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Las colinas tienen ojos: la Guerra clandestina. (Las colinas tienen ojos: las guerras secretas nº 2) (Spanish Edition)

by Frederic Moragrega Garcia

Hay pesadillas de las que uno no puede despertar.
El teniente Patrick O’Hara, del ejercito de los Estados Unidos, es un experto en ello… desde que descubrió que había una tribu de mutantes caníbales en el “Sector 16”, un área militar del desierto de Nuevo México, que oculta un terrible pasado. Junto con sus compañeros, libró una guerra secreta contra los temibles y despiadados mutantes, y cuando la guerra ya parecía ganada, sus superiores simplemente se cansaron y olvidaron el asunto.
Y ahora, “ellos” han vuelto. Un grupo de jóvenes miembros de la Guardia nacional, casi exterminado, lucha por sobrevivir, y solo O’Hara y sus amigos, actuando por su cuenta, pueden salvarles.
¿Podrán poner fin a esa guerra interminable solos? ¿O serán aniquilados, como tantos otros que cometieron el error de poner el pie en el sector 16?

A Love Story

by Leonardo DiSalvatore

What would you do if you had the hottest guy all the girls wanted but he only has eyes for you?  To know that he belongs to you, how powerful that feeling must be.  But what if there’s more to him and things you never knew you were capable of? If looks could kill!

A compulsive read with twists to make you want to read it soon as hour done.  Maybe true love is something these two can only obtain.

The Kakos Realm: Rise of the Dragon Impervious

by Christopher D. Schmitz

Book 2 in the exciting mythopoeic Christian fantasy series: The Kakos Realm.
As Rashnir and his friends look for way to escape from Grinden, the demonic prophet Absinthium crowns the warlord Rutheir as King and ratchets up pressure against his enemies. When their travel plans suddenly go awry as they wait for the return of one of the First Elves, the ranger and all of his friends find themselves trapped at the center of an old quarry and facing the unified armies of their enemies–even an army of the dead.

Meanwhile, acolytes of the Order unlock the mystic fetters binding an ancient evil that once very nearly toppled even the Gathering: the Dragon Impervious–a monstrous reptile with nearly invulnerable hide. With goblins below and a dragon above, Rashnir and the faithful adherents need a miracle now more than ever.

The Carnadine Academy – Apprentices

by Chris Ireson

Tremaine, De Vere, Bartlett and Clarke must return to school. The dark magic of Carnadine cannot be resisted. This year, as Apprentices, they will face trials that test their friendship and their minds to breaking point. The Watcher has a new Guest and many secrets will be revealed.
Set in a school for magicians, in a world reminiscent of 1930s Britain, the Carnadine stories explore the excitement and terror of growing up. The pupils at Carnadine quickly learn that there can be no miracles without monsters.

WARNING: Although this novel features young characters, it contains strong supernatural horror and themes which some readers might find offensive. Recommended for mature readers.

Just Deserts: Tales of Revenge and Retribution

by Martin Cook

Warning. Contains some explicit content.

We live in the comforting light and warmth of our modern society, where rational thought and scientific insight have replaced old superstitions and fears. A world where the ghosts and the ghouls have been left behind in the shadows of a distant past.
But how easy it is to stray off the sunny path and into a place of dark secrets. A place where the lurking forces of evil still exist, and bad people do bad things. But even here old scores can be settled and the balance of justice restored. Even here destiny crouches patiently. Biding its time. Waiting for the moment when revenge will be sweetest.
A reservoir with a dark secret. A cottage in Cornwall with the power to take revenge. Brutal interrogations in a leafy London suburb.
Five supernatural tales of retribution.
Fates that you wouldn’t wish on your worst enemy.
Or would youâ?¦..

The Kakos Realm: Death Upon the Fields of Splendor

by Christopher Schmitz

The mysterious Watcher finally arrives as a harbinger of terrible news. He sends Rashnir and Zeh-Ahbe’ on a suicide mission in order to save their friends. Despite the Luciferian Deathsquads, bounty hunters, and a secretly excavated monolith unearthed by Lilth’s Wendigo, the ranger and lycan charge headlong into the mouth of danger: the arch-mage’s home at the Temple of Light.
Before they can succeed, the Watcher shows his true colors and trades secret information in exchange for an item locked away in a demon overlord’s stronghold. They must retrieve a simple silver key that resides in the Dark Lord’s throne room.
Getting into the castle is doableâ??but getting out alive may be another matter entirely!

A Word Before You Go: A Nail-Biting Psychological Horror Short Story

by Sandra Seymour

“I don’t want you to panic but sometime in the near future you’re going to wake up with one hell of a headache, and for the first few moments, you won’t know where you are.
When your eyes adjust to the dim light, you’ll realise you’re in a room, probably a derelict warehouse, with dust motes dancing in a single sliver of light from a high narrow window, but that won’t hold your attention for long. Largely because the pain in your shoulders and upper arms will start to register, along with the cramp in your calves, the tugging sensation in your thighs, and the cheap plastic biting into the back of your knees and the small of your back. When you try to move, you’ll realise pretty quickly you’re not going anywhere anytime soon.”

Warning: This experimental short story isn’t for everyone. If you are of a nervous disposition, don’t like psychological horror, or can’t stand second person future tense, you should probably click on by. If you judge your short stories by their length rather than their content, you might want to give this one a miss too – it’s a devilishly diminutive 4000 words, but punches above its word count.

Twisted Tales from the Desert

by Mari Collier

Twisted Tales from the Desert – an anthology of short stories with twisted views and endings.

In this collection you will find humor, murder, a love story involving a ghost, an inhabited ghost town, a Fairy Godmother tale unlike anything you would expect, and more.

NOTE: Contains content considered unsuitable for readers 17 and under.

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