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THOMAS JEFFERSON: Patriot. Statesman. President. The Entire Life Story (GREAT BIOGRAPHIES Book 1)

by The History Hour

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Thomas Jefferson was one of the men who helped to bring the United States into being, and he shepherded the country through some of the most dynamic political years in its history. It is possible that without his brilliance, the fledgling democracy, the first in the world since the end of Ancient Greece, may not have survived its first few trials by fire.

Inside you’ll read about

  • Born to Privilege
  • Marriage and Monticello
  • Revolution and Nation Building
  • Presidency
  • Second Term
  • Return to Private Life
  • Legacy
  • The Measure of a Man

And much more!
Jefferson was a scientist, fascinated by the development of new crops and scientific agricultural techniques. He was an architect who helped to promote the popularity of neo-classical and Neo-Palladian architectural forms. He was a prodigious writer, a linguist who mastered several languages, and a naturalist who studied birds, wine, natural bridges, and soil conditions. Thomas Jefferson improved many contemporary inventions, adapting them to his needs.

Highlights: A Trippy History of Cannabis

by Carol Sherman

Highlights, A History of Cannabis, tells the long, strange trip for cannabis. Along the way the wily weed has been deified and demonized to the point that it’s hard to know where the truth ends and the marijuana myth begins. French poets ate it and established clubs in its honor. Jazz musicians smoked it and “saw God.” Japanese artisans wove it into religious garments, and today lobbyists fight to use it medicinally. It’s high time for Highlights, a book that looks at the cannabis carousel, and tries to figure out where we are and how we got here.
Highlights helps tell the story of the shifting social movements, public outcries, and media spectacles surrounding cannabis and its uses. Throughout the book, you’ll find sidebars highlighting little-known facts and historical anecdotes, debunking cannabis myths and profiling famous tokers. The result is as lively and informative as it is entertaining.

Cover line blurb

Revised and Updated
Includes tips and recipes for growing, eating and baking your own stone

About the authors

Carol Sherman and Andrew Smith are the creators of many award-winning books and magazines. Smith is the author of Edith’s War and The Speech. Erik Tanner is a Toronto-based writer specializing in business and lifestyle reporting.

Oro Negro: Compendio Histórico (Spanish Edition)

by Carlos Fernando González Carrillo

Oro Negro habla del petróleo, de su historia, las guerras que ha provocado y la industria que ha generado, incluyendo a PEMEX y la Reforma Energética, visto desde la óptica de alguien que ha dedicado su vida entera a la actividad petrolera.

COFFEE: Mother Natures Energy Drink

by Joseph Anggo

A snapshot of everything and anything about coffee. For anyone who enjoys not only a cup of hot premium brewed coffee but also the rich culture and history that it comes with. This book is for the true coffee lover. I suggest to read this whilst drinking a hot cup of coffee.

ALLIED EUROPE CAMPAIGN–1944/1945: TACTICAL MISTAKES (Personal War Experiences)


This book came into being because of my interest in MARKET GARDEN, the largest battle ever fought in the Netherlands, my birth country. I was there during the battle, although I was only 11 years old at the time. Cornelis Ryan, the author of A BRIDGE TOO FAR, a book about the battle called it “The Greatest Battle of the War”. Not all may agree with Ryan, but it took three air landing divisions and was the largest air landing of the war even exceeding the air landings at Normandy in June 1944.
I quickly realized that the book would also have to cover the prelude and postlude to the MARKET GARDEN battles, and therefore I decided to expand the book to cover all Allied Western Europe operations during the 1941-1945 period.
As a result, the book covers the American involvement in World War II from beginning to end, including the difficulties Roosevelt had to convince the American Congress to authorize support for our future Allies in the war.
Needless to say in the Western European theater of the war, the Americans carried about 75 percent of the load in terms of the fighting and quite a bit more in terms of the provision of equipment and supplies.
The main battles covered are the North African operations, the Battle of Sicily, the Landings in Normandy, the Battle at Falaise where the Germans suffered an enormous defeat, the subsequent liberation of France, Belgium and the southern part of the Netherlands.
In addition MARKET GARDEN is extensively covered with three chapters. It was rushed into being and turned into a debacle for the Allies.
SHAEF, the Allied headquarters headed up by Eisenhower learned its lesson, and for the remainder of the war SHAEF became excessively cautious, delaying the liberation of the Northwestern Netherlands. The delay caused the hunger winter under which 4.5 million people had to live for about seven months. The famine caused the death of about 20,000 people.
The delay could have been avoided if SHAEF would have been less cautious and had ordered the liberation of the Western Netherlands about five or six months earlier. I contend that an earlier liberation attempt would have been successful. Apparently historians have never questioned the cautious behavior of SHAEF. Perhaps this book will prod them to take another look at what occurred during that time.
Please read my argument that an earlier attempt would most likely have been successful, and the famine death of 20,000 people could have been avoided. Enjoy the book.

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