Huntly.

When Grant’s allied with Gordon’s to halt the Covenanters beyond their territories, Iain was sent with his troop to help the army of Gordon’s in defeating the Covenanters. Adam Gordon, the nephew of the Earl Huntly, befriends with Iain during the battle and invites Iain and his men to the castle of Huntly where Iain meets Agnes, the Rubenesque woman he had ever desired. As the time passed the bond of love between them strengthen, but eventually James Grant, chief of Grant’s, influenced by the views of the Covenanters breaks the alliance with the Gordons, and call back Iain and his troop. The love of Iain and Agnes get at stake when the two Clan’s turn at each other.

Being parted from Agnes, Iain sees the evil face of war; he experiences a self-redemption. War for hierarchy, pride, and God becomes meaningless for him. Seeking the love of Agnes, the warrior of blood becomes the savior of a soul.

This standalone story ends Happily Ever After. The story contains explicit love scenes and is intended for 18+ readers only!

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Dudosa reputación (Spanish Edition)

by R Corrales

Marguerite lo ha perdido todo, su familia, su riqueza y hasta su reputación. Todos parecen darle la espalda, y murmuran maliciosos a su espalda. Huir parece la única solución, hasta que un desconocido le ofrece un inusual acuerdo ¿pero, podrá confiar en él?

The Devil’s Tide (Devil’s Fire Book 2)

by Matt Tomerlin


Hostage-turned-pirate Kate Lindsay returns in this action-packed followup to The Devil’s Fire, and the last thing she wants is to go back to her mundane life in London. A young pirate narrowly avoids the gallows when the governor of the Bahamas enlists his aid in bringing Lindsay to justice. A pirate hunter returns to his old ways, with the demons of his past swiftly following his trail. A beautiful strumpet falls in league with Blackbeard, witnessing his despicable crimes firsthand, before she becomes a pawn in his schemes. As all sides spiral toward a fiery climax, nothing is what it seems, and the odds are in favor of death.

-S. Bogden

Shooters: A Burt and Shade Short Story

by Mick Beacham

The story of where bounty hunters Burt and Shade first become partners. They are partnered as a Sharpshooting team in the blood and fire of The American Civil War. It is a short story packed full of action and adventure. This is the story of where western Heroes Burt and Shade honed their skills as shooters. Becoming protectors of the innocent and destroyers of evil men.

Seven Springs

by Lindsay Shayne

Nothing in the Prescotts’ eastern, merchant-class lives could prepare them for the sacrifice and hardship of the Alberta frontier.

Charles Prescott is general manager of the prestigious Danbury Hotel and fully expects to become its owner upon old Mr. Danbury’s death. But an unforeseen disinheritance forces him to consider alternate means by which to maintain his livelihood and the social comforts expected by his wife, Abigail, and their daughter.

Blinded by impending poverty, he is lured by the promise of prosperity touted for the new towns along the western rail lines, and ensnared by the desire for his own success. But when business does not proceed as intended, he has no option but to consider a surprising source of revenue.

Abigail is drawn to the romantic ideal of nature but is unprepared for the harsh realities of settler life. As her family struggles to improve their station, her chance encounter with an influential investor may switch the track of their lives forever.

Schwert und Schild РSir Morgan, der L̦wenritter Band 36: Der Mann am Kreuz (German Edition)

by Tomos Forrest

Sir Morgan of Launceston, der Löwenritter ist mit seinem treuen Freund Shawn unterwegs, beide verkleidet als Laienbrüder und begleitet von einem echten Mönch, um ein legendäres Kreuz von Exeter zum Kloster von Abt Geoffrey zu transportieren. Unterwegs werden sie überfallen, und das Kreuz wird gestohlen und zwar von einer Gruppe von Leuten über deren Anführer man sagt, dass er der Teufel in Menschengestalt sei. Bei ihrer Verfolgung der Diebe geraten sie immer wieder in lebensbedrohliche Hinterhalte und entdecken grausame, nahezu unvorstellbare Dinge �

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