Free humour Kindle books for 29 Sep 18

The Dream and the Tragic Shadow

by Wayne Kule Jnr

Mike Trousers arrived at Cardiff University. He failed miserably in his attempts to mingle with the other freshers and soon he found himself in the corner of a room talking to a table lamp. Suddenly John Britches threw open the door. A deadly hush fell over the room, all heads turned as one, “Who was this incredibly good looking guy…standing in the corner of the room talking to a table lamp?” Undaunted John strode through the crowd. He stopped opposite Mike. There was only one chocolate biscuit left. “Don’t even think about it!” hissed John. “The biscuit’s mine!” Mike replied, crushing a paper cup in his hand. They fell to battle, fighting for a good 10 minutes during which time the Head of Department not only nabbed the biscuit but what’s more got to take the table lamp out to dinner. From this initial fracas an unlikely friendship was born and this is the hilarious story of these two individualists setting forth with hopes and fears into the jungle of life. Soundtrack out now!

Rationality Zero: A Michael Bishop Supernatural Adventure (The Dossiers of Asset 108)

by J.M. Guillen

Eldritch horrors. Insane cultists. Murderous inhumans who need an apocalypse….

Michael Bishop is a cybernetically engineered playboy, smartass, and living weapon…but he has to quit drinking when a group of mysterious cultists fracture the laws of physics within the Mojave Desert…

Along with the drop-dead beautiful Anya Petrova, he must fight to save the world…again.

They soon tumble into the horrors of an interdimensional restroom, the clutches of a telepathic alien scorpion monstrosity, and finally delve into the bizarre inner mysteries of a gentleman’s club named “The Booby Trap.”

Too bad it’s not all fun and games.

The inhuman cultists double their efforts to hunt Bishop and his crew, threatening to split the very fabric of existence.

Bishop is tough, but these psychopaths will stop at nothing to end reality as we know it…

Rationality Zero is the fun-filled first installment of The Dossiers of Asset 108 urban fantasy series. If you like racy comedy, non-stop action, and snarky supernatural characters, then you’ll love J.M. Guillen’s rowdy tale.

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Iago in the Land of La Mancha: Behind Canberra’s smoke & mirrors

by Michael Funnell

Iago in the Land of La Mancha is a political satire about a conservative Australian government,our story begins on a Federal election night where the conservatives have swept to power after six years in opposition.
Our villain Jeremy Iago is a brash young man who works in the parliamentary offices for a succession of conservative MPs, Jeremy has oodles of confidence but far less competence.
The seeds of discontent are sown when shortly after the election win Jeremy is allocated by the party to work for a newly elected MP, Richard Moore. Unfortunately Richard fails to share Jeremy’s high opinion of himself and only offers him a junior advisor role. Stung at being denied the promotion he feels he so richly deserves Jeremy agrees to take the job but privately swears his vengeance against Richard.
The euphoria of the conservative win quickly fades as the newly elected Ministers realise that they need more policies that simply dismantling the renewable energy sector and tilting at various windmills along the way.
Meanwhile in Melbourne and Sydney an elaborate game of cat and mouse is afoot between Outlaw Nuns and the combined might of ASIO, the Australian Federal Police and the newly created Border Force.
In Canberra Jeremy is joined in his conspiracy by his mates and fellow staffers Gavin and Shaun. Will they succeed in their diabolical plot to unseat Richard? or can the newbie MP survive the treacherous political waters of Canberra?

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