Free parenting and families Kindle books for 28 Sep 18

SIT. A guide on how to train your dog to be obedient, happy and well-behaved: Potty training, E-collar training, Dealing with Separation Anxiety, Puppy Training, Beginner Friendly, Off Leash

by M. D. Pierre

Do you wish for an ultimate companion? If so, this book will aid you on how to train your dogs the right way with LOVE and without being too lenient. Using these simple yet powerful techniques you’ll soon be able to enjoy life with your pets.

You’ll also learn more about:
– E-collar Training
– Dealing with Separation Anxiety
– Potty Training
– Obedience Training
– Positive Reinforcements
– And many moreâ?¦

Men of different types and countries (Man and Woman Book 5)

by Alexander Ermak

This book will help women understand men better, find the right approach to them, and be happy with them.

Disney’s Princesses Drawing Book for Kids: Learn How to Draw Disney’s Princesses with the Easy and Fun Step-by-Step Guide

by Alice Waterson

Children do not become artists overnight. There are a number of different things which help them improve their drawing skills. Without practice, they will not improve. Without dedication, their technique will not develop. And without a simple, step-by-step guide like this one, which is designed to make drawing fun, they will not be passionate.

One important thing to remember is that no child will create perfect sketches. When we are younger, it is in our nature to be messy and to experiment as we learn. This means that as a parent or guardian, teaching your children to draw requires a lot of patience.

It is likely that your children will want to produce quality drawings straight away and may become frustrated when they cannot do this as well as you can. This is why having a guide such as this one is so important. It teaches kids that learning to draw does not happen at once – much like drawing itself, it is a gradual build up to a final result.

Therefore, the instructions in this book will not only teach children important skills and techniques – it will allow them to have fun whilst they learn, so much so that they will improve without really noticing that they are practicing!

Cruise of Cognizance: A cascade of emotions (Odyssey of Spirit)

by Dr. Shakila S

“Cruise of Cognizance” takes us to the by lanes of various emotions encountered in our lives, like the feeling of love, which is like an elixir of life, making it worth living. The beautiful bond of togetherness when cultivated in our hearts transforms our life into a blessing, which is only possible when there is a synchrony in our words and actions, there by laying a perfect foundation for harmonious relationships. The attitude of gratitude fills the heart with happiness and when it is imbibed in our daily life, then our heart becomes grateful and life becomes more beautiful. The existence and recognition of a female gender has always been a matter of many conflicts and commotions, making them strive to prove their worth in the existing world. The journey of the “She” is a wonderful and well articulated travel journey of women who has an immense power of transforming her traumas into tribulations. The invisible bruises incurred on the soul of the individuals by the people who live in the pseudo world, flaunting the power and status of materialistic and manipulative existence. The scars which are left on the souls, causing invisible emotional upheavals, are expressed in silence to the insensitive society’s deaf ears. Finally, the journey of life comes to a standstill, when the Angel of death embraces us, thereby making us a memory.

Postcards From Home

by Sylvia Morice

Winner of the 2012 Global eBook Award for Humor, the collection of creative essays and short stories in Postcards From Home explores the hilarious and often chaotic world of ‘life in the family lane’.
Tag along with Sylvia on excursions to the supermarket and road trips to the cottage; learn about headstrong puppies and Halloween costumes gone wrong; and join family members as they prepare for Father’s Day, Christmas holidays, impending job transfers, and the first week of school.
Infused with healthy doses of tongue-in-cheek humor, the award-winning stories in this collection are short enough to read during your daily commute or while waiting at a doctor’s office or your local hospital’s emergency room (because you WILL be there at some point if you have children).
Postcards From Home remind us that most parents struggle at times and question their parenting skills in their day-to-day world of raising children, and having a sense of humor can help us get through those times when family life becomes crazy.

Harry Potter Drawing Book Step-by-Step: Learn How to Draw Harry Potter and His Friends from the Series with the Easy and Fun Guide

by Leonardo Ricci

Why teach your kid to draw? There are so many reasons. Not only is it a relaxing and enjoyable experience for a child, but it improves their skills. Many children assume that you can either draw or you can’t, but of course this isn’t true. All great artists start somewhere – by observing instructions and practicing. The idea of this book is to provide an easily accessible starting point.

Often, seeing an elaborate drawing is intimidating for kids. It is important to break down the process into smaller steps, so that they can learn that the finished product is made up of different elements. Through doing this, they understand that creating impressive art is a journey in itself. Like all skills, it doesn’t happen immediately.

However, with the right amount of practice and encouragement, your child will improve. It takes weeks, months or even years but the path will be exciting and rewarding for both you and your child. Who knows where it may lead? Maybe there is a budding painter, photographer or sculptor waiting to shine. The only way to find out is to allow them to express themselves and enjoy the process.

Use this book to encourage them, amuse them and most importantly let them explore the possibilities that learning to draw has to offer!

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