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One Rule: How I Reversed Prediabetes

by L. Whitney MHA/INF

Learn how I Reversed Prediabetes Naturally!

This book covers all of the basics you need to get started on your Journey to Better Health.
– What is Prediabetes and what does it mean to be Prediabetic
– Learn the Symptoms of Prediabetes and too much Sugar
– Why You Need to Reverse Prediabetes
– What Causes Prediabetes
– How to Lose Weight with Prediabetes
– The Cost of Prediabetes $$$
– How to Reverse Prediabetes without Exercise
– Prediabetes Diet Plan and Food List

This is NOT another “Diet & Exercise” book:
– No exercise requirements
– No recipes to follow
– No special products to purchase

For people who want to:
– Lose Weight Fast
– Lower Blood Sugar into the Normal Range
– Increase Energy and Motivation
– Enhance Mental Clarity and Focus
– Improve Overall Health

Millennial author and Health Informaticist L. Whitney, MHA/INF offers a personal tried & tested strategy to Reverse Prediabetes Naturally. Piecing together the data in a wall of mounting evidence against the over-sugared American diet, the author delivers the facts in a simple, easy to understand format, leaving the readers with one choice.

What will you choose?

CBD Oil: the real miracle is coming – A nice guide to improve your health, here explained the differences between different type of CBD Oil, why and for what you must try it

by Sherman Litt

Read The Little Known Secrets About The Miracle Healing Power of CBD Oil

If you have ever wished you could lay your hands on proven tips and secrets about the healing power of CBD oil, this is where your search ends!
Discover how you can defeat or soothe depression, pain, anxiety, Huntington’s, Alzheimer’s and a host of other sicknesses & diseases by arming yourself with accurate information you’ll be exposed to in this book.
CBD Oil: The Real Miracle is Coming aims to inform and clear the misperception about CBD oil and as well provide well-researched answers to questions like:

  • What it is exactly and How It’s Made

  • The History of CBD Oil and its Legality

  • If it is legal, where can I buy?

  • The Miraculous Benefits of CBD Oil

  • Guidelines for Taking CBD

And a few other FAQs About CBD Oil
I promise you, the secrets that have been revealed in this book are based on years of experience and months of in-depth research, this book has been carefully packed with sufficient quality information for the benefit of both CBD newbies and experienced field veterans.
Don’t wait to hear all about it from someone else, find out for yourself. Download your copy right nowâ?¦

Medicare Essentials: A Physician Insider Explains the Fine Print

by Tanya Feke

Featured in U.S. News and World Report, the fourth edition of this best-selling Medicare guide is now available. This book shares up-to-date Medicare information with 2019 cost analyses, program changes under the Trump administration, a review of Medicare’s latest preventive screening offerings, and a discussion of Medicare’s controversial 2-Midnight Rule. Simple worksheets guide you through the Medicare maze to help you on your way.

  • What does Medicare cover?
  • How can you avoid late penalties?
  • Should you choose a Medicare Advantage plan over Original Medicare?
  • Do you need a Medicare Supplement Plan, i.e., Medigap?
  • What will Medicare really cost you?

Written by Tanya Feke MD, a board-certified family physician and the Medicare expert for, Medicare Essentials tells you everything you need to know about the program. With experience caring for patients and working with administrators, she has learned tricks that can save you money and improve your healthcare experience. Let Dr. Feke be your advocate and explain the fine print.

Einstein had it… Part: LVI: What is Mass? What is Energy?

by Norbert Schwarzer

It was shown in the last issue of this series that there are solutions to the Einstein-Field-Equations which clearly sport essential parts of quantum theoretical equations. This raises the suspicion that those terms, which cannot be allocated to quantum equations, might be just certain potentials and/or mass expressions.
Therefore, we intend to dedicate this issue to the evaluation of explicit formula for mass and energy by the means of some of our more simple solutions to the Einstein-Field-Equations as published in [1]. After that, we aim for an Einstein-Field-Equation solution of the ground state of the hydrogen or central field problem.
[1]N. Schwarzer, “Einstein had it, but he did not see it – Part LV: The Fundamental Connection of Quantum Theory and General Theory of Relativity”,, ASIN: B07H7P5STL

Cover Picture: Norbert Schwarzer, metric radius component for the ground state of the Schwarzschild hydrogen solution as derived here.

