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Through A Dragon’s Eyes: A Reverse Harem Fantasy (Chronicles of the Four Book 1)

by Marissa Farrar

A magic long forgotten.

Four races divided.

An epic journey.

In the human city of Anthoinia, Dela Stonebridge has already lost her brother to the Choosing.

Now it’s her turn.

 The grueling journey across the mountains is always dangerous, but when magic and madness descends, she discovers herself exiled with the leaders of the three other races.

The Norc, Warsgra, is huge and brutish. The Moerian, Orergon, is practically a savage. And the Elvish prince, Vehel, hides a secret that has the power to tear their world apart.

But as unlikely friendships are born and the truth is revealed, Dela must accept if she has the power of a magic long thought dead…

That of the Dragonstone and the Dragonsayer.

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Birth of the Nyxian (The Immortal Choice Series Book 1)

by Amanda R. Browning

Harlow Garrington is a twenty-six year old woman left alone in the world when her family perished in a tragic accident. She led a quiet life and lived in her books until a chance meeting brought Aiden into her life. He was smart, sexy, and chivalrous– everything she wanted in a man. There was just one problem, he was also an eight hundred year old vampire.

Nearly a thousand years ago, vampires split into two factions. Those who chose to sacrifice their souls for immortality were pure evil, without a shred of humanity left. They existed to kill and terrify. Those turned by force, like Aiden, were able to retain some of their humanity and did not need to kill to survive.

Harlow found everything she ever wanted from life with Aiden, but his love was not without a price. Aiden has long been coveted by Hades because he stood out from other vampires. When their love is discovered, Harlow’s life is in jeopardy. Aiden convinces Harlow to flee with him, hoping to keep her safe until he can come up with a plan. Will Harlow get to spend a lifetime with Aiden, or will she be forced to make The Immortal Choice?

Their journey takes them across the world, encountering all kinds of magic and monsters and even a few Greek gods, coming to a stunning conclusion that may change the fate of humanity. Full of action, history, drama, and intrigue, Birth of the Nyxian is a steamy paranormal romance with so much more than romance!

This book is intended for readers over 18 because of adult content.

Opening Struggles (Karma Bakery Book 2)

by Erin R Flynn

It was a rough beginning for Karma Bakery with the out-of-control sample days and interviews that went way past fluff pieces. But Arabella Baker and her two daughters, Kary and Mary, have the needed security in place and have hired the right people to fit into the new family they’re building.
They even made some outside friends of the paranormal variety, and that’s not something they’re used to.
Now that the store is ready and people are interested, the Karma Bakery is ready for opening dayâ?¦ Mostly. There’s more chaos than they could ever have predicted, and since they’re on the outs with Colton, he’s not always swooping in to help or save the day. She let him in too easily, and now Arabella is determined not to make the same mistake.
But after thousands of years of being alone, suffering from her traumas and brothers who were supposed to love her failing her, is it really wrong to hope that maybe there could ever be a man in her life that’s important to her again?

Dragonoak: The Sky Beneath The Sun

by Sam Farren

(This is the second book in a series.)

The days when Rowan Northwood was exiled to the farmland around her village seem like a lifetime ago, and the passing Knight she ran away with has become a memory she does her best not to revisit. Her powers lie dormant, settling within her as glowing embers waiting to come alive once more.

Canth is a scorching land built upon disorder and neglect, and having traded the sheep of Felheim’s fields for the fish of the sea, Rowan finds herself living amongst pirates. Port Mahon takes her in, accepts her as one of their own, but throughout peaceful days and violent assaults on the town alike, her thoughts are ever on Kastelir–or what remains of it.

Semaj (Semaj: The Dragon Princess Book 1)

by Amari A

This is a story about me, Semaj. I know you’re probably used to all of those other boring dragon stories but those do not pertain to me. I’m a different type of dragon, breaking all the stereotypes and show you what a heroine can do for her kingdom. Granted I’m only fourteen and hard work is by far not my thing but everyone is relying on me and I won’t let them down. I was born to be great! And I will defeat the evil that’s threatening the kingdom and show everyone that I am the dragon of legend! At least…I hope so.

JFK in ’64: A Novel

by Mark Huffman

On November 22, 1963, President John F. Kennedy visited Dallas, where the course of history changed. But not the way you think.

In this telling of the story, events occur that prevent the president’s motorcade from reaching Dealey Plaza where assassins wait. The traumatic memories of that weekend never exist.

In this parallel universe, the president returns to Washington and begins plotting his campaign for reelection while trying to keep a lid on America’s racial cauldron, dealing with volatile international issues, and coping with increasing physical infirmities that threaten his political future. Meanwhile, Lyndon Johnson barely escapes jail and becomes Washington’s first super-lobbyist.

