Free fiction Kindle books for 29 Sep 18

Brave for You (Oahu Lovers Book 1)

by Crystal Lacy

Less than a year after moving to Hawaii, construction foreman Nate Ellison’s wife leaves him and their infant son for another man. Months into single-fatherhood, Nate meets Andrew “An” Hoang and is slowly drawn into An’s life. Through An’s friendship, he finds himself finally enjoying his new home in paradise.

An Hoang hasn’t had a real relationship in years. With his pediatrics practice and a niece to care for on his days off, he doesn’t have the headspace for more than a simple roll in the sack. But when he meets Nateâ??who just happens to be the gorgeous construction worker he encountered in the lobby of his apartment buildingâ??something about Nate makes it impossible for him not to care. When Nate needs An’s help with his son, An doesn’t refuse.

What happens when Nate’s past and An’s old-fashioned parents interfere just as the two men begin to fall for each other? Will they find the means to be brave and give their love a chance to flourish?

A sweet and steamy slow burn M/M romance set in Hawaii.

This story is a HEA story with NO cliffhangers. Subsequent books in the series will feature new main characters.

Ungranted Wishes: A BBW Paranormal Comedy Romance

by Grace Risata

It would be putting it mildly to say that full-figured Cleo Welch was in a funk. Dead end job? Check. Bank account? Running low. Sex life? Non-existent.

Her luck took a turn for the better when she stumbled upon a magic brass pot at a rummage sale. After getting drunk and rubbing things the right way, Cleo found herself in possession of one extremely attractive genie who was very grateful to be released.

What’s a girl to do when a four thousand year old genie is far more interested in satisfying her every desire, rather than granting any of her wishes? Wellâ?¦she does the genie. That’s a no-brainer!

WARNING: This full length novel contains quite a few explicit sex scenes (including ones involving candy that explodes, a dirty talking detective, and an ancient ritual performed with raspberries). Every scene is absolutely consensual between all parties involved. All my stories come with a guarantee that you will crack a smile, find a happily-ever-after ending, and never have to deal with an annoying cliffhanger. There’s also no cheating, no billionaires, no bigfoot sightings, and plenty of character backstory.

High Lonesome

by Tanya Chris

Joe doesn’t live on top of a mountain because he loves people. A late summer snowstorm is the perfect chance to send his customers down to lower altitude and enjoy a few days of solo strolls and fireside naps.

Tanner’s not staying at a high-altitude hut to admire the scenery. He’s got a date to keep with the sort of person you don’t want to disappoint, a date that’ll result in him earning some much-needed cash in exchange for what’s left of his self-respect. But that’s OK. He gave up on self-respect when he picked up the needle anyway.

Pyotr didn’t drop into a blizzard to rescue Tanner or to drag Joe back down to the real world. His mission is a lot colder than that. People are only pawns, and spies are only heroes to those who don’t know them.

Hermit, addict, spy. Three men, one snowstorm, zero reason to trust. And someone’s coming â?¦
Content warning: this book contains on-page heroin use and detox. A brief argument follows the reveal of a character’s HIV status.

Way Too Taboo! Collection of Naughty Encounters

by Sasha Big

Taylor didn’t expect him to show up at her wedding. She had been obsessed with Avery for years. She thought that those feelings were long forgotten.

Will their forbidden romance be resurrected?

40 Story Collection of Naughty Encounters

The Angel’s Business Card

by Donkey Two Tales

Do you think Elephants are scared of Mice, because included is an entertaining portrayal of how to pin tales on E-ORS. And please don’t think that I have misspelt tales because the other types don’t apply here. Obviously, this means that no actual animals have been hurt. Besides, when it comes to Mother Nature’s tails I don’t believe some Jackasses are as dumb as humans.

A Savage and His Ridah: Khyâ??nierra & Daiâ??shaun

by Nadine Frye

In a life and time where all everyone wants is a little loyalty. To know that everything you put into a person is not for nothing. Someone who can ride with you until the wheels fall off.

Meet Khy’nierra King, she is the daughter of parents who ran the streets before she was born. When the get sent to jail she is left to be raised by her Nana, whom her and her brothers affectionately call Sunshine. She is a lost soul looking for love in all the wrong places. her life lesson bares her a daughter and a relationship that makes her feel like she finally has the love she has been missing. Is what she feels a reality or does she still have her rose-colored glasses on.

Dai’shaun McKnight, He is a stone-cold savage out her in these mean Philly streets. He didn’t choose this life but it chose him. Having to grow up before he was ready to help his single mother raise his baby sister. He let the streets raise him until he owned them. The only thing missing in his life is someone to make all his efforts worth it. Will he ever shake being everyone else’s protector long enough to see the one who came to take care of his heart.

Embark on a journey with some memorable characters. Whose lives intersect very intricately. Out of circumstance and tragedy a bond like no other will be formed. This life is not made for the faint of heart but even the most savage of individuals needs to be tamed. Once these two cross paths will a Savage Finally find his Ridah.

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