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Enneagram: The Only Book You Will Ever Need to Build Strength for Your Life. Discover The 9 Personalities Types. Evolve Your Personality and Become Self Aware!

by Ian Baron


The human personality is a mystification that has eluded some of the greatest minds in all of history. Poets, philosophers, religious leaders, and laymen alike have all gone to great lengths to break down the human psyche, but no clear answer has come about yet. Most likely, the middle of the human personality will always retain some mystery, but with the proper tool in hand, almost anyone can begin to pry away the opaque clouds of wonder and get a glimpse into the truth about themselves.

One of the best tools out there for discovering who you really are is the Enneagram. If you have never heard of the Enneagram before, then it just may be the tool you have been missing. If you are ready to let the old and confused self goand begin the process of self-discovery, then learning about the Enneagram is an absolute must. 

The Enneagram has roots that trace back to antiquity. Like so many other tools and concepts that stem from days long gone by, it is still being used today to help people learn things about themselves that they never knew before. If you are having trouble finding your path in life or want to make a change but do not know where to begin, then the Enneagram may just be the item that steers you in the right direction. 

Some of the information you will find in this book includes:

  • A personality test that will give you a starting point to help discover who you really are.

  • A history of what the Enneagram is and how it came to be.

  • Several different correspondences to help you look at the Enneagram from multiple points of view. 

  • Explanations of the dominant personality types as well as the wings. 

  • Insight to the different levels of health that relate to the human personality.

  • Numerical values for the integration and disintegration points. 

  • An explanation of why the diagram of the Enneagram looks the way it does, and how to make your own. 

  • Why you should make an honest effort to discover who you really are.

  • And more!

Around the World in Eighty Days

by Jules Verne

Shocking his stodgy colleagues at the exclusive Reform Club, enigmatic Englishman Phileas Fogg wagers his fortune, undertaking an extraordinary and daring enterprise: to circumnavigate the globe in eighty days. With his French valet Passepartout in tow, Verne’s hero traverses the far reaches of the earth, all the while tracked by the intrepid Detective Fix, a bounty hunter certain he is on the trail of a notorious bank robber.

The Complete Leatherstocking Tales

by James Fenimore Cooper

THE COMPLETE LEATHERSTOCKING TALES features the five novels of James Fenimore Cooper’s beloved Leatherstocking series, which follow the adventures of Natty Bumppo. Set largely on the frontier of New York during the 18th century, Bumppo, who is known as “Leatherstocking” to the European settlers and “Deerslayer” or “Hawkeye” to the Native Americans, is an Anglo-American raised in part by Delaware Indians. Together with his brother and companion Chingachgook, they roam the frontier through a variety of harrowing adventures.

– The Deerslayer
– The Last of the Mohicans
– The Pathfinder
– The Pioneers
– The Prairie

James Fenimore Cooper (1789-1851) was a highly prolific and popular American writer of the first part of the 19th century. Born in New Jersey, Cooper lived most of his life in Cooperstown, a community founded by and named after his father, in a newly-settled region of New York. James Fenimore Cooper became a sailor at the age of 17, voyaging to Europe and witnessing British impressment of American sailors.

Dancing in the Rain (Heart of Africa)

by Marion Ueckermann

Their outdoor wedding planned for the middle of Africa’s rainy summer, chances are it’ll pour on Mirabelle Kelly’s bridal paradeâ??after all, she is marrying Noah Raines. To make matters worse, the African Rain Queen, Modjadji, is invited to the wedding. Mirabelle must shun her superstitions and place her faith in the One who really controls the weather.

The Immortalized Words of the Past (Rosicrucian Order AMORC Kindle Editions)

by Ralph M. Lewis

This collection of inspired writings represents the vast body of knowledge reflecting the advancement of humanity through the ages. Presented in chronological order so that you may discern the pattern of human evolution, each excerpt is accompanied by a biographical sketch of its author. 

