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The Souls of Black Folk

by W. E. B. Du Bois

This landmark book is a founding work in the literature of black protest. W. E. B. Du Bois (1868-1963) played a key role in developing the strategy and program that dominated early 20th-century black protest in America. In this collection of essays, first published together in 1903, he eloquently affirms that it is beneath the dignity of a human being to beg for those rights that belong inherently to all mankind. He also charges that the strategy of accommodation to white supremacy advanced by Booker T. Washington, then the most influential black leader in America, would only serve to perpetuate black oppression.
Publication of The Souls of Black Folk was a dramatic event that helped to polarize black leaders into two groups: the more conservative followers of Washington and the more radical supporters of aggressive protest. Its influence cannot be overstated. It is essential reading for everyone interested in African-American history and the struggle for civil rights in America.


by James Shaw

STORMY DANIELS (birth name, Stephanie A. Clifford, born March 17, 1979, on St. Patrick’s Day) is an AMERICAN PATRIOT. Even without the incessant coverage by the American news media, which for several months, in 2018, followed her from sun up to sun down, Ms. Daniels’ intuition, intellect, bravery and necessary legal actions against United States President Donald Trump, make her a truly outstanding American Patriot.
A stalwart, confident Heroine who stood up to those who would control, manipulate, threaten and silence her, Daniels, without question, joins the distinguished company of other renowned American Patriots such as Betsy Ross, Paul Revere, Michelle Obama, General Colin Powell, Teddy Roosevelt, Dr. Martin Luther King, General Douglas MacArthur, Jacqueline Kennedy, Hillary Clinton, and Dolly Madison, just to name a few.
Stormy Daniels earned her permanent place in American history when she filed a lawsuit against Trump and then voluntarily and repeatedly came forward and explained to America’s media the reasons for that particular lawsuit, as well as why Trump, just days before the 2016 Presidential Election, was desperate about paying her to keep silent about their past sexual affair. Trump’s desperation was orchestrated into a specific set of marching orders that he gave to his then-lawyer/lackey: one semi-literate dullard (obsessed with secretly recording his numberless conversations with his client, Trump) Michael Cohen.
The United States Department of Justice has amassed irrefutable, clear and convincing evidence that Russia hacked the 2016 Presidential Election so that Donald Trump could win, and not Hillary Clinton. But has America’s collective memory also been hacked by Russia, or has our nation merely forgotten the late, former Soviet Russia’s president Nikita Krushchev’s arrogant, rhino-bellow of a public threat: “We will take over America, and we will do it without our military firing a single shot! They won’t have to. We will take over America through its own democratic processes!”
What relief for Trump (and his lawyer-lackey, Michael Cohen) that Stormy Daniels’ story did not publicly emerge at that critical time, on or about November 8, 2016. If her story had come out, then, Trump might not have seized the Presidential Election victory over Clinton. In fact, his chances certainly might have been destroyed by the resultant avalanche of virtually 24/7 news coverage of Daniels’ remarkable, less than Snow White story about Trump. That’s the first thing. The second thing is that Vladimir Putin might have become furious with Trump (his American Agent) if he had lost the Presidential Election, particularly if Trump had lost the Election due to straight-from-the-gutter facts: Media reports about a sexual dalliance between Trump and a U.S. adult film star.
Americans must face the fact that Putin’s hacking of the election was a well-structured and -directed hands-on tactic to ensure Donald Trump’s Presidential victory over Hillary Clinton. To be clear, election victories are often won less by garnering more votes than by reducing or eliminating identified risks. Stormy Daniels’ story about her affair with Trump was a known risk that Trump and his fixer, Michael Cohen, believed could be vanquished with $130,000. Together, this failed real estate mogul and fraudulent “educator” (court-ordered shutdown of Trump University) and his dullard-for-a-lawyer deliberately flouted the Federal laws that have specific stipulations on the sources and pathways of Presidential Election campaign contributions.
Stormy Daniels’ brave and courageous actions, and her Attorney Michael Avenatti’s media appearances educating America about the Trump-Cohen criminal acts, revealed to the American public how relentless Donald Trump and his cohorts have been in his conspiracy with Vladimir Putin to execute The Art of the Steal, which won Trump the 2016 Presidential Election, and work for Russia as Vladimir Putin’s American Agent.

Aztec Mythology: Captivating Aztec Myths of Gods, Goddesses, and Legendary Creatures

by Matt Clayton

If you’re looking for a captivating collection of Aztec myths then keep readingâ?¦

The Aztecs believed that offerings of human blood and human lives were necessary to the continued running of the universe. Indeed, in Aztec myths the gods themselves make sacrifices of their own blood and even of their entire bodies in order to create a universe humans can live in and, in one story, to create humans themselves; humans therefore must make blood sacrifices in turn to feed the gods and to keep the universe in existence.