Digital Death Wish: Information Technology Induced Murder, Suicide Trending Online

by Dave Masko

Digital Death Wish, by Dave Masko. The culture of reinvention in Silicon Valley’s so-called “Secret State” embraces artificial intelligence “machines” now being the decider if a young tech user commits suicide or gets a gun and shoots people. This is Silicon Valley’s mojo: A horror story of computers becoming self-aware in 2018; while driving today’s teen suicide epidemic because IT can. Again, there is clear link between overuse of technology and resulting mental illness causing acts of aggression and suicide because mental health professionals view social media as a trigger for gun violence and suicide-related acts. Another technology-induced murder occurred on Sept. 19, 2018 when a tech worker injured three people after shooting up the WTS Paradigm software company in a suburb of Madison, Wisconsin. Meanwhile, there are “hundreds of unreported and reported tech-induced murders and suicides daily in our nation; while this digital brain bug is driving this insane behavior in longtime tech geeks who are obviously seriously addicted to tech,” said 76-year-old retired nurse Beth Guthrie who volunteers at one of the many digital drug rehab treatment centers along Oregon’s peaceful and tech-free coast. To many, information technology induced suicide or acts of murder by the tech obsessed are just another grim statistic from a dystopian culture where tech users are mostly lost and lonely. “They are struggling with this tech-induced violence â??bug’ in their brains implanted by overexposure to blue light and malevolent artificial intelligence (A.I.) that literally hates humans as a conscious being with hostile intent,” adds Guthrie who has nursed hundreds of really depressed and technology addicted young people who “actually cannot make eye contact with people because â??IT’ hurts their head to try and act human; while the result is a tech addicted killing themselves or shooting up their place of work just because A.I. has poisoned their mind to the point where one teen tech addict told me, â??I need to hurt myself to get free.’ The teen later committed suicide as overuse of Big Data becomes the number one killer of teens in America today.” Meanwhile, there are many daily tech users who say they see “the horrible glint of the A.I. â??beast’ with ITs malevolent eyes that are vicious, vindictive and hostile to humans,” say information technology addicts sharing their story with this “new journalism” reporter; while this special Kindle e-book report features essays that spotlight this malevolent A.I. being the cause of thousands and thousands of tech-induced teen suicides and murders by those who overuse technology as if IT were mother’s milk they need to live and survive. Go figure?

Trauma Healing Options for VA Hospitals: Help For Veterans To Own Their Healing And Their Future

by Reverend Mike Wanner

We stand at a crossroads between the American Dream and American Reality. In the transition are the lives of many veterans who have served well and are entitled to the best that we have to offer.

What we have to offer veterans is the best that our society has endorsed through the professionals in various accrediting or oversight organizations. All this is appropriate according to the standards that we have set as operating criteria for the professionals.

What is not allowed for in our current system is the societal shifts of emotionality and the lack of support systems to deal with the effects of behaviors and traumas that we are all ill- equipped to deal with.

I believe that a blending of Spiritual Energy Therapies can round out the edges to the existing criteria so that all veterans, citizens and practitioners can enjoy a new integrated system.

¡El Sistema Solar Para Niños! Un Libro de Cometas: Datos Divertidos y Dibujos del Espacio y Cometas, con el Cometa ISON (Latin American Spanish Edition) (Kids Space Series nº 1)

by Leanne Annett

This is the Latin American Spanish Edition of Leanne Annett’s book on Comets: “Solar System For Kids! A Comet Book: Fun Facts & Pictures of Space & Comets With Comet ISON”

El espacio siempre ha fascinado a la humanidad y los cometas no son la excepción.

En su libro más reciente: “¡El Sistema Solar para Niños! Un Libro de Cometas: Datos Divertidos y Dibujos del Espacio y los Cometas con el Cometa ISON” la autoria Leanne Annett busca aspectos diferentes de los cometas y del espacio. Este es el primer libro de Leanne en las “Series Niños y el Espacio”.

El libro está lleno de imágenes coloridas del espacio y de varios cometas, incluyendo el cometa ISON que estará en la posición más cercana al Sol en noviembre del año 2013 y que deberá ser visible con los ojos al descubierto desde la Tierra.

Nota: Este libro del Espacio y los Cometas ha sido diseñado para niños de aproximadamente 8 años en adelante, que puedan leer el libro por ellos mismos, alternativamente, los padres pueden leerles el libro a sus niños (de todas las edades) y disfrutar con la compañía y tiempo de su pequeño y sus padres.

Los temas que se abordan en este libro incluyen:
-¿Qué es un cometa?
-¿Cuándo fue descubierto el cometa ISON?
-¿A qué velocidad viajan los cometas?
-¿Qué tamaño tienen los cometas?
-¿Son peligrosos los cometas?

¿Por qué no tomar ventaja del precio rebajado por tiempo limitado de este libro Kindle y obtienes ahora tu copia para tu pequeño? Estoy segura que tu pequeño disfrutará las coloridas imágenes y la información interesante del Espacio y los cometas.

