Free philosophy Kindle books for 28 Sep 18

My Unassuming Fire

by J. S. Daniel

Each night a voice embarks upon a solemn declamation.

For nigh upon sleep in his bed, its author succumbs to most singular sensations. His limbs produce the impression of strange and unspeakable length, and prior to the great flood of his dreams he is as mammoth as any invention of their deep abandon. But availing himself of the prodigious vantage, he opens his eyes to extraordinary perceptions of Time, and their profound reverberations upon his understanding of the world before him.

And should you press your ear upon his door, his is the voice declaiming to the dust and candle flame. Each night indeed will he be heard, from his great station in the dark, imploring the minim universes live and burning within…

Achingly beautiful, My Unassuming Fire explores various perceptions of Time, and their implications on the most momentous subjects of our existence. Omnipotence, evolution, identity, novelty and fate are each considered as the speaker aims finally at the wellspring of all our notions, the basis of our every conception รข?? the agency from which even godhead itself can be seen to stem.

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