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Prisons of Stolen Dreams

by Christopher St. John Sampayo

When 9-year-old Sarah Guzman was kidnapped, the leads eventually went cold and the worst was feared. Those searching for Sarah were not aware that their own lives and the lives of all those they cared about were also in jeopardy. They could never have envisioned the impending darkness that was coming for them. They could never have imagined the reasons Sarah’s abductors kept her alive along with other stolen children, trapped in Prisons of Stolen Dreams.

The Haunting of Carson Manor: A Ghost Story

by Jack Caspien

When spirits are trapped, they infect their dwelling with a gloom that permeates the entire structure. This is what we mortals call a haunted house. And in a town in Texas, a particular house casts a shadow over the entire community. It’s eldritch aura seems to wax on the full moon, and wane only when the church bell rings. Those that pass by know not to look too closely, for they value their sanity more than the truthâ?¦

But for Daniel, that house attracts him as a lodestone attracts a particle of iron. It has an irresistible appeal to him, representing the culmination of his many years of being curious about the supernatural world. For Daniel, there is no greater value than truth; whether it leads to a greater understanding of the universe, or whether it leads to eternal wandering through an abyss of suffering and anguish is a risk he is willing to take.

Katie too feels an intrepid desire to understand the unknown. This has largely been fueled by her uncle who seeks to understand how his community was ravaged many decades ago. Such spirits still linger. They whisper to the living, beckoning them come and see…only fools take heed…

Postales de sangre y de locura (Spanish Edition)

by Leonardo Farias

¿busca historias cortas de suspenso, terror o paranormal? Postales de sangre y locura le podría interesar. 5 historias que se unen en la sangre, la locura y la muerte.

Claret: A Short Story

by Brian Scutt

Reflection. Enlightenment.

An unstable family in an unstable time. There is evil in the world, but none worse than the horrors that lurk within humanity.  
An alcoholic conspiracy theorist reads the teachings of a self-proclaimed messiah. He is determined to save his family from the coming apocalypse. Even if it’s through blood. 

The world is all used up…those that remain will be damned to the tormentsâ?¦.We must save them…

Don’t Mess with the Dead

by Drac Von Stoller

Karen and here friends Jimmy, Doug and David were avid ghost hunters in their town. They were always excited to find a new location that no other ghost hunters had explored. As Karen and her friends were driving around after midnight on a windy night bored of not being able to find a new location. Just as they were about to give up. David said, “Stop! Doug replied, “You scared the crap out of me. I almost ran the car off the road.”
“Sorry, but I just remembered when I was just a little boy, I used to walk down this old dirt road with my best friend Tommy that we used to read the writings on the tombstones. Tommy told me a family of Witches were buried in this unmarked cemetery. Of course I had nightmares quite frequent that the family of Witches would come out of their graves and kill me someday. But when I got a little older my friend Tommy told me he made the story up just to scare me since I was so much younger than he was. He knew I was a scaredy cat and would probably have nightmares. Boy was he right, I had so many nightmares about that cemetery that I wouldn’t step foot on that dirt road if you gave me a million dollars. Now that I’m so much older now and not afraid of any ghosts. I think it would be pretty cool to check out the cemetery I was so afraid of so long ago,” explained David.
Doug answered, “Well since were all here and no exciting ghost sightings, we may as well check out the cemetery for any Witches,” laughed Doug. Doug drove the car down the old dirt road and as he approached the location of the cemetery he said, “Look I think I saw something by one of the tombstones. It’s probably nothing.”
Karen laughed and said,” It’s probably one of the Witches welcoming us to the cemetery.”

Horror Stories: The Revenge

by Jaydeep Shah

This book is about different horror stories. It contains thirty scary tales. It is second fictional book of the author Jaydeep Shah. This book is only for 18+.

The Fire’s Will: A Dark Fantasy Dystopian Adventure (Light and Dark Series Book 1)

by Astrina Patten

Sometimes the line between dark and light is blurred

Orphaned and raised by a cold grandfather, John Jansen is unaware that Enlighteners and Darkeners, from a parallel world, guide humans to make choices on Earthâ??for good or for evil. He’s thrown into an alternate universe where he meets Nephraim, a guardian of the Enlightened Territory, who informs him that as one of the rare humans whose inner voice cannot be influenced by Enlighteners or Darkeners, he has been called on to help the people on Earth make the right decisions.

At first John refuses to join the Enlighteners, but the Darkeners attack him, and soon he has no choice but to accept the dangerous mission thrust upon him. Sworn to protect Nephraim, the Enlightened Territory, and Earth from a dark fate, John discovers that things are not always as they seem. As the Darkeners infiltrate the Enlightened Territory, poised to deliver a fatal blow, it’s up to John to stop the Deceiver before it’s too late.

In the battle between the Enlighteners and Darkeners, and good and evil, John must choose between what is right and what he wants.

The Haunted Cave

by Drac Von Stoller

During the late 1800’s Tom Sanderson’s farm was a great place for fishing. Tom was a very friendly man that liked to give tours in his cave to anyone that fished or hunted on his farm. But Tom’s kindness would eventually do him in.
One day, like any other day, Tom approached two men that were drinking and fishing in his pond.
Tom asked the men, “Would you like to take a tour in my cave just over the hill?”
The two men knew Tom was loaded and heard that he kept his money in his overalls. The men said, “Sure we would love to take a tour of your cave.”
Tom was about to become a legend in a deadly way.

The Sanctuary (Union Cross Park Series Book 1)

by Felicia Leibenguth

Silently stalking from the shadows, he spots his prey. Blood lust overtakes him as a predatory growl escapes his lips.

A creature of habit, seclusion, and myth, forced to feed on the humans he grudgingly despises.

His latest victim is shrouded in mystery, bringing intrigue and uncertainty into his otherwise mundane existence, leaving his immortal soul to hang in the balance.

Laurie (Flash Relatos) (Spanish Edition)

by Stephen King

Stephen King nos regala un precioso relato sobre la vida, la pérdida y la esperanza.

Lloyd, un hombre que acaba de perder a su mujer, recibe un «regalo» inesperado por parte de su hermana. Laurie, una adorable cachorrilla mezcla de Border Collie y Mudi, que poco a poco cambiará su vida para siempre.

Pero lo que prometía ser una vida apacible de paseos por la playa y comidas relajantes se ve truncada por un hecho inesperado.

The Zombie Outbreak (Surviving the Zombie Nightmare Book 1)

by Daniel White

Note: This is Book 1 of the Surviving the Zombie Nightmare Series
Book 2 here:
Book 3 here:
Book 4 here:

Terror strikes a government building when it suddenly becomes the target of an unthinkable attack. Zombies attack seemingly out of nowhere and the witnesses are ordered to leave at gunpoint. When Eric Bayne does as ordered, only to find that the zombie attack wasn’t a onetime occurrence, he is forced to face a terrible truth. The zombie apocalypse has truly come to pass.

Knowing that life will never be normal again, everyone has to make the choice to survive or give up.

Eric Bayne chooses to fight and survive at all costs. His journey to battle the odds takes him down a darker road than he ever imagined. Can he fight the inevitable and win or will he end up just another mindless creature?

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