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A Dog Story: A Story about Divorce

by Christopher Meeks

“Meeks is an observer of the human conditionâ?¦ a superior writer of the genre in our presence.” -Grady Harp

“As always, Meeks has a fine ear for the way the line of communication can become frayed between once-loving couples.” -Thomas Philo

“If you are a fan of the short stories of Raymond Carverâ?¦you will enjoy Meeks’ latest, â??A Dog’s Story.'” -James E. Crawford

In “A Dog Story/b>,” a Los Angeles woman going through a divorce visits her soon-to-be-ex on Mother’s Day and gets their dog, Scrappy, for the day. That dog changes everything.

This story is part of a series of new tales from Christopher Meeks of modern life in America. When his first short story collection, “The Middle-Aged Man and the Sea,” came out, the Los Angeles Times called his work “poignant and wise, sympathetic to the everyday struggles the characters face.” Entertainment Weekly wrote it was a “stunning” collection. He continues here with his trademark insight and humor.

A Minute After Midnight

by Fergus O’Connell

A minute after midnight, June 6, 1944. U.S. Lieutenant Richard Groves stands on a ship bound for the Normandy coast. Below, his men try to catch what sleep they can. A few days earlier Richard discovered he was in love with Sheila, an English girl. But now he faces his first time in combat.

Told minute by minute through one full day, in both flashbacks and moving forward to the present day, ‘A Minute After Midnight’ tells the story of Richard’s life, his love affair with Sheila and the stories of the men he leads.

Dawn breaks and the French coast is in sight. Now Richard and his men must begin the work for which they have trained for years. By nightfall, which, if any of them, will be alive?

Peopled with unforgettable characters, ‘A Minute After Midnight’ is the story of an event we’ve forgotten both the wonder and the significance of.

Lorraine’s Journey Down Under Book One

by Bert Murray

She had given him her heart. He walked out on her.

Lorraine Marshall, age 40, shaken by the loss of her boyfriend to another woman, journeys from America to the land Down Under to overcome her great sense of emptiness and despair. To her surprise her vacation in Australia transforms her life in unexpected ways.

Filled with adventure, suspense, the art world, and sweet romance this is a moving slice of life book about a woman’s attempt to survive an emotional crisis.

This is book one in the series.

Dare To Love (The Beautifully Broken Book 4)

by Amanda Kaitlyn

One moment changed my life forever.
Her big green eyes looked at me and I knew I would never be the same.
But sometimes in life, the things you want are the ones that stand just out of reach.
The pain her loss in my life caused was indescribable.
Hot, piercing pain that in all of my twenty years of living, I had never experienced.
I remembered her.
Every day.
Every bad date my friends pushed me into.
Every lonely holiday I spent without her to talk to.
Until we met once more.
And I found her all over again.
My father always told me that love snuck up on you when you were least expecting it.
That’s what happened with her.
Charlie was my girl from that moment on and I would do anything to protect her.

Dare To Love is an installment of The Beautifully Broken Series but can be read as a standalone.

“It captured my attention from the beginning and left turning the pages in hopes of it not ending.”
-Heather Lyn, Author

“It was sweet and emotional, everything that a good romance should be.”/i>
-LLS Book Blog

“Beautifully written.”
-Paula’s Book Blog

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