Some of these enlightened personalities were honored during their lifetimes as great statesmen, scientists, and educators, while others, forced by circumstances to work at menial tasks, stole precious moments to write down the knowledge they received through the influx of Cosmic Illumination. Many of these courageous thinkers struggled against persecution by dogmatic, narrow-minded authorities, suffering poverty, imprisonment, and death through their efforts to bring the light of truth to the world. Among the fifty-eight featured individuals are: Herodotus, Sir Francis Bacon, Lao Tse, Jacob Boehme, Nicholas Copernicus, Socrates, Paracelsus, Rene Descartes, Sir Isaac Newton, Benjamin Franklin, Elbert Hubbard, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Albert Einstein.

How to Develop Right Christian Character

by Uche Chris-Benjamin

Anointing can announce you, the gift of God can expose you, your talent can connect you, your charisma can influence and make a way for you, but only good character coupled with humility can sustain your calling and maintain you at that level for long.
“Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man’s character, give him power” – Abraham Lincoln
Pride destroys and can destroy swiftly. God hates pride that is why: “â?¦ God resists the proud â?¦” James 4:6
To be a Christian is to be like Christ. If you are a Christian, then, you must live your life like Christ and not be a hindrance to others who want to come to Christ through the bad character they see you exhibit. That, in essence is what this book is all about.
You must remember that you are the Bible many people are reading. Your neighbors, colleagues, associates, relatives etc. are all watching you. Are you truly who you profess to be?

You need character to be able to move to the next point in your journey of destiny. No matter how we pray, attitude has its place. This is the truth a lot of Christians fail to understand.

Prayer is good, but prayer alone isn’t the answer to everything. God is a spirit, and for him to bless you, he needs to pass through a human channel. If you lack good relationships with people, you will hardly be blessed. God works with relationships. Therefore we must endeavour to develop positive interpersonal relationships and not toxic relationships that repel. We must learn to treat people with courtesy, respect and dignity.

The Shunammite woman must have been praying for a child all through her life. Though she was a prominent woman, had societal influence and very wealthy, yet she was barren. She had money that could not give her a child. Something was missing that only attitude could provide.

You know what made her get a child? She took care of Elisha the prophet of God. She respected him, showed him hospitality and kindness. She had character! Elisha spoke into her womb and a year later, she had a child. Assuming she wasn’t hospitable, polite and kind? She could have still been praying and fasting, binding and casting demons that don’t exist, and still be barren.

Sometimes, we are our own demons. Our habits and attitudes are our destiny killers. Some of us have insulted people that were divinely ordained to help us. Some of us are keeping malice with our destiny helpers. Some of us are still suffering, not because we lack talent but because we lack character.

Talent is attractive. Anyone can be talented, but character is a proof of discipline, a proof of responsibility and sustains the attraction that talent gives us.

Character is a virtue and sometimes what we call FAVOUR is triggered by this virtue. Mary was a virgin, she had virtue; this virtue attracted the favour of being the mother of the Saviour of the world!

In all thy getting, get character. Respect people. Treat strangers with courtesy, be kind. Your Angel won’t always come like an Angel. Therefore do not look down on anybody as God can change the destiny of anyone suddenly.

Naaman was a great man but had leprosy. He must have visited the greatest hospitals of his day. Who would have ever thought that the solution to his problem was in the mouth of his maid? But it was the maid that told him where to find the solution to his problem.

Sometimes the solutions to our challenges in life are trapped in the mouths of mere people we disdain and we are not humble enough to see it.

Prayer is not all. Respect people. Be hospitable. Be kind. Be humble. Take pride away from your life for:

“Pride goeth before destruction, and an haughty spirit before a fall” Pr. 16:18
And “A man’s pride shall bring him low: but honour shall uphold the humble in spirit” Pr. 29:23
Do not forget to: “â?¦ be clothed with humility: for God resisteth the proud, and giveth grace to the humble” 1 Peter 5:5
This book will positively change your life. Get your now!


by Herman Melville

Moby-Dick is an 1851 novel by Herman Melville. The story tells the adventures of the wandering sailor Ishmael and his voyage on the whaling ship Pequod, commanded by Captain Ahab. Ishmael soon learns that Ahab seeks one specific whale, Moby-Dick, a white whale of tremendous size and ferocity. Comparatively few whaling ships know of Moby-Dick, and fewer yet have encountered him. In a previous encounter, the whale destroyed Ahab’s boat and bit off his leg. Ahab intends to exact revenge.