Este libro Kindle es exclusivo de la tienda Amazon. Es fácilmente descargable y tu pequeño puede empezar a leer y a aprender en un breve periodo de tiempo.
Cualquier comentario o sugerencia por favor házmelo saber dejando un pequeño informe después de leerlo.

Muchísimas gracias y espero disfrutes el leer este libro y así expandas tu conocimiento de este mundo que nos rodea.

Essential Oil Cleaners: 45 Homemade Cleaners for Around the House: (Homemade Cleaners, Natural Cleaners)

by Rimma Harris

Getting Your FREE Bonus

Download this book, read it to the end and see “BONUS: Your FREE Gift” chapter after the conclusion.

Essential Oil Cleaners: 45 Homemade Cleaners for Around the House

In this book, you will find a great collection of essential oil based homemade cleaning products to use for household cleaners and for personal care cleaning products such as facial cleansers etc. Many people today are seeking to use homemade cleaning products that they know will not harm the environment or themselves. Using natural homemade cleaning products is certainly a much healthier choice over products that you purchase that could be filled with toxins.

Make a healthy choice in cleaning products by trying out this wide selection of essential oil based homemade products. They will have you, and your home smelling and looking great in no time. Making your own homemade products will also save you a lot of money, by cutting down on the expense of buying ready-made products. It will be much healthier, and cheaper to make your own at home. Follow these easy to follow essential oil based cleaning product recipes starting today!

Download your E book “Essential Oil Cleaners: 45 Homemade Cleaners for Around the House” by scrolling up and clicking “Buy Now with 1-Click” button!

Storm Unleashed (Quantum Touch Book 4)

by Michael R. Stern

A North Korean missile launch. An attack on a naval base. Does the nation face a new menace – or is an old one taking a treacherous turn?

Just as the president negotiates an end to war in the Middle East, a plot to destroy any possibility for peace moves into high gear. When Fritz returns from a trip through the portal, the world around him has changed.

His portal through space and time has proven a powerful tool, but using it risks undeniable dangers. Despite the peril, Fritz is determined to use it to end the threat, and capture the conspirators.

With the White House under attack, Fritz Russell once again finds his life turned upside down. The portal might be their only means of stopping the enemy – but at what price?

I Left My Voice on the Dining Room Table

by Pat Sanders

This isn’t a book about a courageous fight against cancer or a triumphant tale of survival. Instead, it’s a matter-of-fact glimpse at the world of a very specific cancer with the intention of educating patients, caregivers, family members, and even the medical community. It is packed with useful tips for those who are battling throat cancer and who need to understand what normal will look like for the rest of their lives.

Natural Healing (vol. 8): Dizziness, bacteria, cataracts, lumbago, digestive, respiratory and diabetes amazing treatments.

by Juan Jose G. Garcia “Alomea”

This work is the continuation of the previous volumes and it is aimed for self-help and healing purposes. It does not constitute any type of professional advice, nor it substitutes to your physician advice.
It is focused on unique solutions for cataracts, lumbago, all the digestive and respiratory diseases, diabetes, dizziness and cardiovascular problems, plus the integral unique remedy for all the illnesses.

By reading and implementing the miracle experiences and techniques hereafter stated, you could:
(Table of contents)
1.Remove cataracts in their initial phase.
2.Cure lumbago/Low Back Pain (LBP).
3. The exclusive solution for all the digestive illnesses including Helicobacter Pylori that is also a treatment for all the respiratory diseases.
4.The awesome dizziness treatment that it is also a remedy for cardiovascular problems and diabetes.
5.The awesome integral cure system.
6.Other bibliography and considerations.

Pre-Field Screening Protocols for Heat-Tolerant Mutants in Rice

by Fatma Sarsu

This open access book presents simple, robust pre-field screening protocols that allow plant breeders to screen for enhanced tolerance to heat stress in rice. Two critical heat-sensitive stages in the lifecycle of the rice crop are targeted – the seedling and flowering stages – with screening based on simple phenotypic responses. The protocols are based on the use of a hydroponics system and/or pot experiments in a glasshouse in combination with a controlled growth chamber where the heat stress treatment is applied. The protocols are designed to be effective, simple, reproducible and user-friendly.

The protocols will enable plant breeders to effectively reduce the number of plants from a few thousands to less than 100 candidate individual mutants or lines in a greenhouse/growth chamber, which can then be used for further testing and validation in the field conditions. The methods can also be used to classify rice genotypes according to their heat tolerance characteristics. Thus, different types of heat stress tolerance mechanisms can be identified, presenting opportunities for pyramiding different (mutant) sources of heat stress tolerance. 

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