Historians have often wondered what would have happened had JFK not died in 1963. Mark Huffman imagines what 1964 would have been like.

Kill Me, Red (Fairy Tale Horror Book 1)

by Kelsey Warren-Bryant

Red Riding Hood: A Dark Tale . . .

Red is determined to find her best friend who was dragged into the woods by a giant wolf. She doesn’t know the source of the mysterious growling outside her window every night. She doesn’t know why all evidence of the wolf seems to vanish into thin air.
She doesn’t know if she’s being hunted.

This is a novella of around 20,000 words. It is dedicated to the animal shelters of Oklahoma, to help homeless and starving animals within the state.

A Clock With No Hands

by J.D. Tailor

Do you remember the most vivid dream you’ve ever had? What happened in that dream? Did you meet some old friends? Did you have an adventure?
â?¦Did youâ?¦die?
Fourteen year old Laura Aventure has her share of dreamsâ?¦living a quiet life with her family and becoming an astronomer. But just like anyone else, there are obstacles in the way; her mother is working full time to support the family and her father is missing in action. One night, she discovers the real reason why he left, and then makes an even greater discovery, one that will change her life foreverâ?¦
â?¦The real reason why people dreamâ?¦and what those dreams actually are!

The Haunted High Series Book 1- The Wolf Within Me

by Cheree Alsop

A life-threatening accident reveals to Finn that he is a werewolf; the next morning, he receives an invitation to a secluded high school. Finn quickly realizes that the school is in fact an academy for monsters that is far more perilous and full of adventure than he ever expected. But Haunted High has had a dangerous history with werewolves. Can Finn survive monster politics, life-threatening pranks, and teachers more likely to kill him than help him in time to answer the real question: Who is the girl haunting the cemetery and why does he sleepwalk to her grave each night?

Seeker’s Price (Pieces of Redemption Book 1)

by Bill Walberg

One man must overcome his own shortcomings in order to save the world.

Mark Viandante is an immortal in search of the next Millennial Child – a child whose life is linked to the balance of the word.

Tasked by his master, the search leads Mark to the Mississippi River.

However, dark magical forces are conspiring to intercept him before he can find the child.

His protege and fellow immortal, Chance is called in to lend his special skills to help.

Comedy, magic, and mystery weave together around these two, providing a tale to get lost in. How can Mark save the world…when he can’t even save himself?

Knight Prisoner

by Mark J. Mitchell

A hilarious romp through an alternative 15th century, where two great literary minds meet and pull off a jailbreak of legend.

In 1470, in the great City of London, the great French poet, François Villon, was in trouble. He had a talent for it. Carted off to Newgate prison, he is thrown into the company of that master of English crime and prose, Sir Thomas Malory.

This humorous medieval alternative history tale is told by Freminâ??Villon’s put-upon secretary — who has never had an adventure of his own. He tells the story of the meeting of these two masters of writing and crime, while looking back at their early criminal adventures. Both men’s lives curiously echo their literary work. It also becomes the story of Fremin himself, as he grows from being the servant of two great men, into his own manhood.

The legal and romantic situations go from bad to worse until there is only one man they can turn to, the old Knight in the prison.

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Knight Prisoner is a delightful tale of adventure through the dark alleys and filthy taverns of pre-Renaissance London, infused with a warmth and humor worthy of Chaucer himself. Mark J. Mitchell’s Knight Prisoner is an ageless comedy, filled with clever insight into humanity, whatever the century.

VERINA: and The Battle for Zelleron

by Paul J Gregory

One Hundred years has passed since the war between the Nixies Queen, Zondra and the other fairy tribes of the Kingdom of Zelleron ended.
Making sure that, Zondra could not attack again, an invisible division was created around the Great Wood to contain the nixies.
And all has been well in the Kingdom of Zelleron since then.
Until tonight!
As the old gnome Ben Jobbings is making his way home by moon light, a terrible sequence of events were about to unfold.
And these would change the lives of every fairy, of every tribe in Zelleron!

DARTS (The Paladin’s Thief Book 1)

by Benjamin K Hewett

It’s been a bad night for Teacup. He’s hungry, wet, and tired. He’s run afoul of the assassins’ guild, lost a bag of stolen goods, and bet his last penny on the local darts champion when he should have bought bread for his kids. Maybe fate needs a little help . . .

As a pastiche of Sword and Sorcery, “Darts” represents the core fantasy characters and archetypes that enthusiasts love (and hate), explores their deeper motivations, and reminds us that best friends are hard to come by.

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