Aprende a Meditar: aprenderás a meditar desde cero, en tu casa. Mindfulness (Espiritualidad nº 1) (Spanish Edition)

by Maria Palazzi


En este libro te ennseñare a  meditar desde cero, en tu casa, en el trabajo o en cualquier lugar en el que te sientas inspirado para lograr la meditacion.
 Aprenderas toda la teoria y tecnica detras de la Meditacion, asi como tambien algunas tecnicas basadas en el Mindfulness como modo de complementacion, asi como tambien algunos conocimientos basicos de Yoga.

No necesitaras conocimientos previos ni tener una religion en concreto para poder practicarla. La meditación es una técnica universal que nos ayudará a controlar nuestra mente, a reducir el estrés y a sentirnos mejor.

En este libro aprenderas:

  • ¿De que se trata la Meditacion?
  • En que se basa el Mindfulness
  • Diferencias entre la meditación y el mindfulness
  • Crea habitos y cambia tu vida
  • Como despejar tu mente
  • Tecnicas de respiracion
  • Técnicas de meditación de principiante a avanzado
  • Secretos de mi experiencia para que domines la meditacion

y mucho mas

The Overwhelmed Mind: How To Stop Overthinking, Start Living, And Find Inner Peace Through Mindfulness And Meditation

by Ethan J. Young

Discover How To Stop Overthinking And Start Finding Inner Peace Through This Simple Guide To Mindfulness and Meditation

Today only, get this Amazon bestseller for just $0.99. Regularly priced at $4.99.
Read on your PC, Mac, smart phone, tablet or Kindle device.

Do you chatter to yourself? You probably know what I mean because most people do. It’s what the Buddhists refer to as the Monkey Mind. It’s part of you and yet you sometimes feel that the thoughts are taking control. The fact is that they are if you permit them to. That’s why the doctor’s offices all over the country are overflowing with patients who suffer from stress. Stress has become such a large problem in the United States and elsewhere that it’s almost at contagion level.

In this no nonsense book, I intend to demonstrate to you that there are so many ways that you can change the situation. They are all ways that don’t require you to take risks with anything but your own happiness. That is attainable and it’s very real too, but you will never find Utopia while your mind is too active to actually take much notice of it happening in your life. Thus, the calm mind can obtain in so many benefits in your life. Let me take you there because it’s a place I learned how to be and during the course of my learning, I was able to see past the idiocy that we inflict upon ourselves and others. You can be where I am now, and that’s a very happy place to be, where you will find peace from the the chaos and overthinking that we can find ourselves in.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • Being Aware of your Thoughts
  • What Interferes with your Mind
  • Breathing
  • Meditation
  • Mindfulness
  • Finding Peace of Mind
  • Much, much

Download your copy today!

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Tags: Meditation, Mindfulness, Peace of Mind, Happiness, Success

Life Without Shoes: The First Father Ambrose Mystery

by Emma Cyrus

Everyone has an inner life. Father Ambrose found a simple, worthwhile path leading a secluded spiritual community in Northern California. He spends his days happily focused on guiding the farming and teaching meditation. Then, someone dumps a body in one of their orchards.

Now, the confusion and violence of the modern world have come crashing through the gates. Father Ambrose wants Sheriff Charlie Cormley to believe the body has nothing to do with them, but it’s not that easy.

He reluctantly takes on the sleuth’s role to find the truth and clear New Life of suspicion. He finds himself moving out into the world in ways he never imagined, and life in his community will never be the same.

“New Life should be a place of rest and healing. So why would anyone dump a body in the orchards? Can the visionary Father Ambrose hold onto his own peace of mind, help his fragile community survive, and assist the police in catching a murderer? Life Without Shoes is a gentle newcomer in the world of clerical mysteriesâ??welcome!”

~ Donna Fletcher Crow, The Monastery Murders

“A butchered and bagged body shatters a spiritual community’s peace in Californiaâ?¦.The interactions between characters are skillfully rendered, as is the dialogueâ?¦. A well-written storyâ?¦.”