To the ancient Aztecs, these practices seemed fitting, necessary, and honorable, helping to connect the world of humans to the divine world of the gods, a universe that in Aztec myth took shape in cycles of creation, destruction, and rebirth.

Aztec Mythology: Captivating Aztec Myths of Gods, Goddesses, and Legendary Creatures invites you to go on a startling journey to discover stories such as:

  • The Legend of the Suns
  • The Deeds of Mixcoatl
  • The Origin of Maize and the Creation of Pulque
  • The Fall of Xochiquetzal
  • The Fate of Souls
  • Huitzilopochtli and the Founding of Tenochtitlan
  • Huemac Plays the Ball Game
  • And many more!

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Columbus Day vs Indigenous Peoples’ Day: The Truth Behind the Anti-Columbus Movement

by Rafael .

“Anti-Columbus Day activists are using Christopher Columbus as an excuse to demonize American history in general, trusting that most people know little or nothing about Columbus.” This theory by the author was proven right last year, as his first book Christopher Columbus The Hero was been publish. What started as a protest of Columbus Day and statues of Columbus, around August 2017, developed into protests against American heroes like George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and others, in addition of claims of racism in our American Anthem, culminating with violence and death in Charlottesville, Virginia. To revisionists, Christopher Columbus is responsible for all this, because, in their view, he is the one who brought slavery, racism, and misery to the New World. The question is, are these allegations true?
In this book, the author disproves the lies and propaganda against Christopher Columbus and the American heroes revisionists attacked last year. The author shows the reader how their tactics are similar to those they use against Columbus and his legacy. Though activists have not yet been successful in persuading many people against American history and its heroes, they have been successful in renaming Columbus Day as Indigenous Peoples’ Day in many states and cities, to the disrespect of the Italian-American community who lobbied for the Hero’s holiday.

Our Story: From Sweden and Ireland to America – Books One and Two

by Philip Wik

In the 45th year of my life, I’ve put on paper my understanding of our family’s history.

This book contains the lineage of my family, going back many generations on both of my parent’s sides, in one case before the time of Columbus. It’s a unique narrative that unfolds two historically significant pioneering efforts: the opening of the mid-west in the United States and the early settlement of Australia. Also in this book are stories from letters and diaries that until now have remained hidden for years.

Grigori Rasputin: A Life From Beginning to End

by Hourly History

Grigori Rasputin

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Rasputin began life as a peasant in the poorest reaches of Siberia and ended his life as the virtual second-in-command of Tsarist Russia. How did he achieve such a rapid change in fortunes? Was it through palace intrigue or magic and mind control? Or perhaps, the causes were a combination of hypnosis and haemophilia?
The tsar’s son Nicholas had been born with the dreaded “royal disease” otherwise known as the blood clotting deficiency named haemophilia. The slightest cut or scrape could be life-threatening for the young boy. The self-proclaimed healer managed to convince the royal family that he was the only way that their son would stay alive. With a role this vital, there was no way that Rasputin would be dropped from the imperial payroll anytime soon.

Inside you will read about…

â?? From Peasant Monk to Royal Holy Man
â?? Rasputin’s Miracle
â?? Immoral Rumors
â?? Rasputin’s Banishment
â?? Rasputin During World War I
â?? The End of Rasputin’s Reign
And much more!

Through intrigue, divine intervention, or perhaps just the sheer force of his personality, he forever cemented his place in Russian history. Read about the mad monk turned master ministerâ??read about the astonishing rise and fall that comprised the life of Grigori Rasputin.

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THE CHESAPEAKE: Tidewater Sagas

by Ken Rossignol

THE CHESAPEAKE: Six books in the series –Tales & Scales; Legends, Yarns, & Barnacles; Oyster Buyboats, Ships & Steamed Crabs; A Man Born to Hang Can’t Drown; Country Cornpone Cornucopia; and Tidewater Sagas provides the shared memories of those who lived life to the fullest in the Chesapeake region.
This group of assembled scribes, poets and storytellers aspires to one goal and one goal only; to entertain the reader. Most have been working hard at achieving the summit of worldly acclaim for decades.
I asked each of them to contribute one or more penned pieces of prose at various times and, one by one, they agreed without any threats of undue duress. The youngest to join the group, at least he was younger than the rest, was Lenny Rudow. Lenny, while a student at St. Mary’s College of Maryland, decided to enter our Fish Story contest, and in 1988, he won, opening up a long stint at THE CHESAPEAKE and leading to a career as a professional outdoor life writer.
That was thirty years ago. As for the oldest in the crowd, the first one to claim it, gets the nod. Jack Rue, Beth & Fred McCoy, John Peterson, Vi Englund, Pepper Langley, Capt. Joe Lore, Mel Brokenshire, Mark Robbins, Alan Brylawski and Patty Muchow have now been elevated to new roles past the Pearly Gates where they undoubtedly hold court with a Heavenly audience.

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