~ Kirkus Reviews

The Three Musketeers: Collection

by Alexandre Dumas

This carefully crafted ebook: “THE THREE MUSKETEERS – Complete Collection: The Three Musketeers, Twenty Years After, The Vicomte of Bragelonne, Ten Years Later, Louise da la Valliere & The Man in the Iron Mask” is formatted for your eReader with a functional and detailed table of contents.
Set in 1625, “The Three Musketeers” recounts the adventures of a young man named d’Artagnan after he leaves home to travel to Paris, to join the Musketeers of the Guard. Although D’Artagnan is not able to join this elite corps immediately, he befriends the three most formidable musketeers of the age: Athos, Porthos and Aramis and gets involved in affairs of the state and court. Dumas frequently works into the plot various injustices, abuses and absurdities of the old regime, giving the story an additional political aspect at a time when the debate in France between republicans and monarchists was still fierce.
The novel Twenty Years After follows events in France during the Fronde, during the childhood reign of Louis XIV. The musketeers are valiant and just in their efforts to protect young Louis XIV and the doomed Charles I from their attackers.
The Vicomte de Bragelonne, Louise de la Vallière and The Man in the Iron Mask are set between 1660 and 1667 against the background of the transformation of Louis XIV from child monarch to Sun King.
Alexandre Dumas, père (1802-1870) was a French writer whose works have been translated into nearly 100 languages and he is one of the most widely read French authors. His most famous works are The Count of Monte Cristo and The Three Musketeers.

Rescuing Rebecca: An Amish Story

by Greta Gorham

An ANTHOLOGY of Amish stories of life and romance…Rebecca is a young Amish woman who is still grieving for her husband, killed over a year ago in an accident. She finds inspiration by caring for her young daughter and the recovery of her mother from cancer. She is heartbroken and doing her best to raise her daughter who is holding back her pain just like she is…As the years go by, the question remains…Will she find love & happiness again?

The Mahabharata of Krishna-Dwaipayana Vyasa – Adi Parva (Feathers Classics)

by Kisari Mohan Ganguli

This book contains now several HTML tables of contents that will make reading a real pleasure!

The Mahābhārata is an epic legendary narrative of the Kuruká¹£etra War and the fates of the Kaurava and the Pāá¹?ḍava princes. It also contains philosophical and devotional material, such as a discussion of the four “goals of life” or puruṣārtha (12.161). Among the principal works and stories in the Mahābhārata are the Bhagavad Gita, the story of Damayanti, an abbreviated version of the Rāmāyaá¹?a, and the story of á¹?á¹£yasringa, often considered as works in their own right.

Hellborne (The ARC Chronicles Book 2)

by Matthew W. Harrill

Mere months after the events of ‘Hellbounce’, Eva’s child has grown, and she herself has blossomed. Her friends are safe and she is at peace with the world.

But outside her bubble, things have not stood still. There were those who witnessed the terrifying events, those who saw the woman standing atop the mountain, those who didn’t stop asking questions.

They are out there, and they are after her.

Events catch up with Eva and she is forced to deal once more with ARC: unyielding, unwavering, and dead set on a goal only they truly perceive.

Eva agrees to undertake one more journey, knowing that at any moment, her child could make an entrance into the world and change everything she knows.

Philippians: Overjoyed

by Bradley W. Maston

The Book of Philippians is a powerful book about God’s grace. It gives the believer vital information about our position in Christ, the ministry of every believer, the unity of the Church, and the hope of everyone who relies upon Christ. This study was written for individuals and small groups who long to dig deeply into the word of God.

The Five Points of Sovereign Grace: God’s Sovereign Election

by Dr. John McElhaney

The five points of Grace show that God is sovereign over all thing including the salvation of man. Salvation is wholly of the Lord without any works on our part. God chose us in time past before the foundation of the world to be a part of his family, not because of anything on our part, but because of his sovereign grace and that alone. To believe that man has anything to do with his salvation means that works would be involved and that would give man the right to boost ant that would make void Ephesians 2:8-10. Also to believe that God made his choice of choosing man based on the fact that he knew who would chose him by seeing into the future is to make man sovereign over his salvation instead of God. The bible is very clear as to the sovereignty of God and the bible cannot be explained any other way. Either God is sovereign over all things or he is not God. I would ask that you read the book and then if you have questions I will be glad to discus them with you. If you will allow the scriptures to speak for themselves you will find out that to believe that God is sovereign over all things will free you completely and you can live your life completely trusting him because he is in perfect control of everything.

Experiencing time after death

by Edward Sperling

I have been thinking about this concept, obviously its most likely not new and im not a special snowflake for figuring it out.
However, when I sleep, or actually fall asleep time goes really quickly like instantly basically. I guess i will have a dream or two but if i don’t have a dream i’ll basically wake up like i slept for five minutes.

Can I know God by Practicing Methodism? (Christian Discipleship Series Book 13)

by Peter Newman

For centuries, Christendom has universally endorsed and promoted the practice of religious methods or disciplines as the means to live the Christian life and know God. What is the practice of methodism and does it work? This eBook examines the history and dynamics of this practice from a Scriptural perspective and reveals why this practice is spiritually ineffective, and even spiritually dangerous.

The Mysterious Island

by Jules Verne

The book tells the adventures of five American prisoners of war on an uncharted island in the South Pacific. Begining in the American Civil War, as famine and death ravage the city of Richmond, Virginia, five northern POWs decide to escape in a rather unusual way – by hijacking a balloon! This is only the beginning of their adventures…

When the Angels Say Amen: A spiritual journey through Cherokee oppression, survival and love.

by Vera Lucia Lima

You’ll travel in time to a mystical and magic world with the teachings of the Cherokees.
The future of the Cherokee Indians lays in the hands of White Moon, daughter of the mystical Shaman (spiritually gifted) Cherokee Chief.
This enlightening book describes their gratitude to the Great Spirit for their knowledge, love and more in-depth understanding of Mother Nature. White Moon, daughter of the fearless Tribal Chief, is the subject of this book. Her life is described from birth to her marriage to lifelong friend and sweetheart – with a forced renouncement of her tribal identity. Through White Moon, you will discover the connection between the Great Spirit and Jesus.
This book shows that the Cherokees, after 200 years of history, that even today, their lives are still spiritually influenced.
I started dreaming about the Indigenous Native Americans – specifically the Cherokee Tribe, who lived in Georgia. I had heard of them, but had never been to North America and had no knowledge of them or had ever studied them. These dreams were â??channeled’ to me in quite lengthy â??episodes,’ which could last a couple of hours. I was able to remember and document all that I had seen and heard, as if I had been an observer, like a â??fly on the wall.’ This story was also â??revealed’ to me over some months, and eventually took over twelve months to complete. I could go for many weeks without any â??episodes’ being revealed, so I had to be very patient. I believe that through my book anyone can receive a spiritual contact through Mother Nature and the Cherokees – and make a connection for themselves.

How to Practice True Holiness (Christian Discipleship Series Book 12)

by Peter Newman

Many Christians confuse legalism with any Bible teaching that emphasizes holiness, which simply means obedience to Christ. If we do not preach holiness, we are not preaching the whole gospel of Christ. On the other hand, we should never preach holiness to others unless we can also teach them how to practice God’s true holiness simply by believing and acting on Christ’s completed work on the cross. Otherwise, we put God’s people under a miserable and unbearable yoke, which is not the true gospel of Jesus Christ. This Ebook explains what is true holiness and explains how to practice it without falling into the extremes of either legalism and licentiousness.

Question-Based Bible Study Guide–Surprise the World: Good Questions Have Groups Talking

by Josh Hunt

6 ready-to-use lessons on the topic: Surprise the World.

Each lesson consists of 20 or so ready-to-use questions that get groups talking. Answers are provided in the form of quotes from respected authors such as John Piper, Max Lucado and Beth Moore.

These lessons will save you time as well as provide deep insights from some of the great writers and thinkers from today and generations past. I also include quotes from the same commentaries that your pastor uses in sermon preparation.

Ultimately, the goal is to create conversations that change lives.

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